SAL 35: Halfway through the alphabet

Yup, I’m half done with the letters.

That’s no indication of how far I’ve got with the whole thing, mind you! Lots of frivolity and exuberance still to come… But amidst work on the trailer, work on the Grey Nomad quilt, work on my Tiny Picks top, and landing a new Gluten Free Bakery customer and cranking out lots of samples, I did manage to get a measly two two whole letters finished :-/

Where we were before.

Alphabet to K

And where we are now.


And as always, the other lovely ladies in the SAL will also have something nice to show you, so do hop over there to take a look. Don’t forget about the difference in time zones; if you’re seeing me first, you may need to drop in to theirs a bit later to give them a chance to get their posts up. Not everyone posts every time, but there’ll still be something worth seeing there.

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See you next time, on 16 October!

30 thoughts on “SAL 35: Halfway through the alphabet

  1. kathyreeves says:

    Well those two letters count as progress, and you have been super busy these past weeks!

  2. Debbierose says:

    2 letter is exceptional in amongst your busy schedule. Well done

  3. pattisj says:

    This is so pretty. I don’t know how you manage all that you do!

    • katechiconi says:

      A little bit at a time! I have no children, no pets and a Husband who works long hours, so I’m fortunate to have more time than most. I also believe that time spent on house work is stolen from sewing, so while the house is reasonably clean and tidy, and the laundry is done, I’ll always be counting the minutes till I can get back to my favourite thing!

  4. tialys says:

    As a non- cross stitcher, I’m full of admiration. I love samplers and your one is especially pleasing to my eye – I love the blue/black contrast colours and the shape of the letters.

    • katechiconi says:

      I love the little leaves and tendrils on the letters myself. Would you like to have it when it’s done? I don’t have a purpose in mind for it, and it may as well go to someone who’ll enjoy it, rather than lying in a drawer getting dusty.

  5. nanacathy2 says:

    Two letters are two letters. All progress is good. The sampler is taking shape.

  6. claire93 says:

    well done Kate ^^

  7. rutigt says:

    Yes, you have been up to a lot of things, haven´t you 🙂 I think two letters are a very good progress, considering that!

  8. Wendy says:

    2 letters is 2 letters, big pat on the back!

  9. EllaDee says:

    You must weave some sort of magic getting the most out of your days… ☄

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m not so good at just sitting and being idle; a sort of itch to be doing sets in, and I have to get up and get going. And I just nibble at jobs: half an hour here, an hour there.

  10. Keep up the good work!…..and the lovely stitching too 😉

  11. lucyannluna says:

    Well you managed more than me, it looks fantastic

  12. Carole says:

    Two very pretty letters 🙂

  13. susanpblog says:

    One letter at a time…….what more do you want 🙂

  14. magpiesue says:

    What I love about this SAL is that any amount (or lack thereof) of progress can be celebrated. You have so much going on that even two letters is an accomplishment!

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