F²F³: November round-up

November was Robin’s month in F²F³.

Robin’s colour palette was cerise and a rich royal blue with orange on a white background, and she provided a photo of a camellia in a blue vase with a mandarine for reference.

It was also great that she made one of her own blocks ahead of schedule for the gallery, so the rest of us could see what she was thinking, and she gave us quite a lot of freedom about how muted or intense the colours could be.

This month has been a busy one, and we didn’t all quite manage the stellar delivery performance of last month, when we finished ahead of schedule. There are still three sets of blocks to go out, and I still need the photos of these for the gallery. I’m sure it’ll all be done very soon, and I’ll load the images into the gallery as soon as I get them.

November is Esther’s month. She’s chosen a variety of soft shades of green and grey, based on a photo of plants and their pots in her garden. If you click on the Members/Colours page link given below, you can see what this slightly vague description looks like, and it’s a very pretty palette. I sincerely hope I’ll be able to find suitable fabrics, as the shops are currently full of Christmas-themed prints and colourways!

If you want to see all the finished blocks, go to the F²F 2018 gallery here, and if you want to check out all the colour palettes, go to the Members/ Colours page here. F²F reference and finished block images are now maintained on a separate blog due to their image-heavy nature, and the home page is here, if you want to bookmark it or follow it. The galleries are a useful library of colour and block designs, and the previous session is also stored there.

Now, let’s see what I have by way of muted greens…

3 thoughts on “F²F³: November round-up

  1. tialys says:

    I tried to get a bit ahead of myself due to the ‘busy season’ almost upon us and I’ll try to keep it up and fit in some blocks for January amongst my ‘secret’ sewing projects (aka Christmas presents). It probably won’t be until next year now that I get my own blocks laid out and start thinking about putting them together – even though I was the first one to receive blocks this time round. Where does the time go?

    • katechiconi says:

      Good lord, I’d be the last person to point fingers about not getting your F2F3 blocks arranged. You’ll recall I only used my F2F1 blocks this year, and F2F2 is still in the cupboard. I love it heaps, but the charity work has to take priority. Mind you, I love my soft mineral shades for F2F3, so you never know, I might actually get that one done!

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