F²F² October round up

I can’t believe it’s nearly November already!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.32.54 pmIt’s been such a great F²F² month for me, with fellow members emailing me photos of their gorgeous work, followed by even more gorgeous blocks arriving in the mail.  I’m so happy I chose a bright colour scheme, it’s making a brilliant display on my design wall 🙂

Two members have found real life getting in the way of the important stuff (sewing!) this month, so the gallery is a little short of images, but I imagine that will sort itself out very soon. If any of you has mailed off blocks but not sent photos, do get them off to me, so I can put them up in the gallery with the rest.

Next month, it’s Susan’s turn, with a lovely colour scheme of aqua and lilac on cream – take a look at her colour inspiration image to see what I mean. I’m happy about this, as I have lots of choice in all those colours. Now I just have to work out what blocks I want to make…

Till next time, and Happy Halloween to you all.


10 thoughts on “F²F² October round up

  1. tialys says:

    I’m ahead of myself again and have already finished Susan’s blocks. Sandra, bless her, is in a complete panic if she isn’t at least two months in advance so I have her blocks for Miss November too. I’ll get them photographed asap.
    Happy Halloween! – It’s Mr. T’s birthday today – but nothing much happens in rural France on a Monday evening, even though it’s Halloween, so I’m going to cook a nice Thai curry for him instead.

    • katechiconi says:

      Happy Birthday, Mr T! You’d better send me the photos for Susan, so I can get them up in the gallery, but perhaps hold off with the November ones…? I’m trying to ignore Halloween, but the TV is full of creepy movies, vampires and the Addams Family, not to mention the supermarket being stuffed with everything black and orange…

      • tialys says:

        Susan is Miss November isn’t she? My first comment is perhaps a little misleading. I’m looking for a scary film to watch tonight after the curry but it appears we’ve seen them all already. Not sure I can watch ‘The Shining’ again, good as it is. I’ll have a trawl through Netflix later.

      • katechiconi says:

        Try ‘Interview with a Vampire’, or if you like sci-fi, ‘Event Horizon’ is dead creepy.

  2. rutigt says:

    Your blocks and photos are on their way 🙂 Sorry for being late!

  3. dayphoto says:

    I don’t watch scary stuff…can’t sleep later. Good luck with yours all of you!


  4. magpiesue says:

    I didn’t think Halloween was recognized in Oz! I don’t go in for the scary stuff but I do enjoy the lighthearted spirit of the holiday. Didn’t have it in me this year to get out the rest of the decorations for Halloween. About half of them are on display year round cuz I like them so much!

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s not an official holiday, but is becoming more and more commercial; the stores are full of costumes and decorations. People don’t do the pumpkin thing or decorate the outside of their homes much, and trick or treating is much less common here. Also the TV has loads of ‘scary’ movies, starting with the Addams family earlier in the evening and ending with the real scary stuff later on. I’m just glad it’s all over!

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