Quiet Play 3: The finished thing

And here it is, as promised, the finished cushion.

Quiet Play doneIt measures 27 inches square and contains a firm cushion pad (the kind used for floor cushions) so it doesn’t become floppy. I originally wanted either hot orange or hot pink for the binding, but fell in love with the tomato/vermilion white spotted fabric when I saw it, and I think it works well. I love how the whole thing ties in with my existing colour scheme, and I especially love how much more comfortable it makes me when sitting up in bed checking my emails and blog in the mornings. Friends and family who occasionally Skype or FaceTime with me in the early morning or late evening can look forward to becoming familiar with seeing it behind me!

Quiet Play closeupI loved the fabric instantly when I first saw it, but as a fat quarter piece of a very large scale print, it didn’t lend itself to a quilt application – who’d want to chop this piece of loveliness up into small bits? Continuing minor annoyance with my previous cushion gave me the inspiration, and after that it was just finding the time and impetus to make a start. It only took me 15 months to get going, and after that, just 29 days of stop and start to get it done!

There’s only one downside to finishing this… I’ll have to come up with another small handwork project!


49 thoughts on “Quiet Play 3: The finished thing

  1. anne54 says:

    It looks gorgeous, Kate! I can imagine you sitting up in bed with the cushion behind you. The tomato fabric is just right. Maybe your next project could be another one.

    • katechiconi says:

      My next hand quilting job will probably be the tropical fish fabric I posted about earlier, but that’s going to be a while, since it’s an interloper on the To Do list. Plus I’ve finished my embroidery project, so my hands are flapping around like beached starfishes, with nothing to keep them busy!

  2. Magpie Sue says:

    The print you used for the binding sounds fun. Well done!

  3. norma says:

    Very pretty and fits in well with your bed quilt

  4. claire93 says:

    it’s gorgeous!

  5. tialys says:

    Great job on the cushion and I love the glimpse of the bed quilt too.

    • katechiconi says:

      That quilt’s one thing I’d grab in case of a fire, it’s very precious to me and has seen me through some of the worst and best times of my life. So it’s a real bonus that the cushion goes with it so well.

  6. What an inspiration. Now I want to create my own bed pillow. I love the fabric you chose, it does really look fantastic with your quilt, great work. So do you mean in beginning that you used a square cushion and stuffing inside. I have all these lovely goose down pillows on couch and looking for a sollution.

    • katechiconi says:

      Originally, I had a large square European pillow on my bed, but it annoyed me by not being firm enough to hold its shape. When my friend gave me this fabric, I loved how well it played with my bed quilt and curtains, and I also loved the idea that I wouldn’t have to cut it up. I had the floor cushion pad already but wasn’t using it, and they were clearly meant to go together! I really love the sound of your goose down pillows, but you may have to line the cover with a very fine weave fabric to stop the feathers migrating out. Either that, or use batting in both halves. I have a concealed zipper on the back of my cushion so I can take the cover off for cleaning. I used a 30 inch/75cm heavy duty open-end zipper, which is a bit too long but allows you to keep the zipper pull well out of the way while you sew it in, and you then cut off the excess afterwards.

      • Great tips Kate, thank you! Yes, when I washed the goose down pillow covers last week they went everywhere, not majorly but enough, so I will think of that when I get to my pillows!!!

  7. Thimberlina says:

    Wow! It’s even more stunning now it’s finished! 😃

    • katechiconi says:

      It looks better all plump and inviting, doesn’t it? I gave it a test drive this morning with my coffee and a Skype with my niece. Spot on! No more slouching and lumpy pillows…

  8. Beautiful comfort – I shall look out for it next time we chat.

  9. What a perfectly lovely picture. 😀

  10. Hi Kate, this is such a stunning piece! I love your color scheme. It is like you have brought your flower garden to your room.

    • katechiconi says:

      I love fresh greens, and my Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt is what started the whole thing off. Then came the curtains, and finally, the cushion. I sleep in a springtime garden!

  11. Oooo, it’s so bright! Wonderful work as always.

  12. It turned out quite lovely and useful to boot. You won’t have trouble finding it on the floor when it falls off the bed. 🙂 Loved the binding too. Next…

  13. Lorij says:

    I love your comment, and no one can pretend he thought it was one of his pillows. Husbands do like to claim or pillows don’t they😄. Perhaps your next project could be making your husband a personal pillow of his own. Be a nice birthday or father’s day present. And very personal.
    Yours is very pretty.

    • katechiconi says:

      He has *three* pillows of his own already, quite large ones…! I have two small skinny ones, which is what I prefer for sleeping, but they’re useless for sitting up against. Maybe he’ll get his own sitting up one some time…

  14. Lynda says:

    Kate, it is a perfect fit for your room and you’ve done a wonderful job with putting stitching and color play too! You inspire me to get stitching! Back to work now. 🙂

  15. What a fab choice of binding. Another work of art 🙂

  16. Kirsten says:

    It goes very well with the curtain 🙂

  17. oh Kate this is absolutely lovely !!!! 5* quality !

  18. Exactly. Who could possibly cut up that fat quarter piece of loveliness? I think you found the perfect use for this gorgeous print.

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