The Travels of Mouse: Spring break #1

Humans are funny old creatures.

I tend to leave the arrangements to Mum, on the basis that if she does it all, I don’t have to lift a paw. So far this policy has worked very well. I watch her ‘anxiously’ while she loads up the caravan, wiggling my eyebrows and looking as pathetic as I can manage. This generally results in extra pats, frozen chicken necks, meaty treats and extended belly-tickling privileges. But sometimes, it can be a bit hit and miss.

Yesterday was fine. We got away on time and reached Bowen at early lunchtime, so that Dad didn’t have to stand too long in the queue at Jochheim’s Pies. We got to our usual bench in the shade at the beach, and my offers to quality test both pies were accepted – I do like to make sure my humans are being properly fed and there’s nothing nasty in their lunches. On from Bowen to Townsville, and this time we’re staying at a different holiday park, closer to the centre of town and a bit smaller. Mum says she thinks it’s OK, not too noisy or cramped, and Dad feels the water pressure in the showers is acceptable, if not quite as good as our normal place.

The plan was to have a lazy start, a bit of lunch for the humans and then head up Hervey’s Range to the Heritage Tearooms for a Devonshire tea. Dogs are welcome, humans attendants may also visit. Trouble was, this Covid-thingy had changed the opening hours and when we got there, it was shut already. Pity. I was looking forward to my puppacino. Never mind, it seems we’ll try again tomorrow, and book this time to make sure.

Then, we thought we’d drop in at GAP, where I was adopted, so I could say hello to Miss Gail and the other doggos. But somehow we missed the turning off the highway. So that was a washout too. See what I mean about human arrangements? I’m sure I’d have managed better if I’d been in charge. Still, Mum got some good shots of the view from the top of the range (709 metres, or 2,300 feet, Mum says). She also says she’ll take photos of the Devonshire tea tomorrow… if we ever get there, of course.

Left, Magnetic Island; Centre, Castle Hill with Cape Bowling Green beyond it; Right, Mt Stuart. From Hervey’s Range. Click to enlarge

Oh, and I did get a really excellent run in Sanctum dog park off leash area. I got to play with Ruby the golden retriever and Athena the Rough Collie puppy, who is going to grow up into a Lassie look-alike. Of course, I was faster than both, but Athena especially was lots of fun, she was only 17 weeks old and still very rolypoly, with her puppy coat and huge paws.

Right now, I’m zorsted, and Mum says as soon as I’ve finished dictation, she’ll prepare my dinner so I can snooze the evening away while she and Dad sew and read and watch a movie. It’s nice that we (by which I mean they, naturally) don’t have to pack up for another whole day.

I am looking forward to getting to Cairns, though. My most favourite caravan park!

32 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: Spring break #1

  1. cedar51 says:

    Mouse, yes us humans get into such a rut with times of places open for snacks and hot drinks…because we don’t think quite like you! We assume as it turns out that the opening hours of places will always be the same.

    Over here (across the ditch) many places have either closed up and disappeared or the open at 11 and close at 2! Somehow forgetting that humans like a cuppa at 10 or at 3ish…some have even had the audacity to not open on certain days of the week, where once they were a 7 day operation!

    As for those places that somehow have lost half their chairs and tables…and spread everyone out so that no one is touching anyone else. Or they stack the chairs on the tables, rope them off with caution tape and make you take your drinks and cakes to some place down a side road or heaven forbid eat in the car or your caravan…

    Anyway, maybe there are lessons still be learnt by the humans that are accompanying you on your journey…

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello! I think Mum looked at the Google entry for the place when she should have gone to their own website…. Still, so long as I get my puppacino tomorrow, all will be well.

  2. It sounds like your humans are accommodating you rather well as usual, Mouse. Your meals and exercise needs seem to be very high in their priorities, which is of course exactly what you deserve. xx

    • katechiconi says:

      Well, they are my Staff, after all… But Mum is giving me lots of treats and strokies and she has brought my green holiday bandanna so that I look good. And I think they’re having a good time too – there certainly seems to be quite a lot of that brown chocolate stuff around!

  3. Hello Mouse Boy … so glad you are having a restful time … tell Mum her pics are beautiful and I’m sad she didn’t get her treats at the Tea Room… but I’m sure she will tomorrow 😍
    The evenings relaxing plans sound so so good 😊 Happy sewing to mum & movie watching to dad and a big kiss to u 💓💓

  4. Hi Mouse, as long as your staff remember the important things like your bed, food, toys and treats and ensure your routine is disrupted as little as possible it really doesn’t matter if they go without their cream tea. Shame about the visit to Miss Gail but at least you got to make some new friends at the park. We are going away tomorrow too – to visit C in her new house so Mum will be packing too.

    • katechiconi says:

      Mum says we can go back to Limberlost when we get to Cairns, and I can have a big run in the huge dog park, and the Copperlode Dam road is open, so I’ll be able to have a lovely sniff around up there, and… well, you get the idea. The Staff really do try to make sure there are lots of things for me to do in between my naps. And maybe I can go and visit Miss Viv and Bear the Wolfhound for a day as well… Enjoy your visit too!

  5. Thank you Mouse, you’ve added another word to my vocabulary. #zorsted

    • katechiconi says:

      You’re very welcome, Miss Laura Grace. When I’m zorsted, I’m usually tolly zorsted…. but somehow, I can find the energy to force down a little snack.

  6. kathyreeves says:

    Sorry you missed your puppicino, Mouse, but you did see some lovely countryside and you are so good at making new friends!

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Kathy 🙂 The human puppies on the site next door are kind of cute and nice, they give good pats under my chin instead of banging me on top of my head. And Dad is hiding a supply of chicken necks in the car fridge which i don’t think Mum knows about (oh, she knows – Mum) so I still get some sneaky treats 🙂

      • kathyreeves says:

        I’m glad you have good treat along, Mouse. Max says hi, he is sleepy today, because he ate a rabbit for a great yesterday!😳 Mom wasn’t real happy about it, but Max’s motto is Carpe Diem!

      • katechiconi says:

        … or in Max’s case, Carpe Lepem, or seize the rabbit. (Not many rabbits around here, thank goodness, they’re a proscribed pest – Mum). I get Chicken Jerky, which needs a lot less effort!

  7. Dayphoto says:

    Love your travels, Mouse. And that cool jacket thingy you have on. Way neat. Boomer and Mom

  8. bearmkwa says:

    Hello, mister mouse. Glad to meet you today. I love your green scarf, so manly. Here, across the huge pond and over the hills (think the song: “Over the river and through the woods to grand mommies house we go…” (kentucky, USA)almost everything is closed, or requiring masks. I stopped by our local park that has doggie runs and they were closed. No doggies allowed out of fear of covid. Such a shame. I was hoping by now to have a pup of my own but with covid the shelter across from the park is closed, as are most of the others. Seems you can only adopt by internet, and that’s no fun. So, we wait until later. Enjoy your holiday travels. Woof!

  9. Oh, Mouse you have become an accomplished traveller in the company of your humans… and despite a few post-covid hiccups which I expect we will all become accustomed, the photos Staff shared with your travelogue suggest a wonderful time being had by all.

    • katechiconi says:

      Aunty Dale! Hello! How’s Diesel? I really think I have the Staff well trained now. I’m lying on my quilt in the sun, Mum and Dad are having breakfast outside, listening to the birds (there’s a very noisy sunbird in the callistemon beside the caravan), and I know they have entertainment planned for me later… it’s good to have reliable Staff… Mum says to tell you that the Discovery Park at Wulguru in Townsville is very nice, and quieter than the Woodlands on the other side of town, when you’re able to travel again.

      • Deez is looking forward to doing some proper travels so it’s good you are checking out the dog friendly spots… in the meantime he’s supervising the gardeningto make sure none of his bones get moved 🍃

      • katechiconi says:

        Hey Deez! The Tearooms are definitely on the Doggo-To-Do list – the bacon side order on the corn fritter stack was enough for Dad and Me! You keep your Mum in line with the bones, I can’t understand this human passion for picking my things up and moving them.

  10. Marty K says:

    Hi Mousiekins! ❤️❤️❤️

    You work that Staff for extra yummies and skritches! And thank you for being brave and caring enough to be their official food-taster. The sacrifices you make for humankind do not go unnoticed nor uncelebrated.

    I’m glad you had the chance to make a couple of new friends at the park. I can see a 17-week-old collie being a good match for you. You definitely earned your evening snoozles. I’m sure you’re having another full, rich day! 😍

    • katechiconi says:

      Oh Miss Marty, you have no IDEA of the sacrifices I make for their sakes, but do I get any appreciation for it…? Still, I did get a small snackipoo this morning as part of my official tasting duties. More on that later!

  11. anne54 says:

    Hi Mouse! Fingers crossed that you get you puppichno today, and that the Staff get their scones and cream. Tell your Mum that I hope her stitching is going well. As you would know, she put a lot of effort into working this out! Enjoy your naps and treats.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Anne, yes, the necessary was forthcoming this morning, together with some very acceptable nibbles. I’ll be dictating my next post to Mum later, but first I have to discipline her for withholding biscuit privileges. I think lying on her bunk should do it… or do you think a nice car-fart would be better…? She spent at least an hour stitching away when she could have been tickling my belly, but that’s human behaviour for you.

  12. tialys says:

    Mouse Dahling, I just adore your bright green ensemble. I’d love it in a pink version. I’ve never had a puppacino but it sounds so sophisticated which, of course, I am athough Mum says she begs to differ. I don’t know what she means – something about excess gas??

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello Miss Flo! Green is definitely my colour, but I can see you in pink, I must say. Puppacinos are lactose-free milk frothed up like they do in human cappucinos. Mum says ordinary milk would upset my insides, which are prone to be, um, over-excitable, she says. As for excess gas, isn’t that what we use to discipline uncanine behaviour in the humans?

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