The Travels of Mouse, Part 2

Hello, fans and admirers, Mouse here again.

Well, we’re about to spend our third night away from home. Night one was Tannum Sands, and night two was Landsborough Pines, both of which Mum has wittered on about previously, so I’ll pass swiftly over those two, but they were pleasant and I do enjoy a good sniff around the bushland at Tannum.

I must say, the Staff have made a nice job of my accommodations on board Miz Lizzie. They have added a pillow to my bed, and I now have the drawer underneath devoted to my Important Stuff (walkies bag, snacks, water bottle, bandannas and other fashion accessories), and the hooks beside it for my leads and harness. After all the packing and unpacking that goes on each night, I find myself fatigued and needing to take a nice long siesta before the Staff serve my evening meal.

Mum’s search for the perfect pie continues – I know she’s shared previous reviews from previous trips – but I must say I was a tiny bit outraged that I wasn’t asked to test one and contributed my opinion. I am, after all, the carnivore in this family!  Still, here is Mum’s already slightly mangled and gnawed steak & kidney pie from Beefy’s. The next one, from the Landsborough Bakery, didn’t even make it as far as a photo (she said she was hungry… I know the feeling!). Overall, Beefy’s has the best meaty chunks and generous size, but the Landsborough Bakery had better pastry that didn’t spray all over the place so it was less messy to eat. Personally, I wouldn’t care about the mess, that’s what I have Staff for.

Today we went through a huge rain storm as we passed Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It got so heavy that Dad had trouble seeing vehicles and the road ahead, and I was rather concerned that we’d have this for the rest of the holiday. Mum checked the Bureau of Meteorology site and it seems to be OK, which is good, because I get a bit tired of having my paws dried…

On the way, we stopped for afternoon tea at Our Daily Bread, a converted old wooden church which is now a lovely café and gift/ antique shop. I ordered a warm lactose-free puppacino and the Staff had tea and muffins with locally grown blueberries and white chocolate on top.

Mum looked around inside and was tempted by the hand-made hats, as she’s left her sun-hat at home. Sadly they were all too small, so I predict hat shopping will be taking place once we get to Nambucca Heads – among other things, of course!

We’re here in Yamba for one night (I heard Mum say it was just as well, the bathroom is a bit desperate), and then we’re off to see my friends at the White Albatross in Nambucca heads, and Mum and Dad will wait for Aunty Chippy and Uncle Jonathan to arrive on Saturday. I think there are other things on the agenda, but I have been very busy supervising and will be too zorsted to hear about it till I’ve had a huge snooze in my new private veranda under the awning. I’ll show you that next time.

More soon,


33 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse, Part 2

  1. Looks like u are having a whale of a time Mouse Dear. Tell mum I’m all packed and only need to load the car on Thursday night and then off we go on Friday evening xxx

  2. tialys says:

    Glad to hear you’re having a great time Mouse. Our Mum said she never thought she’d see the day when your Mum would do things like order a Puppacino and have a drawer full of dog accessories. We know how a wet nose and a waggy tail can affect a person though don’t we? Flo & Stan xx

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello Flo and Stan, Mum says she knows I had a tough life before I came to live with her and Dad, so she’s inclined to spoil me rotten. Also, she says I reward good dressing on account of my figure, and I have the colouration to wear anything. I’m not arguing… and she does get lots of cold wet nose boops and waggy tails in return 🙂

  3. Happy Mouse, you do make me laugh !

  4. Jennifer Newell says:

    Aww Mouse you are too cute!

  5. Glad to see you have made such progress with staff training Mouse. Got a bit of a way to go on the pies but it all takes time. We are loving hearing about your travels.

    • katechiconi says:

      Food does seem to be a bit of a stumbling block. They mutter stuff about “possible onion content, toxic for dogs, blah blah”, but I get the same with biscuits and there’s no onion in biscuits… Still, the treats they do provide are definitely acceptable! Last leg of the trip today, and then we can stay still in one place for a week or so, which will be nice.

  6. Dayphoto says:

    What a fun time you are having. I like your bed. Smells, food, bed the perfect world. Boomer

  7. Daisy and Sam are impressed that your staff seem to be so well trained, but suggest that you need to have stern words with them about not sharing their pies.

    • katechiconi says:

      I think it’s probably self-preservation… they know very well what meat pies would do to my sensitive insides, and want to avoid it while we’re spending our days in the car! They’re really very good Staff – for humans! I’ll see what I can wangle once we’re not travelling all the time…

  8. It’s a bit rainy this morning but the forecast is looking hopeful for dry feet other than when you go for a romp in the breakers on the beach.

    • katechiconi says:

      Thanks, Aunty Dale. Mum did have to wipe my feet after I had a run in the off-leash dog park in Coffs Harbour – it has obviously flooded and is very muddy, which I didn’t mind, but Mum went a bit postal about thick black mud halfway up my legs… See you and Uncle Wayne and Diesel soon, Mum says she’ll call you.

  9. Emmely says:

    Sounds like the 3 of you are having a good trip so far!

  10. Steph says:

    Oh no, Shinee has been to Our Daily Bread and did not get a puppycino!!!

    Sounds lovely, Mouse!

    • katechiconi says:

      Well, Mum did have to ask for me; strangely they don’t seem to speak dog despite the dog friendly area and water bowls around the place. But I did get a BIG mug of nice warm, frothy milk, so I’m not complaining.

  11. Mouse does not look like the back of the car is a favourite place. Inside Miss Lizzy clearly is a favourite.
    I have the problem off too-small sunhats. When I finally find one that fits my boofhead, it will often shrink as soon as I wash it.
    Now you have made me want a pie for lunch.

    • katechiconi says:

      Actually, Mouse adores the back of the car; he leaps in eagerly, turns around once, lies down and goes to sleep with his head on a cushion. Miz Lizzie is home away from home, and he lowers himself onto his bed with groans and sighs of pleasure… I tried 12 sun hats on this afternoon. One was ludicrously too large and descended well past my ears, and the rest perched on top of my head like a cherry on a bun. I *always* want a pie for lunch, but heroically restrain myself unless I’m on holiday…

  12. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Oh Sir Mouse, I am so happy to hear you have a great holiday !!

  13. Marty K says:

    Came over here from Conor’s blog. Hope you’re having a great holiday, Mouse, and that your parents give you a belly rub (and an extra snackiepoo) from me! 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      Hello Marty, Mum and Dad are letting me have all kinds of fun I don’t get at home, and there are new walks every day, and smells of the sea, and… well, you get the idea. Today I got to chase chickens (well, not really chase, but I got them nervous) at Aunty’s house. How did you know I love Rub Ma Bellee? It’s my favourite thing!

  14. Mouse is not only an excellent travel writer, he has also expanded my vocabulary. The word “zorsted” is new to me!

    • katechiconi says:

      Zorsted is a special greyhound word coined by the comic strip illustrator Rich Skipworth, who has created two entire books about ‘greys’ and their idiosyncrasies. So far, I have managed to resist some of the more fabulous greyhound merchandise spun off these books, but that may not last… Mouse would like to express his appreciation for your comment about his writing, and says coming from you, that’s a large marrow-bone with bows on!

  15. kymlucas says:

    Quite impressed in how well you speak in Mouse’s character.

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