Foot²Freestyle: December round-up

Farewell, 2015, and here’s hoping for a good 2016 for all of us.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.32.54 pmWe’re almost done in time this month, just one person hasn’t been able to complete by month’s end due to ill health, but I anticipate they’ll be done very soon. I have really enjoyed revisiting the grey/ aqua/ turquoise/ coral/ pink colour palette, especially now that all this practice in paper piecing has improved my skills! Christina is another participant who wants to wait till she has all the other blocks in before she creates her own. Hopefully I’ll receive pictures of what she’s made to add to the gallery at some point. Head over to the F²F gallery page to browse through all the blocks for this month – you won’t be disappointed.

Ladies, January is Emmely’s turn. Her brief is very simple: green, any shade! I think everyone must have some green in their stash; I know I have some lovely fabrics I’m looking forward to playing with. Emmely likes modern quilt blocks (go look at all the amazing blocks she’s made for others so far), so now’s the time to have fun and stretch your imagination with all the wonky, improvised or asymmetrical ideas you can come up with. If you have doubts about anything, do get in touch with her to check; I have already provided all participants with her contact information and correct address.

I hope that you have had a good New Year celebration, and that you are ready for whatever joys and challenges 2016 brings. Hopefully, it includes lots of nice quilt blocks!


18 thoughts on “Foot²Freestyle: December round-up

  1. nettyg says:

    ….. and all good wishes to you too Kate, and the other F2Fers for a new year full of bright and shiny goodness. And thankyou to you too for leading our challenge for the last 6 months and on into 2016. I’ve been pulling greens today, thought I had lots of choice when I looked at my overflowing tub, but a dig through it has proven otherwise…might be a trip to the lqs in my near future…..oh dear!

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m enjoying this so much now that the initial fears have been laid to rest. Everyone is doing such great work, skills are improving, people are making brave and unusual choices, and we are all going to end up with such splendid quilts! I have quite a large assortment of greens; if you get really stuck, give me a shout.

      • nettyg says:

        Thanks, for the offer Kate, will see how I go….I’ve thought it with other blocks but have been ok once I got going.

  2. tialys says:

    A very Happy New Year to you and to all the participants. I’ve really enjoyed F2F so far despite my less than perfect matching, desperate searches through my stash for the right colours and – horror or horrors – two temporarily missing parcels 😮
    Off to look for modern, ‘slightly wonky’ block designs for Emmely.

    • katechiconi says:

      And looking back, don’t you find your skills have improved, and you’re more inspired to try new stuff? I never thought, six months ago, that I would become a paper piecing addict, and now look at me, testing patterns, looking at tricky blocks on Pinterest and thinking “I could do that”, and making blocks with weeny, weeny pieces and Not Having to Unpick! I think we’re going to see some amazing variety this month; the brief is so open that people can do almost anything!

      • tialys says:

        I hope my skills are improving – probably because being part of F2F means I am making far more blocks than I normally do – and making them for other people is a bit of a spur too. I have had fun searching for new blocks as, like you, I don’t generally make quilts using blocks so my repertoire was limited. I haven’t totally abandoned the unpicker yet but I might not use it quite so often.

      • katechiconi says:

        That’s the spirit – and no true quilter ever quite abandons her unpicker! I think your recent sewing definitely looks sharper and more accurate than the earlier ones (not that there was anything wrong with those!), so it’s all good. And you have a new obsession to play with now, don’t you? Who’d have thought you’d become a postage stamp addict?

  3. Grannymar says:

    The gallery is a feast for sore eyes with plenty of inspiration.

  4. Grannymar says:

    I love the way each individual uses colour and shape in each piece. I wonder if you were all working in the same space together each week, would the chatter change how you all see the finished item… Would it provide inspiration or dilute it?

    • katechiconi says:

      I think our very remoteness is what makes the results so individual. When you work as a group there is inevitable commonality; one cannot help being affected by what the others are doing!

      • Grannymar says:

        I agree with you, working as a group can help with sharing difficulties, but the individuality can become stifled if we are not careful.

    • knitnkwilt says:

      I’m thinking the “chatter” of viewing quilts online is close to getting inspiration from being in a physical group. Fads and techniques come and go, and either way one has to negotiate between following and remaining individual.

      Happy New Year to all.

      • katechiconi says:

        It’s almost overload, isn’t it? Especially Pinterest, where there are so many thousands of quilts to look at. I find my gut reaction is a pretty good filter; either I like it, or I don’t, no matter how fashionable or technically spectacular it is.

  5. Happy New F2F Year to all 🙂 Thank you Kate for keeping us all organised.

    • katechiconi says:

      Everyone is very good and it’s really not a very arduous job! I’m getting a huge amount of enjoyment out of seeing all the lovely work everyone does, and collecting it all together.

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