Bee, Myself and I # 14

We’re back to situation normal this month, and three hatbox blocks.

As you read this, the Husband and I will be tootling along the Queensland back roads towing Miz Lizzie behind us, on our long holiday journey south. But knowing this, I got my blocks and post prepared and scheduled in advance. Lynn at Tialys is also making a hatbox quilt wall hanging, but started later and has fewer to make, so we’re hoping to finish at the same time. Click through to her blog to have a look at hers, they’re all gorgeous, being made from Liberty fabrics. She’s in a later timezone than I am, so maybe wait a little before you go over there to give her time to get her post up.

Here are this month’s offering, blocks 25, 26 and 27. Which means that I have only nine blocks left to make! Hurrah!

My favourite of these is the duck egg blue with large cream flowers, followed by the lilac paisley. No surprise there, then….

Sorry about the slightly strange curved shadow across the top of the second and third image; it’s the edge of my daylight lamp, and I accidentally let the flash create a shadow which of course didn’t show in the viewfinder. By the time I saw it when I was editing, it was too late to re-shoot.

Bee, Myself and I is a forum for ‘selfish sewing’; any stitchery which is purely for pleasure and not for anyone else. The original concept belongs to Carla of Granny Maud’s Girl. To find out more, you can click through on either her blog link, or using the button a fair way down in the left hand column.

I think I need to do a bit of an edit of my hatbox fabric selection. I seem to have a strong tendency to prioritise the brighter ones over the more traditional and muted designs and colour-ways. Must introduce some of those…


You’ve got mail…

Er, what? 

Bear with me…

Here’s the deal. For a few days now, I’ve been mulling over an idea for the next Ovarian Cancer donation quilt. As some of you know (and most of you deplore!), I have a terrible habit of using puns not only in my posts, but sometimes in the names of my quilts. For Ovarian Cancer Australia donation quilts, these puns incorporate the word Teal, as that is the Ovarian Cancer colour. We’ve had ‘Time for Teal’, and ‘Tealed with a Kiss’. Now, it’s time for ‘Signed, Tealed & Delivered’. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? The quilt is going to have a postal theme: postcards, envelopes, stamps, etc. Here’s where my thinking has arrived so far:

© 2017 TallTalesFromChiconia

As always, the colour scheme is predominantly shades of teal and cream. To give this one a bit more liveliness, though, I’m thinking we should add a bit more subsidiary colour, so long as there’s still plenty of teal and cream.

As before, I’m hoping for a collaborative quilt, and that some of you will be interested in participating. The idea I’m looking at calls for a number of different types of blocks: straightforward piecing of HSTs (half-square triangles), paper piecing (I’ll provide a pattern or you can make up your own), or appliqué/embroidery/piecing. This time, I’m asking for blocks to be 13 inches square instead of 12½; on the last two quilts, the quilting shrank the blocks to the point where it was sometimes a bit of a squeeze to trim out to the right size. For the four pieced corner blocks, you can stick to the 12½ inches square and I’ll just quilt them more lightly – I don’t want to make your arithmetic more complex than it has to be…

For this design, I’ll need 4 x HST envelope blocks for the corners, 13 x paper pieced envelope blocks, 10 x appliqué postcard blocks, an appliqué stamp block, an embroidered frank block and the usual ribbon appliqué block, which I’ll make myself unless someone out there is dying to give it a go. If I don’t get enough interest, I’ll modify this design to simplify things and slowly make the blocks I need myself.

If you’re interested in participating, either again or for the first time, please drop me an email using the details to be found on my Contact Me page, or say so in a comment below. And if you’re a new visitor, take a look at these previous Ovarian Cancer quilts for an idea of what we can achieve if we all work together 🙂

Time for Teal,  Stay Positive,  Tealed with a Kiss.

Do also go and have a look at my Ovarian Cancer Pinterest page, where I’ve saved some pins for inspiration for this and other ideas.

And finally, a plea for help: if anyone knows where I can buy a metre of red, white and blue diagonal stripe 100% cotton quilting fabric without paying a truly ridiculous amount of postage (US$50 postage for one yard!!), please let me know. I want it to bind the quilt, to give the effect of the stripes around the edge of an airmail envelope.

I hope some of you will join me on this next adventure!



Miz Lizzie: Cushion creatures

Miz Lizzie has a couple of new adornments.

In addition to sorting out temporary hacks for fitted bunk sheets (aka strategically placed quilting safety pins to hold them tight), and in lieu of making the 4 sets of curtains I’d promised myself, and which the cyclone clear-up cancelled due to lack of time, I’ve managed to get a couple of cushion covers done. We have one each, same fabric, different binding. They’re the perfect plumpness for leaning on while we’re reading or doing something online.

Don’t you just adore that fabric? Mostly Australian birds and butterflies, and it’s a really nice weight of cotton/linen blend décor fabric. I just couldn’t resist it when I saw it, and a metre was plenty for these two. The colour scheme is not exactly right to match the curtain fabric, but close enough that it doesn’t clash visually. And I needed a tiny bit of pink in the future ocean of blues and neutrals…

The process of making them was not without its moments… Originally, both cushions had a zipper in the back. However, as I was inserting the cushion pad into the pink-bound cushion, the zipper pull self-destructed. I couldn’t face the prospect of removing the binding, taking the cover apart and extracting the zip so I could replace it.

So I thought of buttons, and that’s what I’ve got, holding the opening closed with elastic loops. I’d probably have replaced the zip if it was for someone else, but this was my cushion, and although it’s not perfect, I find it quite OK; the buttons blend well with the colour scheme and they do a good job of holding the cover closed without gaping.

Just a few days now before we go away. And still so much to do!

Lest we forget…

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 8.03.11 AM

To all the Diggers who have hung up their hats,
we say thank you.

To the men and women of our Armed Forces: thank you for the sacrifice you made, thank you for the freedom we take for granted, thank you for enduring the horror of war on our behalf. Thank you for showing us that mankind has its redeeming moments amidst ugliness and conflict.

Today is ANZAC Day.  All over Australia and New Zealand, in Gallipoli and northern France, at dawn today people stood in silence to remember and give thanks.

Gone but never forgotten.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 8.03.33 AM

SAL 45: no excuses!

I’ve got a bit more done 🙂

No cyclones to hold me up this time, but I haven’t got as far as I’d intended because of needing to finish the TWX quilt in time for the beginning of May.

Here’s the previous version, crumpled hoop mark and all…

And here’s the update. Not a lot, but not totally shameful either 🙂 And at least this time it’s pressed.

I’ll be taking this sampler away with me on holiday, and hopefully I’ll find time to put some stitches in it amongst all the other fun. Don’t you just love that little fan border at the bottom – so cute!  Next come three large square motifs in a row, each about the height of two rows of letters. I can’t decide whether to work left to right, right to left, or middle out. Well, you’ll see soon enough!

Do go and see what all the other SAL members are up to. There are some truly beautiful and amazing pieces being worked on. We’re all over the world so posting happens at different times. If you don’t see a SAL post the first time you look, it’ll be worth going back to check. Here are the links:

WendyMary Margaret, Timothy

See you next time, on 14th May.

TWX 15: Tealed with a Kiss completed

It’s done, and on its way.

I decided to make the binding narrow, because I love how it looks, but it does add a whole level of extra difficulty to hand-stitching the binding down because there’s a lot less slack. I probably won’t make the binding so narrow another time. Somewhere between ‘normal’ and this skinny, which was 2 inch wide binding strips instead of 2½ inch.

Of course, the minute I wanted to photograph it outside, the rain came down, so it’s been photographed inside on the design wall. Sorry… it does make everything a bit duller.

Here’s the label, and all you lovely kind people who contributed a block (or several!)  will find your names there if you click on the image and enlarge it. Thank you all again for your wonderful, beautiful blocks and for contributing your time and fabric to this most important cause. I couldn’t have done it without you, and I hope you will continue to join in with our collaborative quilts in the future.

I’ve been mulling over the next OCA quilt off the production line. This won’t be starting for about 6 months, but I wanted to put the idea out there so anyone who wants to contribute has some time to think about what they want to do. It’s going to be called ‘Signed, Tealed and Delivered’, and it’s going to have a postal theme. My idea is that the blocks will still finish at 12½ inches square, but they will feature the front and back of a fabric postcard on a teal background. I’m visualising appliqué, but it could be pieced. The front can depict anything you like (patterned fabric, paper pieced image, machine embroidery, whatever takes your fancy), and the back should be cream fabric, laid out to look like a postcard, with a stamp, a fictitious address, a message and your signature, either embroidered, printed, or using an indelible marker. I’m thinking all the stamps should be teal, and the postcard fronts should feature teal in some way. Closer to the time we start this quilt, I’ll produce an example to show what I’m thinking.

What do you think? Do you have a better idea for executing this title? As always, I welcome suggestions and input, but will ultimately go with whatever I think works best 🙂

TWX 14: assembly complete

And it’s done.

Why does the wind always start blowing when I want to take a photo of a quilt on the line…? We’ll pretend it’s on purpose, shall we? To make the image more dynamic and give it some movement!

Now all I have to do is cut and sew the binding, and make and attach the label. Another day will see it finished, thank goodness, and I can stop worrying about it, and start working on other things.

The quilt has extracted its customary tribute of blood; I managed to accidentally rip a nice hole in my thumb on a stray pin as I was feeding the quilt through the machine, but I did avoid getting any of it on the quilt in a visible place. It doesn’t mean my DNA isn’t on it, just that you can’t see it!

So, tomorrow I cut and sew on the binding and stitch it down, and make the label, which as usual will be printed on transfer paper and then ironed onto fabric. It will acknowledge all the lovely, kind and generous people who have contributed their time, energy and fabric to this good cause.

Now, where are the Band Aids…?