F²F² June roundup

It’s the end of our first month in F²F².

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.32.54 pmI’m happy to report that all the blocks have gone off in time, which is a good start for this new round of F²F. June 2016 is now complete! Lynn has already received quite a few of them, but sadly she’ll have to wait at least another couple of weeks for the last of them to come in: mine are only just heading out! There are some gorgeous blocks up in the gallery on the dedicated F²F² website, in Lynn’s chosen colours of navy, gold/mustard and grey. She’s planning a quilt for her husband, so the block designs reflect a more masculine direction, and I think he should be delighted with the finished result, because they’re all lovely. She’s planning another sashed QAYG quilt, and if her last one is anything to go by, it’ll be spectacular!

Next month, it’s Sandra’s turn. She’s selected a lovely palette of plum, pale green and cream. For a look at her colour mood board, hope over to the Members Page on the other blog. Woo hoo! Sadly, I’ll need to go shopping, as I’m a bit short of the right sort of greens and could do with more cream too. Such a dreadful hardship, fabric shopping..! The blocks for Sandra will start going up as of tomorrow in the F²F² gallery.

Time to start planning what blocks I want to make for her 🙂



Time for Teal 13, and other stuff

Nanette has come up trumps!

T4T collage 7Not only do I now have two more Dresden Plate blocks to fit the two gaps at the top of the dresden plate border on T4T, she’s also made me two lovely outer border blocks. The photos don’t do justice to how very pretty the background fabrics are – one of them is a tiny beige gingham with tiny scattered raised stars. So sweet!

Also in the squishy were her three F²F blocks, which are gorgeous, and she very kindly sent me a piece of the fabric she used in the right hand block, which is going to be a real asset to my selection. Only one set left to come from Emmely, who has been on honeymoon, and then they’re all in.

Nanette F2FAt the moment, the time I can spend sitting at the sewing machine (which isn’t long before it starts to hurt) is spent making Lynn’s F²F² June blocks. After Lynn’s blocks, it’ll be the ‘ribbon’ block for T4T, which will complete the dresden border, and then I’m going to finish the Hatbox Quilt block which got lost and forgotten in all the mad dash for surgery at the end of last month. And in there somewhere is the SAL embroidery, which is actually progressing pretty well because I can get comfortable while I do it. It’s frustrating to have the time and the will to sew, but to be unable to sit for long enough. However, I am healing very well, it’s only been three weeks since major surgery, and it’ll be another 3 before I can expect to be functionally pain free and approaching my full final range of motion.

There you have it. Pretty things, my meagre progress, and what to expect next.

I am weak…

I have virtually no impulse control where fabric is concerned.

Hence my purchase the other day of a bundle of completely unnecessary fat quarters. I had been consumed by envy of other bloggers’ purchases of not only snippets but whole chunks of Liberty fabrics. Now, I am not normally a teeny weeny floral pattern person, but there’s just something about Liberty patterns… and I saw the bundle, and I was tempted. Yes, dear readers, I fell.

Liberty lookalikesI am now the contented owner of this bundle of loveliness. They’re not Liberty, but they are nice Liberty lookalikes, close enough to satisfy my cravings without the necessity to remortgage the house or sell the (non-existent) firstborn into slavery. I have absolutely no purpose in mind for them, except that the floral ones are obviously destined to become hankies with scrappy fringe benefits. I’m not yet decided about the spots. It may be more of the same, especially the grey and pale pink versions. I could put a white lace edging on those! As if I don’t already have more than enough sewing on my plate.

Ah well. I admit it. I am weak…

Time for Teal part 12

More eye candy!

T4T collage 6In this collage, the pale large pale background Dresden Plate is from Carla at Granny Maud’s Girl.  The heart comes from Sue of From the Magpie’s Nest, and the other two Dresden blocks are from Annett.

AnnettsquishyThe second collage shows the lovely gifts she sent with them – that was a really fabulous squishy parcel! Don’t you love the collapsible thread catcher, perfect for travelling?

I now need only two more Dresden Plate blocks, and I know that Nanette is sending me at least one, so I shall wait and see what comes before I make any more.

I’ve bought the backing and sashing fabric to assemble the central ‘tea table’ area. I’m looking at this quilt now and thinking that September, which seemed so far off a month or two ago, is creeping closer. I’ve been out of action in a fairly significant way for nearly a month. I must start to get back into the routine of doing some regular sewing each day, or the deadline will come and go with no quilt to present to Ovarian Cancer Australia for the charity auction. I know I have the best of excuses: it was serious surgery and I’m not able to work for more than an hour at a time, but at the same time, I need to get moving. I won’t overdo it, but I also won’t be lazy or put it off till later.

Next, it’ll be time to start the rest of the outer border blocks :-). I already have some, so once the centre’s sorted, I can lay them out and see what’s still needed.

F²F² June progress report

Sorry it’s a few days late, people, life has been a bit busy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.32.54 pmWe are just over halfway through our first month of F²F², the second round of Foot²Freestyle. This month, it’s Lynn’s turn, and her palette of navy, gold and grey is planned to make a masculine quilt for her husband. So far, the blocks that have been produced look perfect!

There are only 9 of us in this session, and I think this will make life a good bit easier for everyone in the long term. At this point in the month, we already have 7 of the contributions posted in the gallery on the F2F blog (click through for a look), so only two left to come, one of which is mine.  I’m finding sewing a bit harder than I’d hoped. My back is not happy at protracted periods bent over a cutting table, light box or sewing machine, so I have to work bit by bit. However, I will get my blocks done and posted by the end of the month!

I’m really delighted at how much the skills and adventurousness of the participants in this round have improved. Some of us are already very experienced piecers and quilters, and others are relative newcomers to the art, but seeing each others’ work has proved inspirational and encouraging for all of us.

Right, I’d better spend some time in the sewing room today. I’ve got blocks to produce!

ScrapHappy June

A whole one block this month, but given everything that’s been happening, I’m quite pleased 🙂

Scrappy BlockI think I need about 4 more blocks and then I can start assembling this quilt. I’m going to need a whole bunch of prairie points, but that’s a piece of cake; it’s just 2½” strips cut into squares and ironed into triangles. The quilt itself won’t be a truly scrappy one: if I can find it, I want to use a dark grey shot cotton sashing in between the blocks, and that will be new fabric. Also, depending on how enthusiastic I’m feeling, the back may also be ‘big’ scrappy, or simply a big piece of generic wideback fabric.

Once again, it’s the day my friend Gun in Sweden and I host ScrapHappy, a day for showing something made from scraps.

ScrapHappy is open to anyone using up scraps – no new fabrics. It can be a random or formal quilt block, a pillow or pincushion, a bag or hat, a collage or rag rug. Anything made of scraps is eligible. If your scrap collection is out of control and you’d like to turn them into something beautiful instead of leaving them to collect dust in the cupboard, why not join us on the 15th of each month? Either email me at the address shown on my Contact Me page, or leave a comment below. You can also contact Gun via her blog to join. You don’t have to worry about a long term commitment or even join in every month, just let either of us know a day or so in advance if you’re new and you’ll have something to show, so we can add your link.

Here are the links for everyone who joins ScrapHappy from time to time (they may not post every time, but their blogs are still worth looking at):

Usually has a scrappy post:

Gun at https://rutigt.wordpress.com (in Swedish and English)

Titti at http://tittisquiltlek.blogspot.se (in Swedish only)

Heléne at http://quiltochsom.blogspot.se (in Swedish only)

Sometimes has a scrappy post:

Eva at bambisyr-evaj.blogspot.com (in Swedish only)

Sue at sewingmagpie.blogspot.com (in English only)

Viv at https://vivinfrance.wordpress.com (in English only)

Nanette at http://stitchandsow-homeandgarden.blogspot.com.au (in English only)

Lynn at https://thetialys.wordpress.com (in English only)

Norma at https://shesewsyouknow.wordpress.com (in English only)

Lynda at: https://pixilatedtoo.wordpress.com (in English only)

Birthe: http://birthesrom.blogspot.no (in Norwegian only)

Turid: http://densyendehimmel.blogspot.se (in English and Norwegian)

Cathy: http://nanacathydotcom.wordpress.com (in English only)

Jodie Zollinger: https://homesweetdreaming.com/ (in English only)

See you again, same time next month!

Time for Teal part 11

Opening squishies is such brilliant fun.

When I got home two days ago, there were two envelopes waiting. One from Viv, who has been a presence on this blog for a good while, and who always has something lovely to say about whatever I make. The other one was from Robin, who is new, but who also came to me via Viv. Robin lives in the ACT here in Australia, but is also Viv’s cousin, and because Ovarian Cancer is a cause close to her heart, and because she’s also a quilter, she asked if she could contribute, now and on future quilts. Well, of course the answer was a resounding yes. And I’m very happy to have a new friend to Chiconia as well 🙂

Here are the blocks. First Viv:

Viv dresden 1 Viv dresden 2

And then Robin, who sent me not one but three beautiful Dresden Plate blocks.

Robin dresden 1 Robin dresden 2 Robin dresden 3

Not too many more needed for the border around the ‘tea table’ – I now only have to make 5, and that’ll be done very quickly. I already have quite a few of the blocks I’ll need for the outermost border. We’re doing rather well 😉

It will soon be time for me to go and buy backing and sashing fabric, and start the whole QAYG process.