Happy Easter

Or whatever seasonal festival you celebrate at this time of year.

For many, I guess it’s spring: lambs, chicks, bunnies and blossom on the trees. For me, Down Under and in the tropics, it’s autumn, and a welcome reprieve from heat and humidity. Chocolate can exist outside for longer than 30 seconds, flowers do not wither in a day.

Whatever your climate and circumstances bring you at this time of year, I wish you peace, prosperity and happiness.

Now, go and eat some chocolate.


41 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Elaine says:

    Happy Easter to you ~

  2. anne54 says:

    And to you too, dear Kate. I hope the Easter Bunny finds you in good health 🐣

  3. jmcheney says:

    I plan to. My sister-in-law who puts on Easter estravaganzas when she comes (bonnets, baskets, dyed eggs, ham, flowers, the works) is elsewhere this year, & I am on my own, watching the backyard bunny dine on the pink flowering mountain thrift out the window & I’m eating whatever comes to hand – left-over bok-choy stir-fry probably. But there will certainly be Chocolate. It is Springtime, glorious Springtime, here in the Blue Ridge Mtns. of Western North Carolina, USA, & a great reason for us to be joyful. A Happy Day to all of you, wherever you are, in whatever season.

    • katechiconi says:

      It sounds wonderful, actually, and I miss the conjunction of Spring and Easter. Here, the season is drifting slowly down into winter, and the purple, red and orange flowers in season here seem more apt than yellow and pink.

  4. Nanette says:

    Looks like the Easter Bunny found you ok at the new house πŸ˜‰

  5. knettycraft says:

    Happy Easter! 🐰

  6. Happy Easter my lovely friend 🐣

  7. KerryCan says:

    I’m feeling much better about my chocolate now, knowing it will heal me (actually, I need no healing, but I will eat the chocolate prophylactically!) We’re having homemade Easter pizza, too!

  8. kathyreeves says:

    Happiest of Easters to you Kate!

  9. Lynda says:

    Happy easter, Kate, and many blessings in your new home too!

  10. Dayphoto says:

    Happy Easter, Kate!

  11. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Happy Easter to you too !

  12. nanacathy2 says:

    Happy Easter and may your day be filled with flowers and chocolate.

  13. It always tickles me to think of how it is fall in your part of the world while it is spring for us. As for eating chocolate…hear, hear!

  14. craftycreeky says:

    Happy Easter to you both πŸ™‚

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