Time for Teal part 7

It was a bonanza day for Time for Teal yesterday.

T4T collage 5I received a beautiful churn dash border panel with a heart in it from Sue, and from Esther, two teapots and a stand of cupcakes! Have a look at these bits of loveliness!  I have such a great range of tea-table blocks now that I need to make the centre panel a row taller. Of course, this means I’ll need to make some extra border and dresden plate blocks, but it’ll be so worth it.

Along with both packages came blocks for my Foot2Freestyle quilt, as it’s my month. Head over to the gallery to have a look at what’s there already; some of them are quite dazzling.

And there were goodies too!  Sue’s envelope made me laugh before I even opened it, and I imagine you can see why!

Back of Sue's envelope

Inside, as well as the blocks, she’d included a huswife/needle book I’ve coveted since she first showed it on her blog, as it’s in one of my favourite colours and is beautifully decorated. I’m showing my favourite side, but the other one is just as beautiful, as you’ll see if you click on the link. It’s going to be perfect to replace my rather too small and not very secure needlebook, and it also has a pocket where I can keep safe my embroidery needle threader, something else I lose constantly and which I can’t manage without.


Esther’s goodie bag included a piece of fabric printed with a craquelure pattern which she’s sent me to use in my Cosmatesque wall quilt, as it’s perfect for some of the ’tile’ areas. Also in the bag were a little baggie of charms, which she uses on zipper tags when she’s making pouches, but I think a couple of them are perfect for decorating ribbon loops on my smallest scissors, and a strip of fabric printed with panels to use as quilt labels, all three of them quite beautiful!

Craquelure fabric Esther's goodie bag





I had a busy morning opening packages, oohing and aahing, pressing and photographing blocks, arranging and rearranging the central T4T panel, and starting to think about how I’m going to arrange my F2F blocks. It was a great distraction from the anticipation of the afternoon’s impending repeat of my spinal injection, which went off once again without a hitch except a numb foot and a bit of pain during the procedure. For the next couple of days, I’m working on a separate project, but very shortly I’ll be back to T4T, so stay tuned.

And don’t forget, if you stitch along with us, it’s ScrapHappy Day tomorrow, Sunday 15th.

31 thoughts on “Time for Teal part 7

  1. nettyg says:

    Good timing for all those lovely treats to arrive in the mail….your reward for being a good girl and “taking your medicine”

  2. Magpie Sue says:

    I was hoping that package I sent would arrive when it would do the most good. 🙂 So glad I could take your mind off of things for a while.

  3. Beautiful blocks, for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing this project as it moves along.

    Take good care.

    • katechiconi says:

      I have three more to make for the centre, and then I’ll do a collage shot update. This project is being so good for my paper piecing :-). The next stage is going to be even better for my dresden plate technique…

  4. norma says:

    What a joy to open such wonderful parcels

  5. tialys says:

    I love all the Time for teal blocks – I have one of Sue’s churn dash with a heart in my quilt – and they must have cheered you up no end before setting off for the hospital.
    Your F2F blocks are looking great and will make a very eyecatching quilt – can’t wait to see it.

    • katechiconi says:

      The collection is impressively varied and striking already, so I have great hopes for an outstanding quilt 🙂
      Sue’s heart churn dash is one of my favourites, and she’s used such great fabrics for it!

  6. claire93 says:

    nothing like squidgy parcels to open to boost morale ^^

  7. What a lovely gift with your F2F blocks. I love the Time for Teal blocks as well – the quilt will be fabulous. I’m glad you’re able to post – amazing after all you’ve been through.
    love, ViV

    • katechiconi says:

      Posting does a great job of distracting me from my woes, and can be done in a comfortable position. Getting the blocks in the morning meant that I was beautifully distracted from glum anticipation 🙂 Sue’s needlecase is already in play!

  8. Grannymar says:

    Treats even before you opened the envelopes! I love the needle case and story behind it. Enjoy building your blocks and take it easy.

  9. katechiconi says:

    Use it, or lose it. Got to keep moving, and what I do gives me great pleasure, whether it’s the stitchery or writing about it and my other activities. Treating myself to an early night in the hope that I will be able to drop off quickly and easily now that the pain is easing. So, as I always say to the Husband (although a tad early for you…) Sleep well, sweet dreams and have a good rest. xx

  10. Debbierose says:

    Gorgeous tea time teal, makes me feel like making a pot of tea

    • katechiconi says:

      Then it’s doing its job! Today, I have to slow down a little again, I was up and at it rather too fast after feeling a little better, so there will be quiet time spent at the sewing machine. With luck, I’ll get a couple of blocks done, one for this, and one for another project.

  11. anne54 says:

    What clever artists you are!! Fancy being able to make a cake stand, complete with yummy looking cakes, with fabric!
    So glad that your procedure went well, and that you can go back to using pincushions rather than being one!

    • katechiconi says:

      Esther is a wizard at paper piecing block design, and I’m so grateful we can benefit from her skill and generosity. The back is slowly beginning to feel better, but I still have to learn not to rush about like a maniac the minute I feel a small improvement. Today, I’m paying for yesterday’s industry…

  12. I haven’t seen Mary Engelbriet stickers in years, Love her stuff. That makes for a happy package. The needle case is beautiful. I’m in love with it. The squares are wonderful. I’m anxious to see them all done. I’m keeping good thoughts for you.

  13. Robin Murphy says:

    Hi Kate, I have been following your blog for a while now, I would love to send a dresden plate for the quilt. Vivinfrance is my mums cousin and it would be lovely to be able to have a block in the quilt with her. Could you please let me know the address to send it to. cheers Robin

  14. katechiconi says:

    Hi Robin, and welcome to Chiconia! I do love it when the ‘silent majority’ comment… Of course you can send a dresden plate for the quilt 🙂 I don’t like to publish my home address on the blog, but if you email me at the address shown on the Contact Me page, I’ll reply with the address. Failing which, Viv has my address too! Don’t forget to include some details of your own when you send the block, so that I can give proper credit to all the brilliant contributors on the final quilt label.

  15. rutigt says:

    First the Gallery: Sooooo many great blocks and so nice to see finished quilts! Second: The needlebook! Beautiful!! What a great gift and you are so worth it!

    • katechiconi says:

      Sue knows my taste so well! I have just bought a cover for my new phone which is *exactly* the same colour… I think Lynn has made a great job of her quilt, and Sue’s is nearly ready too, I think.

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