F2F5: September round-up

That’s September done, only 2 more months to go!

One of these days, it will be safe once again to venture to the Post Office, and on that day, there will be a great rejoicing and mailing of F2F blocks! Meanwhile, let’s err on the side of caution just a little longer.

In the gallery, we have an almost full house for September, with two sets still to come. As always, once I have them, I’ll add them to the gallery as they come in.

August was Edith’s month. Her colours were tonals and prints in black & white, with primary and jewel colours, no pastels. If you’re interested, you can see her colour references on the Members & Their Colours page on the F²F blog, together with the block photos received to date in the gallery – they’re gorgeous! I had a lot of fun with those combinations, and it looks as if everyone else did too!

And now for October, Margaret’s month. Her colours are soft blues and creams with a touch of sand or taupe. Again, her colours are referenced on the Members  & Their Colours Page (link above). I’m not sure what I have in the sand/taupe department, so shopping may be required…

If you’re new to this blog and don’t know anything about F²F, do head over to the dedicated F²F blog and read all about it. The first ever session can be found on this blog, but for subsequent years I set F²F up with its own blog due to the image-heavy nature of the work. You’ll find a rich, varied and vibrant source of inspiration in all the blocks shown in the galleries for the various years. Enjoy 🙂

Let’s see what October has in store for us. I need to hustle, I’m away for most of the month!

12 thoughts on “F2F5: September round-up

  1. Went through the gallery and all the blocks are awe inspiring 😍
    I loved February blocks as it had Christmas colours… will go through the gallery again 💝

  2. Marty K says:

    My monthly dose of colorful eye candy! 😍 Absolutely love these posts!!!

  3. I just saw the blocks and it looks like something I could attempt 😍🙏

  4. tialys says:

    I must make a start on Margaret’s blocks – it will provide some welcome relief from packing. I might even get started on November’s as I am hoping to get all my fabric stowed away very soon.

  5. Sharon says:

    I hopped on over to the gallery page ~ spectacular blocks! Eye candy at it’s best 🙂

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