Sea Glass #4, and a bit of TWX

I’m slowly filling the gap.

The one between the centre panel and the large outer basketweave panels, that is. My earlier thought was to use colour alternating with white, but I tested it and it had a fairly blah effect, sort of utilitarian kitchen floor-tile. Not what I was after. I’ve made 4 corner-post blocks using the majority of the leftover jelly roll strips, and I’m pleased with those. Sorry about the gloomy lighting, but it’s very dark and overcast today, despite the heat.


That orphan block off to the side is going to be part of a cushion cover, a sort of ‘place-holder’ till the quilt is finished 🙂

Now I have to work out how to fill the two square panels on each side that are empty. I think I’m going to switch things round a bit and use a variety of lilacs, interspersed with a pale trellis fabric in blue, white and teal. The pale fabric will stop the lilacs being overpowering, and the lilacs will add intensity and a bit of calm for the eye compared with the pattern. A bit of cutting to do still, and I have to check and trim the lilac jelly roll strips – isn’t it annoying that strips you buy on a roll which are supposed to be 2½ inches wide almost never are? If you don’t bother, the seams will never line up, so it’s worth the tedium of fixing them.

And  now for something different (if rather similarly coloured…). I’ve received three more TWX blocks, two from Kate at Manic Mumdays, which I mentioned before but didn’t show, and another from the lovely Tracy at It’s a t-sweets day. Check out these pretties!

kate-b-twx1 kateb-twx2 tracy-p-twx

17 thoughts on “Sea Glass #4, and a bit of TWX

  1. Thimberlina says:

    Gosh, your productivity amazes me, and skill too! 😀

  2. tialys says:

    Looking good – although I suspect you might be hankering after another colour combination once you’ve finished this one!

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m already fingering my pink fabrics wistfully… I’ll feel better once I’ve done some more hatboxes and ScrapHappy hexies 🙂 Actually, I’d really love to get my F2F2 quilt done, but I have a few other things demanding my attention first!

  3. Great idea to play with the lilacs! I have never used a jelly roll, but I saw a very pretty one last week, that I am contemplating buying. Wow, you would expect that the strips woulld have the correct size. I will have to look into this before I buy the roll.
    My TWX blocks for you are on the way, I hope the will arrive soon.

    • katechiconi says:

      The better the quality and the more expensive the fabric, the more likely they are to be the right width. Bali Pop batiks are always OK, but the rest can vary a lot. Since the first time I used a jelly roll and it went horribly wrong, I always measure and trim. Looking forward to receiving your blocks 🙂

  4. All that gorgeous aqua! Love it:). I’m glad the block made it:)

  5. kathyreeves says:

    I love your plan, and am looking forward to seeing it when you finish it! I was looking at my mail receipt, hope those blocks arrive sooner rather than later!

  6. Very pretty. The colors shimmer like shallow water in clear seas.

  7. rutigt says:

    My first thought when reading the other post, was that you should use some darker fabrics for the “gap”. Now that I see the fabrics you´ve used I really like your idea!

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