The Travels of Mouse: north to the sun #4

First things first: Happy Birthday to Me!

Mum says it’s my 4th birthday today. She has the papers to prove it, so she must be right. I must say, I don’t feel 4, although I’m not sure how it’s supposed to feel… The Staff are putting in extra effort to make the day special for me. I got treats at breakfast, which never happens, and Mum let me dawdle around a bit instead of the usual brisk walkies.

Then they took me to another two dog parks. The first was, well, nice, but not terribly interesting. It’s very large, not a lot of shade for the humans, and unfortunately I made Mum walk the entire length of the field to pick up after me. I didn’t do it on purpose, honestly… The other was lovely! There were two wolfhounds, a small white fluff of some description, a beautiful ginger and white collie, and an old and rather blind cattle dog. I raced the collie for her frisbee – she was great at retrieving, which doesn’t interest me at all, I just love to race!

Mum and Dad had lovely talks with the other dogs’ Staffs while we all ran around and socialised. I must say, the dog parks in Cairns are rather superior, very well supplied with poo bags, very clean and well fenced and there are lots of them. We’ve bookmarked them all on the satnav. When I say we, I mean Dad. I can’t be doing with all that poking about with my paws… Mum says she is also reviewing all the dog parks we visit on Google, to help other dog families choose somewhere nice for their doggo to run and play.

After the dog parks it was brunchtime. We went to a place in Freshwater which is a garden centre called Limberlost. It has a very nice café there, with tables outside in the gardens, and doggos are welcome and humans are allowed too.

Now normally I don’t have anything in the middle of the day, but today, there was a lovely big warm puppaccino to enjoy. Mum tried to take a photo of me with a white milk moustache, but I have to maintain a bit of dignity and managed to lick it off before she could take a photo. The Staff both had really delicious Eggs Benedict with a salad of baby leaves grown on the premises and lashings of hollandaise. I managed to cadge bits of very tasty ham off the bone from both of them – not a lot, just enough for a taste. Mum says she should have taken a photo, but she was hungry and halfway through by the time she thought of it.

Back home then, for a snooze, followed by a walk around the park and then more snoozing. Mum and Dad are passing the time in their usual strange way. Dad is pawing at his black plank (I think he means laptop – Mum), and Mum is messing about with bits of fabric.

I was shocked and offended to be told not to walk on the attractive multi-coloured rug she had laid out on the concrete. Surely this was for me to lie on? But no, it seems it is too precious for My Paws. I ask you… So I retired in a snit righteous indignation and went to lie on her bunk instead of my own bed. She says she’ll try to get two more rows added by the end of the trip, in case you speak Quilt. Whatever.

It’s Sunday evening, and new people are beginning to arrive at the caravan park. I wonder if there will be any nice doggos to say hello to… So far it has all been either the strong silent types or noisy white fluffballs with delusions of adequacy. Never mind, there’s always my own reliable Staff to provide cuddles and affection.

More soon,


42 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: north to the sun #4

  1. tialys says:

    Happy Birthday Mouse! I’m glad the Staff allowed you some extra treats on your special day. Great idea of Mum’s to review the dog parks – I’m pretty sure they don’t exist around here because it would be nice to have somebody else to race from time to time because Stan’s getting a bit slow now he’s ten.
    Flo xx

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Flo! Good to hear from you. I think they have so many fenced dog parks here because Australia has a big feral dog problem and they kill a lot of valuable livestock, and also because there’s so much National Park land where dogs aren’t allowed. At least this way, we have somewhere to really run. Some of the parks are much better than others, so Mum has devised a 5 star rating, depending on the variables of fence, type of surface, poo bags, shade and interest of terrain for doggos. So far, Cairns has scored 4 or 5 out of 5.

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    Sounds like a top notch birthday for you Mouse, glad you had a good day.

    • katechiconi says:

      It was lovely. The puppaccino and ham scraps were the cherry on the, er, birthday cake. Oh, and Mum has made me some bickies she thinks I don’t know about because they are hidden, but of course, I can smell them perfectly well.

  3. Happy birthday, Mouse. You’re a great correspondent.

    • katechiconi says:

      Thanks, Miss Jill 🙂 Mum helps me find interesting words, and I think I’m getting the hang of it. It’s been a good birthday, but I’m *still* waiting for my bicky…

  4. Happy Birthday Mouse darling 🐾♥️
    Glad you had such an awesome day. I made Cheese Straws for tea today and seeing as it was my first time it came out really good. Uncle J loved them. 🥰

  5. Hi Mouse and Happy Birthday! Good to know the staff are looking after you so well. We’ve never been to a dog park but sometimes we get a field to run in and our garden is big. O & R

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi, Orchid and Roo! I can run at home, I’ve actually worn a circuit in the back yard, but when we’re on holiday in the caravan there’s no yard for me to run in, so the Staff make a point of finding places for me while we’re away. Dad’s satnav now has fenced dog parks for almost everywhere we pass through on our usual trips north or south. I like the sound of your field, though! Mouse 🐾

  6. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday Mouse – What a wonderful birthday celebration you had. Your a very special handsome guy and deserved it 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Mouse! Adore your travel notes, Mouse, especially your clever asides like “noisy white fluffballs with delusions of adequacy..”

    • katechiconi says:

      Thank you, Miss Laura Grace! Mum is helping me learn to express myself adequately. I cannot tell you how much I hate being squeaked at by fluffballs when dignity and good behaviour require me to remain silent. There! That’s what I mean by express myself!

  8. Dayphoto says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You have a most perfectly wonderful life! Yay for you and you staff!

  9. Marty K says:

    Happy Birthday Mouse! (Is there an echo in here? 😉) I’m so glad that you had an enjoyable birthday. You definitely deserve it, and 4 is a wonderful age for doggos! Glad you got extra treats, including the puppaccino. I completely understand the need for decorum as well. Please tell the staff not to feel bad about the lack of breakfast photographic evidence — eggs benedict is my favorite brekkie and I’d definitely dive in before I would think about taking pictures.

    I’d grant the Staff their little eccentricities with their hobbies, Mouse. Especially when it comes to Mum’s hexie quilt. It will work out in the end and you might get your bikkies a little sooner. After all, your mum dealt with your “wandering poo” in that big dog park. You owe her for that one.

    I’ll tell you a secret about little white fluffy things: I’ve found that they can be very wonderful and loving (and less yippy) and can even get along with big buddies like you very well, especially when they get to be senior dogs. I’m thinking of a couple of recent fluffers that I worked with at the spca, both in furever homes now.

    Enjoy your snoozles!❤️

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi, Miss Marty! I suppose you’re right about Mum’s stuff, but generally, stuff spread out on the ground is either OK for me to lie on or meant for me to lie on….. You’re probably also right about the fluffballs, I just wish they wouldn’t always shout at me. I don’t bark very often, but when I do, I have a very deep, loud scary bark and Mum tells me I’m a good boy not to bark back at little dogs. So I get a bit frustrated…

  10. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday Mouse! The parks sound muchly fun for zoomies, with the right company of course! Sending girly sniffs, Ellie, Willow and Tully. 🐾 🐾 🐾

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello, all the ladies! The parks are huge fun, and the Staff have promised to take me back to my favourite tomorrow, followed by coffee and cake for them and another puppacino for me. How can I refuse?

  11. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Happy Birthday Mr Mouse ! You do know you are blessed with your humans, don’t you !

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello! Yes, I do know I have good Staff, they look after me well, and I have no complaints about the quality or quantity of belly tickles, walks, meals and outings I get. Mum says I am a very spoiled doggo, but that it hasn’t affected my character, I am still a sweet boy 🙂

  12. cedar51 says:

    somehow I’ve missed “travel 4” and of course your birthday – belated birthday wishes from across the ditch…

    good to see you are making sure you get lots of walks, and that your Staff and doing their own thing when you’ve resting up…shame about the white fluffy scatterbrained “animal” that is also in your vision…it’s hard to find playmates of your status at times

  13. Happy birthday to Mouse!

  14. Happy Birthday Mouse. Sorry, I’m late. No holidays for me, and time just gets away. Looks like your mum and dad enjoyed your birthday too. That’s the best thing about them, they’re better shared.

  15. Happy 4th birthday Mr, Mouse! I’m glad to hear the staff is making a fuss and you are enjoying your trip so far. Birthdays are important to celebrate. I’m sure the rest of your trip will be lovely as well.

    • katechiconi says:

      Thank you, Miss Marlene! Mum says I’m in my prime now, so it’s especially important that I get proper food and exercise to stay in peak condition. I hope that doesn’t mean I don’t get any more tasty treats….

  16. Steph (and Shinee) says:

    Happy birthday Mouse!

    Shinee got a meat pie for her birthday. Just sayin’!

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello again! Mum says it’s the pastry that’s the problem, not the meat. I gave her the Sad Eyes With Extreme Prejudice when she was eating her meat pie in Bowen yesterday, and she buckled! I got some! Sadly, she was right, and had to deal with the fallout (ahem, literally) this morning….

      • Steph (and Shinee) says:

        Oh no! Very unlucky! Shinee has a cast iron digestive system and nothing (in moderation) upsets it. Don’t worry, Mouse, we can see you are well catered for with treats you can enjoy without consequences!

  17. Joanne S says:

    Happy birthday to Mouse! I think I’d be rather happy to dine al fresco under that beautiful pergola.

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