F²F² January progress report

I know, I know, I’m very late with the report this month!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.32.54 pmEsther’s unusual and beautiful colour combination of hot pink/magenta, muted dark green and grey on a cream or white background is producing some really beautiful blocks, some of which are already up in the Gallery.  To see her original colour inspiration, head over to the Members & Colours page, where we’ve all shown images that have inspired our colour choices. It’s been a busy month for all of us, catching up on the backlog after Christmas, but we’re currently up to date, and looking good!

I will be travelling at the end of next month, when the final F²F² round up is due, so I’m giving you advance notice that the final report will be a few days late. It’ll give us all time to get our final blocks completed in good order as we bid a fond farewell to Foot²Freestyle.

I hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are staying safe and warm this winter, while those of us Down Under are sweltering in a long and tiring heatwave of 30°- 45°C (85° – 113°F).  I wonder if there’s any normal weather anywhere in the world right now!

See you at the end of the month with the January round up.


21 thoughts on “F²F² January progress report

  1. heatwave. heatstink. heatf##k. Killer of plants and melter of human brains 😦

  2. tialys says:

    It’s bloomin’ freezing here this morning. The chicken’s water was frozen and I couldn’t get the tips of my fingers to warm up the whole time I was out walking the dogs and that was wearing two pairs of gloves. Thank goodness for the log burner 🙂

  3. kathyreeves says:

    We are having our own brand of heatwave…40 degrees F this am!!!! Hoping for a little melt off today. Not sure when we will see the ground, they say more snow next Monday.
    I LOVE your star block, very cool!

  4. Blocks are all so pretty and different.

  5. dayphoto says:

    YAY! A little trip is in the stars for you!


  6. magpiesue says:

    Our temps have come up slightly in the last 24 hours or so. Now we’re being deluged with rain. Better than snow, better than heat and humidity, but I begin to wonder about flooding. It’s always something!

  7. I enjoy your posts but forgive me if I just post a like instead of a comment. I have no idea what you are talking about. LOL! I am so glad that you have found a passion that keeps you active that you give all you have to give to!

  8. rutigt says:

    Can´t believe it´s only Claires´ block left to sew! Time has really been flying by and this has been a great and fun experience!!!!!

    • katechiconi says:

      I know, but as it’s the second time round for me, I’m ready for a break! Maybe we’ll do it again some time in the future; it has been very good for my design and paper piecing skills!

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