The Travels of Mouse, Part 9

I think this is going to be my last post. 

We’re one day from home now, and it’s a long and not very exciting trip, according to Dad, who drives a lot of it every day for work. There have, however, been a few interesting things to report and Mum has been fiddling with her phone camera almost non-stop. OK, I exaggerate somewhat…

Yesterday, we went from St George (bye bye, Uncle Jim) to Roma, where we had a not very fun stay in a not very good caravan park. Mum is going to name names on Tripadvisor, which she says she doesn’t normally do, but we wuz robbed, and all that. I won’t steal her creative thunder, but I think she’s right.

There was a colourful old Shire Hall in Surat, on the road to Roma, worth a photo, but most of the journey was rather uneventful, being the shortest leg of the journey.

We did, however, have one rather exciting moment before coming into Roma when we had to drive through a flooded creek. it looked worse than it was; a wide brown expanse of flowing water. All 22cm/9 inches deep of it… We took it steady and all came through with dry paws. That Dad is a good driver.

On our route today, there was lots of clickety-clicking of the phone camera, and visits to a couple of alternative caravan park options between Roma and Emerald. One of them, at Rolleston, was very pretty, and the people were kind and smelt nice and the grass was green, and the man knew the correct technique for tickling under my chin, so I told the Staff this was the one we’d stay at next time.

After that, we crossed the Carnarvon Range. I was asleep for a lot of it, but Mum took endless photos. She didn’t get any really good ones because we didn’t get close enough, and the road was bumpy, but she says the link will give you a very good idea what it’s like. Here’s one of the start of it…

…one looking back at the central basin of the National Park surrounded by rocky walls, from Staircase Range Lookout…

plus one of an interesting commemorative plaque (click on it to enlarge). Glad I wasn’t travelling in that car…

Also, on principle I turn up my nose at the Carnavon Gorge. It’s a National Park and therefore doggos are not welcome. I ask you… However, protection of sensitive and endangered native species, and all that, so I suppose I should be understanding.

The last one is of Mount Zamia, just outside Springsure, and that upright section is called the Virgin rock because viewed from the right angle it slightly (in my opinion) resembles the Virgin Mary holding the Infant Jesus. Mum said she could just about see the reason for the name, but it was a stretch unless you were very devout and inclined to see sacred images in unlikely places. If you want to read more about it, this is a very good article with great pictures.

Today was a good drive. Not too far, and we’ve arrived at Lake Maraboon Holiday Village on the Fairbairn Dam, just outside Emerald. There are plenty of dogs here but most of them are rather rude and barky so I am staying aloof and ignoring them. It would be a lovely place for a family, as you can hire boats and kayaks, and pedal-karts, and there’s a pony club, swimming pool, restaurant and bar, and the facilities are all really nice and well-kept.

I think the Staff may be getting a bit weary as they seem to fall asleep earlier each night. I’m getting dog tired myself (did you see what I did there?). I must say, it will be nice to get back to my own house and my own bed, and meals served in the proper place and my own back yard to zoom in. Dad says it has rained a lot while we were away, so everything will be green and smell good, but I expect he’ll attack everything with that smelly lawnmower. Mum says she has unpacking the caravan and cleaning it, and doing the laundry to look forward to. I don’t know, you just can’t get the staff… What’s a little domestic servitude against the honour and delight of serving Me?

Just off to sharpen my claws – aka running spikes – in readiness for tomorrow evening’s zoomies on my own turf!


23 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse, Part 9

  1. tialys says:

    What a busy time you’ve had Mouse, thank goodness the staff were up to keeping you comfortable and entertained. It sounds as if you are all ready to get back home now and to normal activities such as zoomies.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello Miss Lynn, yes, the Staff have held up well considering their advanced years. It has been a fun holiday, and I think they enjoyed themselves as well. Certainly there was a lot of unseemly laughing at jokes I didn’t quite understand… I must say, I have missed the zoomies, and undoubtedly Mum will whinge a lot about having to clean the mud off my paws every time I come in, but isn’t that why one keeps Staff? Do say hello to Stan and Flo for me. Mouse xxxx

  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    You have been very patient with your staff Mouse. Hope the journey home is not TOO boring. If it is make them give you lots of treats to make up for it! We know that when you get home you will have to examine the house and yard very carefully to make sure everything is correct and in its place. Then we suggest a good long sleep to recover while the staff do all that boring domestic stuff – after all that is why you keep them! We have enjoyed hearing all about your travels and hope you will have more soon. We dont go away much so it is good to hear from those who do.

    • katechiconi says:

      You bet I’ll be doing fence patrol to ensure That Cat from next door has not been lolling all over My Grass. There is part of one bag of treats left to tide me over during the trip home, so that’s OK, and I will carefully stay out of the way and snooze while the Staff pack up and then unpack again when we get back. It’ll be good to walk in familiar surroundings again, even if they’re promising lots of wind and rain…

  3. You definitely will be happy to run around in your paddock as I’m sure mum & dad will too. That’s the best part of a good holiday … you come home to all your familiar spots & smells. Tell mum I’ve been super busy doing ‘her thing’ which has become my thing now 😚
    Love & hugs 🤗

    • katechiconi says:

      Mum says she’s not sure about running around in the back yard, the neighbours would then Know she was bonkers instead of merely suspecting it… and she thinks your fabricky things are lovely. I would have to sniff them to make sure, but they look good to me too. See you in October, Aunty Chippy xxx

  4. nanacathy2 says:

    That’s the thing about holidays- it makes you appreciate home all the more. Be sure to thank Dad for all the driving to wonderful places and Mum for supplying the photos and lending her blog to you, your posts have been wonderful. Have you thought about writing a book? The Travels of a Dog called Mouse, maybe?

    • katechiconi says:

      Oooh, Miss Cathy! Mouse the Dog goes Forth? Or the Adventures of Mouse the Dog.?… (that’s quite enough of that – Mum). Mum and Dad have done a great job, and there have been many treats and belly tickles and walkies at inappropriate times of the night just so I could smell things… Time for a bit of P&Q at home, say the Staff.

  5. Marty K says:

    Thank you for another entertaining post, Mouse! I like your style. Perhaps your mum will let again let you guest post now and then.

    Enjoy the zoomies and your own bed. Please try not to be too hard on the Staff if they seem really busy and aren’t catering to you as much as they’d like to once you get home. All the break-down and cleaning after a long road trip like that can be exhausting. Things will be back to rights in a few days and you will again be the center of their worlds! ❤️

    • katechiconi says:

      Hi Miss Marty! I think you’re probably right… I will stay out of their way and not make too many demands once we’re home. Mum is already making lists of what she has to do, and Dad is looking a bit grim thinking about the lawn-mowing that will be needed after 3 weeks away and lots of rain. I’ll be posting again some time, but not sure when, I’m currently a bit zorsted after all that creativity…. Mouse xx

  6. Dayphoto says:

    What a wonderful trip you and your hoomans had! Boomer

  7. magpiesue says:

    Here’s to safe travels on the road home. Home – isn’t that one of the best words in the world?!

    • katechiconi says:

      Miss Sue, you said it! I want my Home bed, I want my yard, I want my bowl in the right place, and I want to jump on Mum and Dad’s bed in the morning and play with them. It’ll be good to be home. Mouse xxx

  8. Almost home… there’s no place like it. And an exciting doggo weekend ahead 🐾

    • katechiconi says:

      Home at last. Dad is aghast at the state of the back yard, but I think it adds to the interesting smells and it’s almost undergrowth by now! Mum has picked the last tiny baby pineapple and has pulled out my paddling pool after seeing how much I liked Diesel’s. The van is unpacked, my bed smells right again, Mum is doing laundry and drinking tea. All is right with my world!

  9. Steph says:

    Thanks for taking us on your holiday, Mouse, it has been very enjoyable!

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello! It was fun to have friends along, so I’m glad you enjoyed it! But you know, it’s *wonderful* to be home and know where everything and everyone is, all the time. And of course, I have much more space to stretch my legs again.

  10. Terri says:

    Welcome home Mouse. It sounds like you and your mum and dad had a wonderful vacation. It is always nice to come home though. Enjoy your snoozes in your own bed. 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      Thanks, Miss Terri, it was a great break, and fun to smell and do all that different stuff, but it’s sooooo good to be home, in my own yard, and snoozing on my own bed. The Staff have been very busy doing something or other, I wasn’t paying attention, but they went to bed and slept for *ages*.

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