Time for Teal part 8

It’s been a sore few days in the back department.

Not a lot of sitting at the sewing machine or hunching over my light box. On the other hand, I have signed up with our local aquatic centre and am doing a half-hour to an hour of water-based back strengthening exercises every working day. I have the entire pool to myself, it’s heated and it’s a bit of luxury; about the only place my back doesn’t hurt. Anyway, back to Time for Teal.

Teal Small Plate PP design

This beautiful block designed by Esther of ipatchandquilt, and available in her Craftsy store, has taken me three times as long as it should because of not being able to sew for long periods at a time, but I’m so happy it’s finally finished and I can show it off!  I know my forks are a bit, um, rustic in appearance, but I feel they’re OK enough. Finished is better than perfect. I have two more blocks to do, and then the panel of 3 x 4 blocks for the centre of the quilt can be completed. One will be a pair of cups and saucers, and the other I’m yet to decide about, but may appliqué a pile of saucers to balance an appliqué block showing stacked teacups.

To all those who have offered to make a dresden plate block for the outer border of the tea table, thank you! There’s no big rush, end of June or mid July would be fine. I need a total of 18, and we’re still a long way off. Guess what I’ll be making a lot of in the not too distant future… I enjoy it a lot, so it’ll be a chance to build my skill and speed.

I also have some lovely paper pieced blocks I want to make for the outer border, to add to the beauties I’ve already received. Of course, there’ll have to be a postage stamp block, and I want a Hunter’s Star, an Icicle Star, a couple of hearts, and need to make another of my teal ribbon blocks for the bottom centre of the border.

I don’t think boredom is going to strike any time soon.

35 thoughts on “Time for Teal part 8

  1. Magpie Sue says:

    I think your forks look fine. They’d be enough to get the cake to my mouth in any case!

    • katechiconi says:

      Which is, of course, the important thing! I’m thinking caramel mud cake with mint caramel frosting; this block is sitting right next to the tiered cake block I made a while back. Can’t currently stand for long enough to actually make the cake, which is perhaps just as well 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    oooo~ yum. That sounds good. Do you have a recipe to share?

    • katechiconi says:

      Not yet. The caramel mud cake isn’t the problem, it’s the frosting. Anyone out there got a recipe for caramel butter cream or fudge frosting?

  3. I love those fabrics!

  4. claire93 says:

    wow you’re going all out for this tea party! we actually get to use forks instead of using our fingers? lol

    • katechiconi says:

      Only if you want to be ladylike instead of doing a face-plant in the buttercream frosting, which would be my choice! Perhaps one block ought to include a napkin or two…

  5. Debbierose says:

    Totally amazing tea party here

  6. Toasting forks? Look great to me. I’m relieved you’re getting some aqua therapy – my kine/physio gave up on me because of shortness of breath (mine, not his!).
    I may manage to do a Dresden plate when I’ve finished the current job, though I’ve used up most of my teal scraps!

  7. It’s coming along beautifully! I’m glad you are getting aqua therapy. My back is my weak place as well so I do understand. Looking forward to the finished quilt. 😉

    • katechiconi says:

      Trouble is, I can’t spend the whole day in the pool! It’s lovely to be weightless and have all the pressure taken off, but I have to get out sometimes, and oh boy, right then I know all about it… I have an appliqué block to work on today, a paper pieced one for tomorrow, and then I can triumphantly show all the centre blocks!

      • Your tenacity will beat out the back and anything else that comes along. You will get it all done.

      • katechiconi says:

        I’m finding one thing that works is to break every task down into 5 minute sections. Do 5, sit for 5, do 5, sit for 5. It does get done, eventually. But there are things I just can’t do. Today, an old palm tree fell in the garden, blocking the usual way out for the car. In a former version of my life, I’d have gone and got the chainsaw, cut it up, moved the pieces and gone about my business. Instead I retreated back inside without even attempting to touch it. Sensible, but wimpy!

      • Not wimpy at all. Smart! Don’t injure yourself further, at least until you are healed. 🙂 There will be plenty of time later Get better!!! 🙂

  8. dayphoto says:

    Oh good! The water therapy sounds perfect!


  9. The therapy sounds great! Hope it helps. 💙 (As close to real as I could get)

  10. Grannymar says:

    The forks are modern and very up to date!

  11. rutigt says:

    What a great pattern! This is really tea-time, isn´t it! Makes me wanna go down to the kitchen and bake a cake (Which I never, never, ever do 🙂 )!

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