The Travels of Mouse: quiet pleasures

Hello people, Mouse here again.

I think I’d find mad excitement every day of this holiday a bit too fatiguing. I am, after all, a greyhound. Almost by definition, I need to snooze at least 80% of my day. Whether this happens in the back of the car or in my bunk doesn’t really matter. But I do like days when we don’t have activities actually planned. Yesterday was one of those. Mum hijacked the blog back to write about bits of fabric, so I wasn’t required to dictate an entertaining account of what we’d been up to, either. But there were two highlights.

First, doga.

No one can do a downward dog like a greyhound. No one. I was demonstrating to Mum what a proper back stretch looks like. She spends several minutes each morning wriggling about trying to relieve her back after lying immobile all night. Apparently something has to go clunk before she’s out of pain and it can take a while. I thought I’d show her how I deal with back stretching. It does of course take up quite a bit of space… the humans are required to wait and watch since there’s no room for anything else to occur at that end of the caravan…

And secondly, dessert.

I think it speaks for itself, and the fact that I don’t actually like strawberry tarts doesn’t negate the fact that Mum didn’t buy anything for me. OK, I might be fibbing slightly there. I know for certain there’s suddenly half a kilo of chicken necks in the freezer, and they are definitely not for the humans. Mum says they last me longer and are more chewy when they’re frozen… They’re not nearly as photogenic as the tarts, though.

It’s raining today. Or, as Mum would say, it’s fabric shop weather!


25 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: quiet pleasures

  1. Good morning my Fur Baby … tell mum I’m drooling over the cake and would definitely like to get stuck into that 🤩
    It’s a gorgeous day here and the bricks have arrived so Uncle J has a long hard weekend ahead of him to build the retaining wall … but I’m sure he will enjoy it. I’m looking forward to a new wall that’s not leaning 🤗
    Seems like there will be a few changes on Sunday to our restrictions… instead of 5 we can now probably travel 20kms !!!! Such a big distance! But at least now I can go to Amanda’s house 🏡 Yippee 🥳
    Let’s see what other liberties we may get … fingers crossed 🤞 I can visit my mum & dad.
    Have a lovely day Mouse Boy and tell mum to let me know what fabric shops she goes to 💝

  2. Hello Mouse, good doga! Your humans have a expert nose for strawberry tarts ☺ From a canine pov in FNQ climate a frozen chicken neck sounds quite appealing. Wishing you and the humans an enjoyable rainy day. Same same here, no rain and a bit of gardening.

  3. Dayphoto says:

    Frozen chicken POPS! YAY!

  4. magpiesue says:

    Perhaps you can enlighten me Mouse. I was under the impression chicken parts were not safe for doggos (the bones in particular). How is it that you get away with chicken necks?

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Sue! Mum has checked with the vet on this. Cooked chicken is bad; the heat makes the bones brittle and prone to splinter, causing problems. Raw chicken is OK, especially if the bones are small, as in chicken necks. In fact, the vet says they are good for getting the tartar off my nice white teeth, and freezing them makes them more chewy and last longer.

      • magpiesue says:

        Thanks for educating me Mouse. Might have to invest in some for Miss Luna… (although I don’t know how I would go about it)

      • katechiconi says:

        Hi Miss Sue. Mum says she buys them in bulk packs in the supermarket, or the butcher sells them. They’re in the same area as the offal, giblets, chicken frames and dog bones. Maybe your supermarkets don’t have those?

  5. cedar51 says:

    Mouse, I am biased, I would prefer the strawberry tarts over chicken pops! Sounds like you had a more or less quiet day, sleeping…oops sorry snoozing…

  6. tialys says:

    Well, that would put me to shame in my Pilates class – no matter how snazzy my leggings.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Aunty Lynn! Mum said: “I’m feeling deep envy of his flexible spine today, I’ve managed to acquire a lower back spasm which has had me hobbling about clutching a hot water bottle to my back in 30°C. It’s getting better so hopefully I can be a bit more active tomorrow!”

  7. Marty K says:

    I am envious of your ability to stretch like that, Mr. Mouse. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed your chicken ice lollies and those tarts look a treat. Were you able to socialize some more with Rex and Crazy?

    One of my favorite things is a lazy rainy day, especially if I can go out in the rain and then come back and get all dry and cozy. It is still in the low to mid 30sC/mid 90sF here and dry as a bone. We’re back on restricted watering and I keep forgetting to take advantage of the watering days. (I’m going to try to sneak in a few minutes tomorrow morning. Shhh. Our little secret, right? 😉 )

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Marty, Mum says if you think that’s good, you should see me when my front paws are on the ground and my back paws are on my bunk and I’m having a good stretch. I haven’t seen the other greys today, but that’s OK, I think they feel I’m a bit of a young whippersnapper. More rain here again today, it’s the start of the Wet here in north Queensland, and everything will be green again when we get home.

  8. nanacathy2 says:

    Strawberry tart or chicken necks- each to their own I guess! Hope the staff enjoyed the fabric shopping, I am seriously worried that Mum may not have enough fabric! Enjoy the rest of the trip.

  9. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Hi Mouse, glad you had a rest day from entertaining the staff. We went to visit C for the weekend and on Saturday had just had a long walk when her friend phoned to invite us to go on the common with her and her terrier Rosie. By the time we got back we were all sniffed out and our paws were tired and there had been horses so we had to stay behind Mum (we didn’t want to scare them) – they were HUGE!!! We had to sleep all day Sunday. Those chicken pops sound good. Mum says sstrawberry tarts are better for humans.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi there! I can’t understand why humans think fruit is more exciting than bones and meat! Still, it works out, because all the more for us, right? I like the sound of your walk; nothing to beat a really good comfy snooze after a long sniffathon.

  10. bearmkwa says:

    Oh, my , but those strawberry tarts look delish, and I don’t even like strawberries. 🙂 chuckles. I definitely am getting closer to getting a new pet. Almost. I miss the cuddles too too much. The stuffed rabbit, fu-fu, just isn’t the same. Yes, he does keep my mouth closed at night, but that’s about it. lol! Neck bones, you say…. sorry, this human doesn’t find them appealing. I much prefer beef or bison jerky. Fu-fu, of course, doesn’t eat.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello! I have toys but I mainly enjoy trying to pull them apart, not cuddling them. Mum has made me a giant sausage thing called the Katzenfurter, but it was too large to bring on holiday with us. A nice doggo would give you good cuddles… And think of neck bones as jerky with added crunch. So much more satisfying than pastries! Mouse 🙂

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