BM&I #45: Parterre block 12

Block 12, finally.

I’ve been slacking a bit with my BM&I posts for no particularly good reason, only making one at the last minute instead of the two or three I could easily manage each month, so I couldn’t allow myself to let it slide once again.

I was going to make another more subdued block to go with last time’s. But to be honest, I looked at the rather quiet fabrics I’d pulled, and thought “Nah. Not happening”. So, as you can see, I got straight back on the train to Brightsville.  You’ll recognise the leaf fabrics as leftovers from a couple of recent additions to the Anemone quilt, so a slight reversal of the usual situation, where Anemone uses the scraps from my appliqué blocks. The flower is a scrap from a blue and white quilt I made 12 years ago, so its scrappy bona fides are impeccable!

So, Block 12 of the Parterre quilt:

Bee, Myself and I is a forum for ‘selfish sewing’; any stitchery which is purely for pleasure and not to a deadline or for anyone else. The original concept belongs to Carla of Granny Maud’s Girl. To find out more, you can click through on either her blog link, or using the button a fair way down in the left hand column of this blog.

Until next time…

28 thoughts on “BM&I #45: Parterre block 12

  1. Love the colours… bright is my “thang”

  2. I was thinking we were due to see you doing some work on my very favourite quilt. Superb!!

  3. nanacathy2 says:

    Love those vibrant colours, lots of zing.

  4. The train to Brightsville – what a brilliant phrase. Going to steal it from you and use it til I drop.

    • katechiconi says:

      I make you a gift of it! Once I’d got the phrase in my head, I tried checking to see if it was a real place: it’s apparently a suburb of Jacksonville, Florida, but it if is, it’s *tiny* and doesn’t warrant its own name on Google Maps. And there’s a volunteer fire station called Brightsville somewhere in South Carolina, but that’s it. So I reckon I have gifting rights to the name 🙂

  5. tialys says:

    That’s another lovely one.

  6. this is one of my favourites.

  7. Going Batty in Wales says:

    I am loving your bright colours. I keep trying to do ‘subdued’, ‘restrained’, ‘cool’, elegant’ but it really isn’t me! And what is wrong with slacking? This quilt is for pleasure so if it becomes another chore what is the point?

    • katechiconi says:

      I do agree about the colours. And as for slacking, if I can’t produce one block a month, then there’s something seriously wrong with me! It’s just sheer laziness, and I don’t want this quilt to be relegated to a dark corner just because I’ve lost momentum.

  8. claire93 says:

    another gorgeous block Kate!

  9. Sewing when the mood and inspiration is hot, isn’t slacking. I’m thinking you could make 2 of these. One bright and one more subdued depending on your mood. 😉 Of course the subdued one would probably stay in the cupboard most of the time. 😉

    • katechiconi says:

      The way I see it, these blocks are just a bit fiddly to make and take a while. I want to love the result when I’ve spent all that time making it, so going for colour combos that don’t make me smile isn’t really going to work. I think I’ll forget all about the ‘quiet space’ bit and just make blocks that make me happy!

  10. Marty K says:

    What a fun block! Sometimes, whatever it is, ya just gotta let loose and do what tickles your fancy.

  11. magpiesue says:

    I love that you use two different background prints behind the blossom. You may recall that I didn’t post at all for B, M&I at the end of March so you’re doing better than I did!

    • katechiconi says:

      The backgrounds don’t show much, but each one uses two different cream-on-cream patterns. It just adds an extra layer of visual interest – so much else is the same! I do wish I could get up more of a head of steam for Parterre, but it looks as if it’s another Hatbox, very slow and steady.

  12. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    So pretty !

  13. rutigt says:

    Love the color combination!!!

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