ScrapHappy October

Hurray, tis done, tis done!

Once again, it’s the day my friend Gun in Sweden and I host  ScrapHappy, a day for showing something made from scraps.

And I’m extremely Happto tell you that the very Scrappy Grey Nomad quilt is completed. The scrappy sashing and scrappy binding are on, and here it is in all its magnificent scrappyness:

The front:


And the back:


It was actually ready over a week ago, but I decided to hold it back for this post to celebrate a shoebox and more of scraps used up. Now all I have to do is come up with another nice long project that will use loads of scraps. Thinks… I suspect it may be hand-stitched hexies for a good while. Bigger pieces – I’m using 2 inch hexie papers, which are 2 inches on each side – but still scraps. I’ll be making a good start on it when I go on leave in a week’s time, as it’s my travel handwork.

ScrapHappy is open to anyone using up scraps – no new fabrics. It can be a random or formal quilt block, a pillow or pincushion, a bag or hat, a collage or rag rug. Anything made of scraps is eligible. If your scrap collection is out of control and you’d like to turn them into something beautiful instead of leaving them to collect dust in the cupboard, why not join us on the 15th of each month? Either email me at the address shown on my Contact Me page, or leave a comment below. You can also contact Gun via her blog to join. You don’t have to worry about a long term commitment or even join in every month, just let either of us know a day or so in advance if you’re new and you’ll have something to show, so we can add your link.

Here are the links for everyone who joins ScrapHappy from time to time (they may not post every time, but their blogs are still worth looking at):

Usually has a scrappy post:

Gun at (in Swedish and English)

Titti at (in Swedish only)

Heléne at (in Swedish only)

Sometimes has a scrappy post:

Eva at (in Swedish only)

Sue at (in English only)

Nanette at (in English only)

Lynn at (in English only)

Norma at (in English only)

Lynda at: (in English only)

Birthe: (in Norwegian only)

Turid: (in English and Norwegian)

Cathy: (in English only)

Debbierose: (in English only)

Tracy: (in English only)

Jill: (in English only)

Claire: (in English only)

Susan : (in English only)

See you again, same time next month!


38 thoughts on “ScrapHappy October

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    This is so pretty and to think it’s all scraps.

  2. Very lovely! I would love to Join in every now and then when I’m through with my current commitment.

  3. claire93 says:

    that’s really gorgeous Kate!

  4. tialys says:

    Another beautiful quilt – love the back too!
    I meant to join in this month but the project involved my overlocker/serger which is misbehaving – as is my washing machine but that’s another story.
    I’m rather taken by this quilt which would allow me to use up loads of my Liberty scraps – but would work with other fabrics too – just in case you need ideas for future scrappy projects –

    • katechiconi says:

      It looks perfect for your scrap stash! I’ve assembled a travel handwork kit using some of my larger scraps, so I suspect it’ll be hexie flowers for the foreseeable future. Which I happen to love, so it’s all good! I hope your domestic machinery starts behaving itself very soon 🙂

  5. rutigt says:

    Love it! Good idea to let the quilting go in different ways! And the back…..that is really what you call a scrap quilt!

  6. Jule says:

    It turned out great. 🙂 The grey sashing is a good counterpoint to the vibrant scrap blocks. Love the quilting too.

  7. anne54 says:

    Fantastic Kate! The grey is the master stroke, or maybe it’s the quilting going in different directions or maybe it is the scrappy blocks…….well, which ever is the master stroke, it looks great!

  8. kathyreeves says:

    I.Really. Love. This. Quilt.
    I say it every time I see it, I know, but it just gets better and better!

  9. lucyannluna says:

    Looks fantastic kate

  10. Debbierose says:

    Excellent use of scraps, the grey sets it off perfectly

    • katechiconi says:

      It does, doesn’t it. I still have heaps more scraps, so while the next project will use some of the larger ones, I need to come up with another project to use up some more small ones.

  11. magpiesue says:

    Not being a huge fan of grey, I find I still like the back the best. ;- )
    Well done you! I’ve been thinking I need to find another way to use up larger pieces of “scrap fabric” lately too….

    • katechiconi says:

      To each her own 🙂 Its new owner loves the grey, so everyone is happy. Big scrap pieces were the perfect solution for the back, and I got rid of a whole bunch of fabric I was never going to use otherwise!

  12. EllaDee says:

    I soooo love that my Grey Nomad quilt is created from scraps. Very appropriate for our reuse, recycle tendencies ♡

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m very pleased with the result, and encouraged to go the scrappy route again soon. I really love giving new life to little pieces of my favourite fabrics, too 🙂

  13. nettyg says:

    It’s a beauty! Or should that be ‘bewdy’ 🙂 I like the back, could be another simple but effective way to do a front as well.

    • katechiconi says:

      Hah! I like Bewdy! The back would be a very quick way to assemble a scrap quilt, even if you used slightly smaller squares. I had fun positioning all the blocks to my liking – another time, I’d introduce more colours but its new owner has colour preferences I wanted to respect.

  14. It must have been a very full shoebox!
    I think this is brilliant. When my shoebox is a little fuller …

  15. […] the peaceful hand stitching that goes with them. As well as the weeny scraps I chewed up making the Grey Nomad quilt, I’ve got a good range of larger ones. So I dug a bunch of them out, using bright and muted […]

  16. […] F2F blocks 25 scrappy postage stamp blocks for the ScrapHappy quilt Grey Nomad The Cloths of Heaven queen size quilt for my niece’s wedding present 12 Hatbox blocks 9 […]

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