More squishies in the mailbox!

While I was away, the postman brought me all kinds of lovelies.

First and best was a squishy envelope from Robyn, with three blocks for F²F (Footsquare Freestyle), as it’s my turn this month. Aren’t they fabulous? She’s used beautiful soft colours, just as I asked, and I can tell already that this quilt is going to be A-mazing.






Then there was my birthday present from the Husband. I’d been given the OK to order myself some fabrics from the wonderful Fifi’s Fabricology. It’s not cheap, but they have fabrics and designers I haven’t found anywhere else. Luckily, there was a sale on and two fabrics I’ve been pining for were in it, so I didn’t hesitate.

You won’t see these fabrics in a quilt except maybe as scraps. They’re going to become wearables, whether garments, scarves or whatever. When they’re worn out, then I’ll turn them into bits of quilt! From left to right, they’re Kaffe Fasset Orange flower border, Kaffe Fasset Blue Flower border, both from the Artisan range, and Holly Holderman from the Pam Kitty Picnic range in Periwinkle.

It’s taking me a while to catch up on things now I’m back from our trip. I’ve had piles of legal stuff to do in the run up to the settlement on our new house, and every time I think I’ve got a spare half hour the phone goes or the email pings. Never mind, only a few more days to go.

First things first, though. I’ve got a pair of wings to attend to!

34 thoughts on “More squishies in the mailbox!

  1. Such happy fabrics to be wearing in the warm months of the year. I love the colors in the quilt squares too. Such contrast between what you like to wear and what you want in a quilt. Interesting.

  2. anne54 says:

    I can see you in those beautiful, colourful fabrics ~ just right for the tropics. And Robyn’s blocks are lovely.

    • katechiconi says:

      I think the two big prints might be a bit on the emphatic side for a whole garment; I’m actually planning to use them as accent prints with something paler and plainer. The blue with the tiny cherry print is a bit calmer, but with that, I might add something brighter!
      Robyn’s chosen lovely gentle colours and prints, and I’m really pleased with those blocks.

  3. Loving the colours of the new fabric 🥰

  4. tialys says:

    Robyn’s blocks are gorgeous. So far, I seem to be the only one to have concentrated on the paler colours in your selection – except for the plum that looks red in the photos 😦 – I hope there will be more to come otherwise mine will stick out like a sore thumb.
    Those fabrics intended for clothing are very eyecatching and will look amazing in your tropical weather.

    • katechiconi says:

      Don’t worry, I have several very pale blocks planned, even paler than yours, and I need the balance and contrast of light and dark to make sure it doesn’t end up too heavy.
      I’m visualising those fabrics as accents rather than entire garments, otherwise I’ll be needing to wear sunnies inside too!

      • tialys says:

        That’s good – I avoided using purple because of your ‘no bright purples’ request and I wasn’t sure that the purples I had were too bright or not. If they don’t fit in at the end, I’ll make you three more.
        How about an A-line skirt with a vertical, central front panel using one of those fabrics? Or use horizontally as a border for a fuller, plain skirt – that would look lovely to swish around in on a hot day at a garden party round at the Dowager’s. You could make (or buy) a plain t-shirt and applique some of the fabric on at shoulder height ( or somewhere) to make the whole outfit.

      • katechiconi says:

        I’m thinking a big linen shirt with a square front yoke, or collar and cuffs in the bright fabrics. I don’t wear skirts much, not having great legs, and t-shirts are a bit hot and clingy when it’s very humid, but I do like the idea of a deep band of the fabric around the bottom of wide leg pants. Lots of possibilities…

  5. Wow that orange is going to be stunning when made into a garment. Oh and Happy Birthday!

  6. Belated happy birthday! Beautiful fabric. And of course you must attend to the wings.

  7. Dayphoto says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Your new (clothes) are going to be FUN!

  8. nanacathy2 says:

    Wonderful mail and good luck with the house move.

  9. rutigt says:

    Very beautiful fabrics!!!!!!!!

  10. kathyreeves says:

    Happy birthday Kate!

  11. A very nice birthday gift that you will get great & long-time enjoyment from 🙂

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