Only connect…

These immortal words are the epigram at the end of E.M. Forster’s Howard’s End.

Although they signify a different idea, they also express perfectly the idea I’d like to put forward today.

In these strange times, when so many of us are confined to a much smaller world than has been our habit, wouldn’t it be marvellous to expand that world in other ways? Let’s actively write our blogs and express ourselves. Let’s create something meaningful from the ugliness of fear, disease and confinement. Let’s do what we so rarely do properly these days.

Let us speak to each other.

Not face to face, of course. That would be silly and irresponsible. But we can still use the technological marvels our lovely world gives us. No-one who blogs lacks a communication device. Whether it’s talking by Skype or FaceTime or Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Line, Viber, Tango, Kakaotalk or WeChat, on a desktop or laptop, tablet or phone, there are many ways to talk face to virtual face with others.

I already talk with several blogging friends. I actually meet up with a few of the closer ones, and they have become valued members of my social circle. I’d love to do more of it. Yesterday, I had a great conversation with Sue of From the Magpie’s Nest. Sue and I have been collaborating on F2F for years now, but since a couple of initial conversations, we haven’t talked face to face. Yesterday, we caught up. It was great! There was a lot of laughing, our dogs got involved, we walked each other around our sewing rooms… I couldn’t imagine why we hadn’t done it sooner.Β  I also had a lovely chat with Dale of daleleelife101 about something I’d sent her and our recent visit to her tiny corner of paradise. I’d really love to widen the circle.

So, is anyone else up for it? I can only offer Skype or FaceTime; my phone isn’t an iPhone and for a smart phone it… isn’t very, so I don’t want to overburden it with more apps than I absolutely need. If you have a PC desktop or laptop you can do Skype. If you have a Mac desktop or laptop or iPhone, you can FaceTime. All it takes is a user name for Skype, or an email address or phone number to hook up for FaceTime. If I can expose my grey hair and wrinkles and double chin, so can you, or whatever you might be self-conscious about. This isn’t a beauty contest, it’s friends making meaningful contact in ‘interesting times’, through the wonders of technology.Β  Go on. Give it a try.

I’m looking forward to hearing from some of you. As a famous 1990s ad for a phone company in the UK used to say:

“It’s good to talk”…

43 thoughts on “Only connect…

  1. I always live talking to you 😍

  2. Yes, Kate, I am up for a chat. That would be lovely.
    I can do FaceTime on my Mac. We will just have to work out the time difference.
    My son just helped me set up Zoom today so that our whole family can ‘meet up’ for a birthday party tomorrow for my 10 year old grandson.
    If that goes well, maybe we could try a conference call with some Happy Scrappers?

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello! Queensland is UK time +10 at present, and will be +9 when your clocks go forward soon. So, it’s 10pm there, and 8am here. Let’s see how an initial contact goes, and if I get any more takers!

  3. Dayphoto says:

    I wish I knew how. I have a FaceBook account and can do messenger.

  4. Sharon says:

    I just love your enthusiasm and ideas πŸ™‚ Personally I have been so connected by phone and different face time like apps with friends and family my voice has been horse and I’ve actually had to go into some vocal silence to protect it, lol…who would have thought. Lets keep the connecting, encouragement and crafting going πŸ™‚ Stay well and smiling πŸ™‚

    • katechiconi says:

      Clearly you don’t normally talk as much as I do πŸ™‚ Large family -> need to make yourself heard -> learn to talk fast to get your point in… Maybe a bit later?

  5. What an utterly wonderful idea. I’d so love to take you up on it. Unfortunately our rural internet/phone provider can’t keep up with all the extra people streaming movies, chatting on Zoom, and playing games. When I do have access it is slow. Wishing you wonderful conversations!

    • katechiconi says:

      Then perhaps we will simply defer the pleasure until there aren’t so many extra users πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely take a ‘conversational credit note’ πŸ™‚

  6. I laughed so much yesterday while we chatted. It’s always good to catch up with you, via blog, in person, phone or Skype but even more relevant in the coming days, weeks… is the feeling of safely being part of a wider community who are living through this challenging time, together.

  7. I think it is a wonderful idea Kate! I’d be in except for the backlog of calls I’ve got waiting – it’s funny how suddenly all the friends want to call and chat and each one takes time. But I do so love it! It’s a really good thing to put on the slow burner too – who knows how long we will be enclosed and how much a need just to share and laugh and ponder together might just be in order. May I take a rain check?

    • katechiconi says:

      Of course. I think we’re in this for the medium term at least, so there’s plenty of time. I’m glad my instinct wasn’t too far amiss, and others feel the need πŸ™‚

  8. tialys says:

    I have an aversion to Skype, as you know, and i have to spend a lot of time on the phone to my youngest at the moment – especially now the U.K. has announced its own lockdown. However, I’ll see how crazy I get in the next couple of weeks. Like Pauline, I’d like a rain check please but it’s a great idea, especially for people on their own.

    • katechiconi says:

      I do know, and I regret it, as I feel we’ve lost years of potentially riveting conversation! But I respect your choices, and will be only too delighted if you eventually change your mind.

  9. It’s funny that you should mention this today. I’m not great with technology but just this last weekend I have discovered WhatsApp video call. It was great to see my daughters and grandchildren , because they can’t visit me as I have to stay isolated for 12 weeks. I don’t blog but I follow a great many and it’s the highlight of my day reading them with my breakfast every morning. One good thing that seems to have come about since this pandemic got a hold on the world is that some bloggers who had stopped posting, are now back. Thanks for posting as you do, I’m sure that there are many of us out here that don’t comment who really appreciate reading your blog. Take care and keep well.

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed your visits to Chiconia. Do please feel free to comment if you’d like to, I LOVE getting comments and am so glad you’ve felt moved to speak today πŸ™‚
      I’m not a fan of FaceBook and all its works, as I feel it invades your privacy. As FaceBook owns WhatsApp, I’m not at all keen on adding it to my communication devices. I’m content with Skype, FaceTime, phone calls and SMS πŸ™‚ But for those who do use it and enjoy its benefits, I know it can be a great boon.

  10. nanacathy2 says:

    It sounds a great idea. I’m busy packing boxes, good ness knows if we will move. Last night i thought we had been told to stay here, this morning it all seems much vaguer. If I vanish for a while we maybe between houses, or in the new one with no internet. Stay safe everyone.

  11. Kate I would love to join in but between my lousy hearing and the delay on my satellite broadband it would just drive us all crazy. I was told a couple of weeks ago that I was near the top of the waiting list for the hearing test which would allow me to have stronger hearing aids but funnily enough I don’t think I am going to get that appointment letter anytime soon! On Skype or whatever the poor synch between sound and picture because of the delay confuses my limited lip-reading totally. I hope you get some takers – community spirit is what will get us through.

    • katechiconi says:

      What a pity! It’s good sometimes to break the isolation. Fingers crossed that all this is over soon and your appointment finally reaches the head of the queue πŸ™‚

  12. claire93 says:

    sounds you’re find ways of keeping your social diary nice & full Kate ^^
    I’m not a huge fan of video or vocal Skype, so I won’t take you up on the offer. I do use Skype to keep in contact with our kids in the UK and have been on the phone to a few friends these past few days though.

  13. craftycreeky says:

    Sounds a great idea, give me a week for my brain to de-fog a bit and work out with my OH which is the best communication route πŸ™‚

    • katechiconi says:

      It would be fun… not to mention the fact that as you’re ahead of us in the social distancing-lockdown process, you probably have some interesting insights to offer on life behind closed doors!

  14. That’s a lovely idea! I’m a bit shy for one-on-one chats, but it would be good if we could get a bloggy chat group going. Like a worldwide virtual knit night

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