Let sleeping cats lie…

Yes, I know that should be ‘dogs’, but really, who’d disturb this?

The Dowager’s cat, imaginatively named Cat, has been staying with us for a month now. Only 2 more weeks to go, but I digress… She’s not hard to care for, but she is quite demanding, and exceptionally vocal.  So it’s a rare pleasure to find her asleep, and not demanding food (“no, not that food, other food!”), endless strokies, a good brushing, to be let in or out, or the leftovers from our plates.

Fast asleep, bent backwards and all 4 paws in the air…

I just had to share this photo. If you or I went to sleep in that position, we’d be calling for an ambulance when we woke up.  And you have to bear in mind that this cat is quite elderly as they go, and occasionally has trouble getting up the back door steps.

Now, I just have to tiptoe away to the sewing room to press on with sewing blocks together. Keep it down out there, will you, or you’ll wake her up and it’ll be constant yowling again.


48 thoughts on “Let sleeping cats lie…

  1. tialys says:

    I’m sure cats have no spine at all.
    Will you miss her when she’s gone? Will you fancy getting a little kitty of your own?

    • katechiconi says:

      I’ll miss having an animal around, but probably not this particular cat, whose favourite pastime is trying to climb onto the keyboard while I type, as she’s sure I’m giving the laptop the strokies which are rightfully hers… Actually, I’d like a dog; more companionable and someone to go for walks with.

      • tialys says:

        Well, you know that I am a dog person despite ending up with six cats – two of whom are keyboard dancers. Cats are easier and less of a tie but dogs make walking more fun – although two of my cats follow me and the dogs when we set off.

      • katechiconi says:

        I like cats, but they’re not especially good company, and they simply won’t play Fetch!

      • Carole says:

        I have a cat that likes to play fetch. She’ll bring you a toy mouse and crouch down, waiting for you to throw it. Then she chases it, pounces on it and brings it straight back for you to throw again 🙂

      • katechiconi says:

        I’ve never seen that before! My only experience is with cats who chase the toy and then proceed to try and ‘kill’ it, rather than bring it back for you to throw again.

  2. claire93 says:

    Cat looks like a Siamese, which would explain the exceptional vocal nature ^^

  3. That’s even worse that the positions our dogs manage to sleep in. I hope that you have lived up to Cat’s expectations during her stay.

  4. Cas says:

    I think she’s practising “sleep yoga”. I can’t remember if I’ve ever met Cat, good to see her in the fluff. =)

    • katechiconi says:

      She spends a lot of time outside at the Dowager’s, so you may never have met her. There’s a lot of sleeping going on at ours, followed by episodes of getting in our faces and ordering us to stroke her.

  5. Cats are certainly tough taskmasters…shhhh….

  6. mlmcspadden says:

    She looks like a siamese or a burmese….both of which are quite vocal I can assure you after having one for 20+ yrs. =)

    • katechiconi says:

      She’s a Siamese, and I do know what you mean, we had a Burmese Blue for years when I was a child. It’s a bit like having a three year old round the place, saying “Mum mum mum mum mum”

  7. I know the sound of a Siamese and it’s not pleasant. I had a Himalayan when my daughter was young that was fortunately a quiet cat that thought she was a dog. She thought our dog was her mother and they got on famously. If I were to get another pet, it would be a dog. Mine traveled with me everywhere.

  8. nanacathy2 says:

    Hope she doesn’t behave like the siamese cats in 101 dalmations! Lovely picture.

  9. dayphoto says:

    I think cats are all liquid! They are fluid and can move in ways we never could…nor could dogs, or sheep or horses…or…. It seems Siamese are very vocal..they know what they want…it’s just up to you to understand!

  10. Carole says:

    I’m constantly amazed by some of the positions that our cats get into, especially when sleeping.

  11. magpiesue says:

    I’m going to have to try to get a picture of our Miss Luna when she’s sleeping in a very similar position, which she does frequently. She’s a Papillon. I’ve never seen a dog sleep with her head pointed north, the rest of her body pointed south, and at least two of her four paws in the air. The first time I saw her that way I thought she’d somehow broken her neck!

  12. It seems we have a very catty-like dog. He sleeps like a cat, demands err loves attention, is sure he rules the roost, would dance on a keyboard if allowed… does like to play fetch -endlessly- and walks. But I’d still like a feline cat, I’m rather envious of your cat-sitting, but alas Diesel-Dog has not warmed towards damned cats, nor the easter-bunny Bambi living next door.

  13. kathyreeves says:

    That cat has definitely been watching yoga on YouTube while you sleep!!!

  14. rutigt says:

    This is the truth: A dog has its owner. A cat has an employee!!!!

  15. I deliberately got a Siamese as I missed that voice!

  16. Dysis says:

    She looks like a little princess without a care in the world. You looking after her well even if she only visits! She knows where to go to be looked after. Clever kitty.

  17. Haha I laughed out loud when you said ambulance 🙂

  18. I think you need to change your perspective: every cat is very very special, and you should consider yourself EXTREMELY HONOURED that she has agreed to bestow her presence on you. Make sure you treat her with great respect and humility at all times.

  19. We have a toy poodle that sleeps just like that — spine twisted and all paws in the air. Fortunately he’s not a climb-on-the-keyboard sort of chap. I hope the Dowager brings you back an exceptionally lovely gift from wherever she’s gone for so long after your month of foster care.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’ll be six weeks by the time she’s back… But really, it’s OK, and I don’t expect anything. Of course, if she did chance to pick up some fabric somewhere, I wouldn’t turn up my nose, but I don’t think it’ll happen!

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