The Travels of Mouse: so long – for now

It’s time to say goodbye to Far North Queensland again.

“Farewell to the wide, empty beaches, the rainforest sweeping down to the sea, with its tightly knotted dark green foliage fringed by palms and pale sand.

Farewell to the Coral Sea and her endless variations on blue, aqua, turquoise and indigo, the sudden colour changes as the clouds fly over, the white lace edging where the waves break on the reef.

Farewell to the joyful tropical vegetation, the stately trees with their exuberant foliage and flowers, their fringes of fern, the sword blades of the palms and strelitzias, the paddle blades of bananas and taro and the outrageous colour of cordyline and croton, frangipani and hibisicus.

It’s back to the dry tropics, also beautiful, but maybe a little less lavish, lush and luxuriant!”

Mum does that descriptive stuff well, doesn’t she? I could talk about the smells and tastes, but imagery’s not my bowl of kibble. You can’t ask too much of a dog; after all, we see blue and yellow but not red and green. Keep it simple, I say. Mum says it’s called Dichroic Vision… It has been a nice restful sort of a day, except for socialising with some doggos in Henley Dog Park this afternoon (there was one there who was a cross between a dachshund and a pit bull, a quite strornery combination!), and and then a short drive out on the Captain Cook Highway heading north  towards Port Douglas, just so Mum could get her ‘sea-dose’, without which it seems no holiday is complete.

They’ve started packing stuff up, which I hate, because it means Disruption and Change. To be fair, the Staff do try and keep my disturbance to a minimum, and any overt show of distress quickly generates treats. Oh well, I suppose I wouldn’t be a Well-Travelled Dog without it, so I’d better learn to live with it.

We’re heading south again tomorrow, turning our faces for home, but not in any great rush. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Townsville, and then home to my own bed on Thursday. Or should I say, Mum and Dad’s bed, which is considerably larger and can I just say, softer…

I suspect there will be reporting on crab sandwiches tomorrow. Watch this space.

36 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: so long – for now

  1. All good things do have to come to an end but then again having been to your neck of the woods everything seen up north has been beautiful. Happy packing and looking toward to the ‘crab sandwich 🥪’ post or pic tomorrow 😍

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    Safe journey home.

  3. tialys says:

    Mouse – my beloved ball is bright green and i can catch it mid-air. How can that be if we can’t see green? There will be a reason and, if I know your Mum, she will be aware of it.
    I hope you have a safe journey back and you will soon slip into your usual routine again. Like the old song says – and I paraphrase – it’s nice to travel but just as nice (or nicer) to get back home.
    Stan 🐾

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Stan! My collar and lead are also bright green, but Mum says it’s the sound and smell and location that cue me when it’s walkies time, rather than the colour. She says doggo eyes don’t have the necessary structures to see red/green, and that doggos rely far more on other senses than humans do.

  4. Mouse, you are a lucky hound. I am a human but have vacationed less in decades years than you have on this trip. Thank you for taking me along, I almost feel I’ve been there with you and the Staff!

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello, Miss Laura Grace, I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed your vicarious experience (see, Mum’s not the only one who can use fancy words). Mum says she wishes she could also provide sound and smell, because tropical mornings are wonderful. I’m looking forward to getting home. Mum says she has the laundry to look forward to…

  5. bearmkwa says:

    Safe journey’s, dear mouse, and watch out for your staff. Want to make sure they take breaks… I mean, after all, you’ll want to go out and play along the way, too.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello! The Staff are pretty good about breaks, I have to say. It’s a familiar journey so we have our favoured stopping places, whether it’s coffee or lunch for the staff, or a grassy patch and water for me. And it’s only a 4 hour drive to our next site, so there won’t be too much fatigue.

  6. Dayphoto says:

    Enjoy each minute store up the smells for lovely dreams later. Boomer

  7. Marty K says:

    Mouse, please thank your Mum for her descriptions and beautiful photographs of the coast. I feel like I’m there. 🙂

    Get lots of rest so you can be ready to supervise and taste-test. (And I really hope that the dachshund was the dad and not the mum!)

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi, Miss Marty! Mum says thanks, and her work here is done 🙂 The Staff are packing up around me so all I have to do is jump in the car. And she was a cute doggo, not as big or as heavy as a staffy, not as low to the ground as a dachshund, and dark brindle staffy colouring but with dark points like a dachshund. I hope it was her dad too, or poor mum – she had a big staffy head!

  8. magpiesue says:

    Mum did rather wax poetic, didn’t she? Still, it gave the rest of us humans a chance to appreciate the loveliness we can’t be there to experience in person. Have a safe trip home!

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Sue! I did tell her, but she says she gets few enough chances to be poetic when she’s taking dictation from me, and it was her holiday too… Fair enough, I spose. She and Dad really love it up here.

  9. Mouse, your Mum’s words do justice to a beautiful location. It’s a good thing there is the anticipation of crab sambos and your… their… own bed to look forward to.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi, Aunty Dale! Actually, despite the lure of the bed, I’d be quite happy staying here, it’s so nice and everything I need is handy, but Dad says he has to get back to work some time…

  10. cedar51 says:

    Mouse, sounds like a wonderful holiday and as you mentioned it was one of familiarity – like in you knew what was ahead both there and back. Of course you had that unusual encounter with the “old greys” both as your sort and the human sort…

    Safe journey home

  11. anne54 says:

    Mouse, by now you will be all packed up (or rather the Staff will have done that for you) and ready to travel south. I am glad your Mum has enjoyed her time in this beautiful part of the world, as it has been a stressful time for her of late. Safe travels. xx

    • katechiconi says:

      Thanks, Miss Anne! The Staff are really rather good at packing up by now, and I can go from comfy air conditioned bed in the caravan to comfy air conditioned bed in the car without a hitch. We’ve arrived safely in Townsville again, and I’m looking forward to another run in the Sanctum Dog Park. The Staff met a human friend this evening so there was a lot of squawking and clinking of glasses. I slept through the whole thing, so Mum will have to explain tomorrow…

  12. kymlucas says:

    Your photos and descriptions are glorious.

  13. Hi Mouse. Look after your staff – they are good ones. You landed on your pas there! Your post explains why I can’t find my balls unless I can smell them (that’s me Roo dictating – Orchid is having a snooze again!) But why do they always make my squeeky balls green so Mum can’t find them either? Daft I say! Anyway I have at least got her trained to keep a good supply in. Enjoy the rest of your hols and make sure the treats keep coming.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Roo! I suspect they make your balls hard to find on purpose. Mostly so that your Mum will buy another one, but also to make it more challenging for you to discover it when it’s lost in long grass. As for treats, well! Today I got a bit of beef from Dad’s pie and a bit of crab from Mum’s sandwich… Not entirely sure about the crab, maybe it’s an acquired taste, but the beef didn’t touch the sides.

  14. Terri says:

    Mouse, your mum takes really pretty pictures. Wow, what views!! I’m glad that you’re there to help the staff.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Terri, yes, she does have a good eye, but complains that she’s yet to take one of Me that she’s totally happy with, because I move too fast, and being black, often end up looking like a blob. I ask you, Me, a Blob!

  15. Terri says:

    LOL. If it’s any consolation Mouse, I have the same problem trying to get good pictures of my dog. He’s either moving too fast or won’t look up when I want a picture.

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