I love the blogging community!

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 3.56.05 pmI received these lovely potholders/mug rugs yesterday from Linda of Life on a Colorado Farm, a surprise gift from one blogging friend to another. Her daughter sews, and made them, and Linda thought I’d enjoy them. She’s right! Aren’t they gorgeous? Much too good for holding hot pots and pans, so I shall use them as generously-sized mug rugs, perfect for a cup of coffee and a snacklet to keep me going while I give the sewing machine a thrashing.

Right, I must go and pipe frosting onto a batch of cupcakes I’m taking to my SIL’s for dessert this evening. I don’t have to cook tonight, hurray!

23 thoughts on “Loot!

  1. knettycraft says:

    They look so lovely! What a wonderful surprise..

  2. tialys says:

    A lovely gift. I might even feel guilty standing a cup of coffee on them.

    • katechiconi says:

      Better a cup of coffee than using them to take a greasy great tray of roast pork out of the oven, or spilling cake batter on them, which are regular occupational hazards for my current tragic pot holders…

      • Potholders for me need to cover hands and lower arms, and definitely don’t look pretty made of insulated stuff! But I can’t have too many mug rugs to protect all the furniture lovingly made by Jock.

      • katechiconi says:

        I can’t do without my long insulated mitts for taking things out of the oven. For lifting a hot pot off the stove I can use a square. But these are far too nice for that!

  3. dayphoto says:

    I’m so glad you like them. You and Kimberly (my daughter) have the same talents. She also is a wonderful baker. I’m lucky to call you friend.


    • katechiconi says:

      And I’m lucky to have you as one! The Husband is delighted with his share of the loot too, but I’ve pointed out it’s not going to do him much good unless he actually *puts* something on it… He’s so used to a squawk from me if anything is set down on my sewing that it’s hard to realise it’s allowed with these!

  4. Those are wonderful mug rugs. And lucky you not having to cook other than a batch of lovely cupcakes. Have a wonderful evening.

  5. EllaDee says:

    What a lovely gift. And well deserved. Love the blogging community 🙂

  6. Debbierose says:

    Lovely bright and cheerful

  7. Magpie Sue says:

    Wow, those are pretty fabulous for pot holders! What a generous gift!

  8. pattisj says:

    Nice! Linda is a sweetheart.

  9. rutigt says:

    I agree, they are just to beautiful to use as potholders 🙂

  10. they are absolutely lovely !

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