F²F³: December round-up

December was Esther’s month in F²F³.

Esther had a lovely and unusual colour palette for her, based on a photo of the plants and pots in her garden. There were shades of soft green, blue and grey to play with, lots of fun and a total change from the brights of the month before.

She made a couple of her own blocks and got them up in the gallery in time to give the rest of us an idea of what she was thinking, always helpful when faced with colours and combinations you wouldn’t have thought of yourself!

Because of Christmas, we’ve all been really busy, and I was amazed and delighted when we ALL finished on time 🙂  Congratulations, all of you! By the day after Christmas, all photos were up, a stellar achievement.

January is Kathy’s month. Here’s what she said about her colours:

My colors are sky blue, a sort of cornflower blue, and gray: from silvery gray to as dark as charcoal, with white as my neutral.  I don’t see having a dash of other colors in a print being an issue, but would prefer they be more on the cool side. I am seeing the sky blue, grays and white being the main focus with smaller bits of the darker blue.    I made a Pinterest board with some photos, here’s the link:

I think I’m going to enjoy working on this one, I this cool palette of greys and blues!

If you want to see all the finished blocks, go to the F²F 2018 gallery here, and if you want to check out all the colour palettes, go to the Members/ Colours page here. F²F reference and finished block images are now maintained on a separate blog due to their image-heavy nature, and the home page is here, if you want to bookmark it or follow it. The galleries are a useful library of colour and block designs, and the previous session is also stored there.

F²F³ has been great fun so far. I wish everyone a great start to 2019 and the final two sets of blocks to complete it!

8 thoughts on “F²F³: December round-up

  1. Nanette says:

    I enjoyed Esther’s lovely palette and surprised myself too when I managed to have them ready to post before Christmas, despite a number of challenges in December. I’ve just tidied away the teals and creams, ( blocks in the mail Wednesday, as today’s a postie holiday) and plonked a pile of blues and greys on the table, ready to sort, soon as I’ve finished my cuppa.

  2. kathyreeves says:

    I think tomorrow will be spent cleaning up the house, including the sewing room, and then I’m going to sort my fabric. I think I will finish February before turning my attention to January.😉

  3. tialys says:

    Just swapped over my fabrics yesterday ready to start on Kathy’s blocks. I’ve been ahead of the game up until now but, hopefully, I’ll still manage in time – I blame the festive season.

    • katechiconi says:

      Don’t worry too much, I think everyone understands the pressure of the season. At the moment I’m head down and bum up trying to make progress on ITAA, but I’ll have to stop when I reach a good point and make Kathy’s blocks.

  4. claire93 says:

    have’nt we done well?
    I’m actually ahead, and have Kathy’s blocks all ready to post, but I’m waiting for French postal services to get through the bulk of seasonal mail before I do.

    • katechiconi says:

      Probably wise, considering! We all managed to get Esther’s out before the end of the month, which at one point I wasn’t sure about, but well done us 🙂 Two more months to go and it’ll be another F2F finished… I’m rather glad I’m the last one, as I’m moving house in February and I can’t see myself having much time for sewing! I’ll mail everyone with the new address, but we’ll have forwarding in place anyway…

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