The Singing Ship

We’ve had a great weekend on Miss Scarlett.

Riding down to Yeppoon, we had a (mostly) clear road and perfect conditions, not too much sun and a little fresh breeze. After finishing the chores and packing our overnight bags in the morning, we rolled into our friend’s front yard at 4.30pm and were warmly welcomed. I presented him with peanut butter cookies and a jar of my newly-trialled bacon jam. Yes, you did read that right. He suggested I might like to divorce the Husband and marry him instead…. Instead, in the interests of continuing friendship and marital harmony, I gave him the recipe :-). He likes to cook, and the process is simple, so everyone was happy.

Next morning, we took a look-around ride to Emu Park, just down the road which is a lovely little holiday community. The local RSL (Returned Services League) has put up a really impressive memorial to mark the Centenary of Gallipoli and the ANZACs, and a Wall of Remembrance for the fallen of all wars.

Singing ShipBut what really captured my attention was a monument called the Singing Ship, which commemorates Captain Cook’s discovery of Keppel Bay in 1770. It’s a very interesting and impressive piece of sculpture, built to capture wind passing over a series of pipes, producing a fascinating ‘singing’ sound. Imagine the sound you get blowing over the neck of a bottle, and magnify and change the pitch of this several times, and you get some idea of the effect. There are multiple pipes, and each sings a different note. We didn’t get the full effect, as there was little wind, but on a blowy day, the effect is stunning (click the link for a sound sample).

The BoysThen lunch with another bike friend, a photo opportunity, and sadly it was time to turn for home. It’s one trip we’ll definitely want to repeat.

I’m a bit tired today, it’s been a long couple of days on the bike, but I’m just happy I’m once again able to make a long trip without pain 🙂


32 thoughts on “The Singing Ship

  1. rutigt says:

    Glad you are back safe! We arrived home yesterday and now the sun is shining and I must sew 🙂

  2. claire93 says:

    I’ve been to Yeppoon ^^

  3. Who wouldn’t be welcomed warmly with fresh bikkies and bacon jam!

  4. Thimberlina says:

    Bacon jam! Sounds yummy, I’ve never heard of it. Glad to hear you can enjoy your other hobbies now😀

  5. judybushey43 says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip. Bacon jam sounds great!

  6. nanacathy2 says:

    Oh goody to the recipe for bacon jam. Captain Cook by the way is from my part of the world!!

  7. Bacon JAM? No man, that sounds like sacrilege to me. Bacon needs no tampering 🙂
    Been thinking about you a lot in the last 2 days – I have been introduced to Rob’s latest bike dream, and the idea is I will need to get my own helmet and leather jacket so that I can accompany him on bike adventures all over the western cape…. I immediately thought of you!

    • katechiconi says:

      You will not regret the bike adventures… and as for the Bacon Jam; reserve judgement till I post the recipe tomorrow… It’s not bacon messed-with, it’s bacon plus!

  8. kathyreeves says:

    I’m sure that my husband needs some bacon jam, and the singing ship sculpture really is quite amazing to hear (I checked out youtube) Glad you had some fun days on the bike!

  9. tialys says:

    It’s great news that you were able to spend time on Miss Scarlett without pain. Hoorah for modern medicine.
    I will reserve judgement on the jam until I see the recipe.

  10. Kathy D says:

    Wow, just a short time since becoming the bionic woman and you are back on Miss Scarlet – incredible! The “music” is eerie but beautiful! Can’t wait for the recipe tomorrow.

  11. knitnkwilt says:

    Bacon jam, and you are not even in Portland where all things bacon are considered! So glad to hear of the proof of successful surgery in the ride. And the Singing Ship is amazing.

    • katechiconi says:

      I am after all originally British, and my reverence for all parts of the pig is deep and abiding! The Ship was amazing even when not singing very loudly, but the video really does communicate the sound well.

  12. EllaDee says:

    I think I have eaten bacon jam… it was good ☺
    The Singing Ship was singing when we visited it but the memorial was what we really enjoyed, it was well done and the walk around was lovely.

  13. dayphoto says:

    I would LOVE to hear the singing pipes…I so enjoy my wind chimes. Bacon jam is yummy, we have it every year for Christmas.


    • katechiconi says:

      It’s such a clever idea, and the video link gives you a very clear idea how it actually sounds. I’d love to hear it on a really windy day, not just a bit of a blow…

  14. pattisj says:

    So glad you were pain free for your trip! I heard similar wind-made music at a stop on one of our travels.

  15. Glad you had a lovely trip and no pain. I saw the recipe and it looks lovely. Probably will never make it as there is no one to feed it too. 🙂 A good host gift though. I never go anywhere empty handed either. 🙂

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