It seems I’m no longer allowed to comment.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 4.53.22 pmEarlier today, I put up a post called ‘Tally’, detailing the projects I’ve completed in 2015. It was full of links back to the projects on my blog. I suspect this has prompted WordPress (or more properly Akismet) to decide that I’m a spammer. I was able to make one comment before the post went up at 8.30am my time (hello, Snail of Happiness!), but after that, every time I’ve put a comment into the comment box on a blog post, it has disappeared. I think I’m in your spam box… 😦

(This means you, Catbird Quilt Studio, Manic Mumdays and Live.Grow.Nourish.Create. Please could you check and let me know? And mark me as Not Spam if possible?)

I’ve now taken ‘Tally’ down, in case you’re wondering why the link in your Reader won’t work. I don’t know if it’ll fix the problem but it’s worth a try. I tried to find a way to contact Akismet, but can’t see anything: lots of FAQs which don’t apply but no little box to write my problem in and ask for help. I have a query out on the WordPress forum but so far, no joy.

I feel as if I’ve been chopped off at the knees. Commenting is so much a part of my blogging life, and I worry that people will think I don’t care. Failing a one stop solution, all I can do is visit every blog I follow, comment on something and hope you’ll find the time to check your spam box and make me persona grata again…

If anyone  has any experience of this, I’d be really grateful for suggestions on how to fix it.


50 thoughts on “Gagged…

  1. How peculiar! I have never heard of that problem before.

  2. Grannymar says:

    I tried to leave a comment on Tally, but took an age to go and I was finally left with a blank screen. Just checked my spam box and you are not there.

    The last comment from you was from Foot²Freestyle.

    • katechiconi says:

      I took Tally down because I was afraid it had caused the problem. That would explain the inability to comment. I think it happens when I comment on other blogs, rather than you commenting on mine…

  3. Grannymar says:

    I’ll try that again:

    Akismet spams any comment to my blog with two or more links.

    Time for Zzzzs, talk later today 00:58 here now

    • katechiconi says:

      Thing is, I wasn’t adding links to any comments… It was only my own post, with links to my own blog. I have NO idea what’s going on, and no help seems to be available anywhere. 😦

  4. Yes, spam for me, my dear! And once I marked them “Not Spam” I still couldn’t find them! Turns out they moved from Spam to Pending, so they still must be formally approved!

    I hope you get the problem fixed soon. I will not have my feelings hurt if you don’t comment in the meantime, so don’t fret on me. Or of course, you can also email me any time. But I know it makes your interaction harder and frustrating. Hugs…

  5. katechiconi says:

    Awesome! I have an answer: I have become Spam Monster. It means I can at least tackle the problem.

  6. Well at least I can fix you from my side- I will make sure to find you and approve you again tomorrow.. hopefully it sorts itself out soon.. c

  7. pattisj says:

    Hope you get this sorted out soon!

    • katechiconi says:

      It appears to be resolving slowly. I was just able to comment on a post I follow, and a couple of people have fished me out of spam so I’m good with them too. Heaven knows what set it off. I’m redoing the original post with all the links, taking them out to make it anti-spam, and I’ll get it up later. I was very, very downcast for a while there, with visions of having to restart my blog from scratch if I couldn’t get it fixed.

  8. Lynda says:

    I had a writing friend who as a joke put it out there to write a post that ‘looked like spam’ and then the practical joker actually did it!!! He was instantly slapped down for his efforts and had a hard time with WP getting it corrected. LOL! It was eventually resolved.

    Kate, I think yours will be too, and perhaps not with so much difficulty as he had. In the meantime I will be certain to check my spam folder. 😉

    • katechiconi says:

      It seems to be sorting itself out bit by bit. I severely pruned all the links out of the original post and put it back up, and it looks as if I’m now allowed to comment. There are still a couple of blog posts out there I tried to comment on which still won’t let me, but with luck, they’ll see my post and will check their spam boxes.

  9. nanacathy2 says:

    Hope you sort things out satisfactorily! Hate it when things change or go amiss on my blog

    • katechiconi says:

      I think it’s slowly resolving itself. I reblogged the original post with all the links removed, and it looks as if posts which went up after that will allow me to comment.

  10. I wonder how many links you are allowed before you are considered to be a spammer. It seems completely stupid that links on your own blog to other posts also on your own blog would result in this response. It’s a shame, because it’s nice to be able to follow a link quickly to see the original post/pictures. Ah well… perhaps you could put up a post with slide show of finished objects pictures so we can enjoy them all again.

    • katechiconi says:

      Maybe I can work on a collage like that behind the scenes and insert it at some future stage, but it has made me so despondent about the whole exercise that I’m not feeling very motived. As to how many links are allowed; who knows? I’ve seen posts with more links than I originally had that didn’t suffer the same fate. I drew the soggy side of the biscuit this time, I think…

  11. I received it, looked at some of the links, and commented.

  12. knettycraft says:

    What a beginning of a blog year! I never heard about something like that before. I hope you can fixe it completely soon!

  13. tialys says:

    Sometimes, if I link bank to previous posts, I get an email to let me know I’ve had a ‘comment’ or ‘pingback’. I immediately put them in the ‘Trash’ so that might help but I don’t think I’ve ever linked to as many posts as you did so maybe not.
    Apparently I sold out the Sydney Opera House twelve times but that is mainly due to a post I did about umpteen years ago about Japanese bento boxes in the shape of a bunny rabbit which is still my most popular post!

  14. I found a half dozen of the blogs I follow that had the title Happy New Year in my spam folder. I have started checking it with more regularity lately because I’m finding quite a few there. When I mark them “not spam” they disappear and I can’t find them. I did not see yours there but I could have missed it since I’m still so far behind. I hope this resolves itself soon for you.

    • katechiconi says:

      I check it daily, mostly for the entertainment value. I’ve only ever found one proper comment that shouldn’t have been there, the rest is true garbage, but sometime very funny! It seems that it’s only happening on certain blogs, and only when I comment there, not when I respond to comments on my own blog.

  15. rutigt says:

    I hope I´ve fixed it, so you no longer are spam at my blog 🙂

  16. dayphoto says:

    I will look at my site and see if you are there, if so you should be back able to comment.


  17. Lorij says:

    Hi Kate, I don’t have a blog but file you and Tim and a couple of others. Back in October all of my posts from the blood I file started going to spamit took 3 weeks to get them to stop going to spam. I don’t know why. So maybe it’s just an
    Internet issue. I’m hoping all will be soon straight for you.

    • katechiconi says:

      I think it’s going to need fixing one blog at a time! So far, quite a few people have found me in their spam folders and marked me as Not Spam, approved the comment and then I’m back up and running.

    • katechiconi says:

      I did, was referred to the forum, got a reply scolding me for not having strict enough anti-spam settings in place (although it was not my settings at issue), was redirected to Akismet and told to click on a link (that doesn’t exist) which was supposed to un-spam me. Oh, we have fun, don’t we?

  18. So weird! A lot of instagram users are having similar problems when they tagged others in a give-away. They called it insta-jail! They could post, but not comment.
    Looks like the spambots are in overdrive. Never heard it in connection with wordpr ss though.

  19. dezertsuz says:

    Oh, gosh, I use links all the time, and haven’t had extra disappearing comments – just the normal blogger ones. I never knew that could happen. I do have to sign in to comment on about half the wordpress blogs. It tells me I’m not signed in to that account, even though I AM. There’s no perfect system, I guess, but I’ll stick with WordPress, having tried all the others. =)

    • katechiconi says:

      I think the problem was that I had a link for every project listed, and it came to rather a lot! Whatever the cause, I seem to be ok again. I like WordPress, the only issue being when there’s a problem and it’s hard to get help.

  20. dezertsuz says:

    P. S. You haven’t shown up in my spam folder!

    • katechiconi says:

      That’s good… I think maybe it was only people I was commenting to while I had the original post (with all the links) up. In any case, I haven’t come across any new instances of my comments being put in the spam folder for a couple of days.

  21. Magpie Sue says:

    Now that I’m back online – sort of – I’m finding I can’t click on your header to get to the latest post. I have to access each post individually, either via the email in my box or by clicking on the specific link in your side bar. Whenever I click on talltalesfrom chiconia I end up with a page that is blank except for that header. Is this problem related to your comments issue?

    • katechiconi says:

      I have no idea what’s going on there! I haven’t had anyone else comment on having a similar problem. I haven’t changed any settings in my blog, so if it has changed, it’s WordPress’ doing… 😦

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