Heaven for Beginners #4: All done – and Finish #4!

I’ve been plugging away at the assembly, to some effect.

The Husband’s fingers just visible. Too much rain for outdoor photography…

It’s all together. Actually, doing it in small amounts, in many sessions is quite effective. It’s repetitive work, not terribly interesting, but requiring you to be meticulous and careful. You get bored quickly, so doing it a bit at a time means you don’t burn out and start getting careless. Work for an hour, go and do something else. Work for another hour, read your book… that sort of thing.

So, here is the completed ‘Heaven for Beginners‘ quilt*, ready for the lovely Caitlyn to take to uni. I hope it keeps her cosy and comfortable, provides napping and sleepover opportunities for friends and family, and gives years of cuddly service.

As I did on the Hatbox Quilt, I’ve made a ‘hidden’ label you can flip over to read. Not very hidden, given the fabric’s different from the rest of the backing, but still… I did a wash-test sample first, to make sure the archival-ink pen and tear-away stabiliser I wrote on will survive the washing process. All good.

Thank you again to all the F2F members who contributed blocks to last year’s session. As you can see, your hard work was not wasted!

Now, on with the next thing 🙂


*For the background to this name, see my earlier post.

52 thoughts on “Heaven for Beginners #4: All done – and Finish #4!

  1. tialys says:

    This is just gorgeous Kate and finished on time, as I knew it would be! I’m very chuffed to know my small contributions will be gracing the far away bed/sofa/chair of your niece’s university lodgings and future life. Well done you – you will be her favourite auntie.

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m so glad all the lovely blocks found a good (and timely) home, rather than languishing in a basket for months and months, like the BougieNights blocks… I even got the photo up in the gallery, such efficiency!

  2. claire93 says:

    all blocks played very nicely together! well done on a lovely finish!

  3. Sharon says:

    What a gorgeous quilt. She is going to love it and make her feel safe and loved for sure. I really like the very thin borders! I like your label too. I really need to work my label game and do a better job with that 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      So glad you like it! I always make a rather thin binding and the narrowest possible sashing for my blocks, as I don’t like it to be too heavy. I’m glad you like the label; I’ve become rather attached to the idea of a label that’s there, but not too loudly!

  4. Dayphoto says:

    It is just beautiful!

  5. Another lovely treasure complete well done you – and it’s still raining too 🙂 Heaven indeed!

  6. Lovely. The center block, home, is perfect and love the label. Best wishes to your niece, the quilt will be a great comfort and hold many memories in this new adventure called life.

  7. Emmely says:

    Yay, you made it!!!

  8. AbFab as usual…. I knew you would finish it !! & your niece will love it for sure. What an absolutely wonderful way to stay in her thoughts and heart ❤️ It’s the same for me …. my cushion is on my side of the sofa and leaned on when ever I sit … my quilt is on the other sofa where I can see it all the time and easily ‘pullable’ over my knees when I need it 🥰

  9. Beautiful quilt, and wonderful quote, will be treasured forever. I wondered how you went with the rain. Here, it’s just about to start, and we’re on flood watch.

    • katechiconi says:

      Glad you like it. I like the quote too, and it seemed perfect for the context. Yes, the rain… we’re keeping an eye on the forecast at this end, too! Ah well, if it’s still raining when we get there, we’ll be doing a lot of reading and sewing… and eating!

      • This lot at least will be done and dusted by then. I’m off to Sydney tomorrow, I had been worried it was going to be 40 degrees. Now, I’m packing an umbrella and wet weather gear, hoping the flight out won’t be cancelled, and that I’ll be able to get back home on Sunday.

      • katechiconi says:

        Gosh, yes, a worry! Fingers crossed you travel safely and get home safely.

  10. Steph says:

    It’s great, and perfect for student life.

    The colours won’t clash with the random decor of landlords and flatmates, and it’s not too light so it will look fine even when laundry is not a priority!

    And of course it will be a cosy hug and reminder of the love of family, which you need often!

    • katechiconi says:

      There’s quite a lot of grey in it, so hopefully it’ll look good even when in slight need of a wash. But I think Caitie is fairly house proud, so it won’t get manky. I think it’ll come in useful in the winter, when she’s sitting still and studying.

  11. knitnkwilt says:

    You are moving right along! An impressive result.

  12. Moira says:

    It looks wonderful!

  13. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Congratulations !! It’s lovely!

  14. It turned out as beautiful as I expected and no surprise it is on time. Your niece will love it without doubt. How could she not. Another finish is perfect. Enjoy the rain.

    • katechiconi says:

      It has turned out well, hasn’t it? She especially loves the little house and palm tree in the middle, to remind her of home when she’s in the big city. I’m glad to have it done, as I need to crack on with F2F for this month and next as we’ll be away for half of each on our trip south. I also have to make a Parterre block or two and a little dressmaking!

  15. Looks great… I’m sure she will be delighted

  16. Joanne S says:

    Ah! Your niece now has a lovely treasure and piece of home to take on her journey.

  17. […] in my scraps and discovered these four strips sets, left over from when I made extra blocks for the Heaven for Beginners quilt. Perfect. I made a backing from fabric left over from a quilt I made 10 years ago. I sandwiched, […]

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