ST&D: another squishy!

I do love getting those nice fat envelopes in the mail.

On Friday, it was this lovely envelope block for Signed, Tealed & Delivered from Carla. She has the most enviable fabric collection – those gorgeous cats on the envelope lining fabric make me smile!

I’m going to try and get my last postcard block done this week – and don’t forget, if you’ve agreed to make a block or two but are running out of time or life is dishing up a large serve of busy, let me know and I’ll fill in for you.

That’s seven blocks up on the design wall now, and I know more are on their way 🙂 We’re looking good!

18 thoughts on “ST&D: another squishy!

  1. kathyreeves says:

    Hi Kate, my blocks are done (and even posted on my blog!), but I thought I should wait to mail them until Oct. 10 or so, to be sure you guys are back. They are definitely ready though.😄

    • katechiconi says:

      That’s great! Yes, do hold onto them till then, unless you’d like to get on their way so the job’s done. We’re having our mail held, so they should be OK if that’s what you prefer. I’ll hop over and take a look to see what’s coming!

  2. It’s beautiful! Such talent out there.

  3. WOW, it’s gorgeous. And the kitties don’t hurt 🙂

  4. tialys says:

    Meeow! (which is cat talk for Wow!)

  5. nanacathy2 says:

    This is going to be the most wonderful yet!

  6. craftycreeky says:

    It’s gorgeous, love the cat fabric!

  7. dayphoto says:

    I love your post cards!!!!

  8. magpiesue says:

    I have the cats in gray on white. 🙂 Great minds think alike!

  9. rutigt says:

    Love the cat fabric!!! I´m working on my first letter now, almost finished 🙂

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