The Travels of Mouse: an unexpected bath, and other adventures

Well, it was a full day yesterday, and no mistake.

We waved goodbye to Uncle Johnny in the morning, he’s heading south again. And then it was time for the day’s adventures. Mum said she thought it would be a good idea to investigate all the other Townsville off-leash dog parks, because although Sanctum is really, really nice, it’s the other side of the city. So we set off with Google and the SatNav to investigate some of them. First on the list was Murray Paw Dog Park in Annandale. It’s nice, not really big and not much shade, but there’s dog agility stuff if that’s your thing. Second was Riverside Dog Park in Cranbrook, which is lovely! Lots of trees and shade, and the river runs beside it to a weir. There are birds, and it’s very quiet and scenic. And here I had my unexpected bath.The ground slopes down to the water. I trotted down to sniff. Mum and Dad said “no, Mouse”. I waded forward a little and they shouted. I leaped out into the water and Mum screamed: I had submerged because there was no bottom, as I’d expected! My legs are a bit slender and I was having to paddle quite hard to stay afloat, but my hero Dad came and grabbed my collar and hauled me forward and then helped me back up onto the bank. It was a relief to be back on dry land. Mum made a big fuss of me! I was nice and cool, if a bit drippy, because it was already a very hot day. So I generously shared by having a good shake of water all over both of them. I was slightly surprised this was not better received, but there you go… After that, we looked at a couple of other places, but I’d sort of lost my enthusiasm for the project and preferred to stay in the air conditioning of the car back seat.

Wet, but nice and cool

So the Staff decided it’d be fun to pay a visit to Mount Stuart, which is not only completely dry, but has some spectacular views over the whole of Townsville. It’s 584m high, or 1,916ft, and you can see a huge distance from the top. From one side, there are 180° views over Townsville from the Rotary Lookout up there, and you can look across the bay to Magnetic Island.

From the other side, you can see the Ross River Dam, which supplies water to the city. It’s looking a bit low, Dad says… Unlike last year, when the city was badly flooded due to the Dam reaching 200+% capacity and the floodgates had to be opened to release water or it would have given way and the city would have drowned completely.

There are some really good views to be had all around Townsville, and if you want an idea of what’s there, Mum says you should click on this link for a idea of what you can see and do.

We were all a bit zorsted in the afternoon. The Staff had stayed up late for Uncle Johnny’s visit, and I’d had a rather too ’citing adventure, so we all had a nice afternoon snooze and a quiet evening.

Today, Wednesday, we’re catching up with another friend, but more on that tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: an unexpected bath, and other adventures

  1. claire93 says:

    lol you’re most definitely built for speed on dry ground, Mouse, but at least you now know water isn’t your element. Our Gibbs would have loved a swim though – he’s a very good swimmer and never misses an occasion to go for a dive.

  2. magpiesue says:

    I can imagine how wonderful that water would have felt if it hadn’t been for the scary bit where there was no floor under your paws. Nice of you to share with the Staff afterwards. 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      The nasty bit was the water going over my head, and then realising I had nothing to push off in order to climb out. Thank goodness for Dad. But afterwards, I really was nice and cool, and the water was clean, not stinky, so I’m not quite sure why the Staff weren’t more appreciative…

  3. Obviously not what you expected and three cheers for Hero Daddy … I can imagine Mum screaming 😱… heart 💓 pounding moment to say the least !!!
    Glad you are ok and things are back to normal. We did go to that lookout on our way through Townsville and Yes the views are spectacular to say the least.
    Hoping to go back someday but that’s for another time. Glad you all had a chance to nap and recuperate 😁 Hugs to mum & dad 💝

  4. Marty K says:

    Thank dog that Dad didn’t have to go for a swim to fish you out, you daredevil! At least you got to cool down a bit. You were very nice to share your special “Mousie Mister” with the Staff, even though they didn’t realize how special a gift that was.

    I hope you got to appreciate the spectacular view from Mt. Stuart. What beautiful scenery — almost as beautiful as you, Mr. Mouse!

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Marty! Dad said it was close. How was I to know there was no bottom? I was hot, the water was cool, it seemed a great idea… Mum squawked something about white pants clean on today, but they both laughed eventually. And yes, I got to look at the Mt Stuart view, sniff about and leave a message or two up there.

  5. manicmumdays says:

    Great pics and narrative Mouse! It was awesome to meet you today, and is always lovely catching up with your doting staff 😁

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Kate! The Staff were really looking forward to seeing you, so I wanted to meet you too. It was fun at that park until Grumpy Dog and Boisterous Puppy turned up, wasn’t it? Good job we left when we did, because the minute I jumped into the car, a dog-sitter lady turned up with six other doggos, and some of them were a bit rough and grumpy looking too… See you next time, or maybe if you come to Mackay?

  6. knitnkwilt says:

    Ah, Mouse, you have to learn that human coverings don’t handle the same as your fur does.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Claire, yes, Mum has pointed out that they don’t dry out nicely like fur, and you can’t just towel them dry. Still, it appears the car air conditioning took care of most of my ‘contribution’. Think I’ll stick to paddling and splashing in the sea, it’s less complicated and I get to have a nice shower in the back yard at home afterwards.

  7. tialys says:

    You must generally be a very clean dog Mouse as Mum says she wouldn’t dare wear anything white when we’re around. Stan loves a swim but I prefer more of a wallow.
    Flo xxx

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Flo! Mum says there’s not a lot of mud in her part of the world, generally, just dust, and when it rains she doesn’t wear white. I spose I AM a clean dog, and I’m pretty good about waiting to have my paws dried after walking on wet grass… As for water preferences, what I like best of all is a pounce and a splash and a paw at the water for maximum sploshage. Bit like my drinking habits, really….

  8. nanacathy2 says:

    An epic day to remember for sure- hope today is less exciting.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Cathy! It was a good day but not nearly so exciting, which is probably a good thing for everyone’s blood pressure, Mum says. We’re packing up this morning (by which, of course, I mean the Staff are packing up and I am Supervising) and will be Home tonight! I will be busy then, checking all the boundaries and re-establishing all my markers and saying hello to Aunty Sylvia next door and Rocket-puppy on the other side. Mum and Dad only have to unpack Miz Lizzie, clear out the fridge, do lots of laundry, clean Miz Lizzie, do grocery shopping…. well, you get the idea, all that easy stuff.

  9. Isn’t it a fine thing dogs can do, taking that cool water and sharing it with their humans on a hot day! Thanks for sharing the reviews of dog parks and the Townsville up high views. It’s a great vantage point and one of the best lookouts we’ve encountered.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Aunty Dale, glad to be of help, whether with shower baths for humans or reviews of dog parks! Mum says we have a bit more to tell about Townsville but it’ll have to wait till we’re home. Dad has made a big pot of coffee and Mum is stuffing things into lockers, so I’m guessing we’re on our way this morning; those are the usual signs… Mum says she’s looking forward to less sand under foot and more space in the kitchen. Dad wants his comfy chair. I just want my zoomies track!

  10. […] and the fourth side of the enclosure is the river, so doggos who like that kind of thing can swim. I’ve swum there before, but I passed this time, despite the […]

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