AHQ: The Corporal’s Quilt…

…Reporting for duty.

Corporal1Here is today’s progress. I have the templates for the RAAF roundel, the motto and his initials done. The blue squares for the main background are cut; I have 4 more stars to piece, and then the Southern Cross is done. After that, I’ll concentrate on the border squares, which are a repeating series of pinwheels, 4-patch and diagonal strip piecing in blue and white, and then I can start piecing the front together.

Following the piecing, I still have to do all the appliqué for the roundel, motto and initials. This week is pretty clear, so I should be able to make some good progress. I haven’t even thought about backing and quilting. It will make itself known in due course.

At the current rate of progress, the Corporal should have his quilt in plenty of time to hit the 100 Quilts for 100 Heroes by Christmas deadline.


20 thoughts on “AHQ: The Corporal’s Quilt…

  1. You are truly amazing, Kate. The speed with which you work shames me! love, ViV

  2. tialys says:

    Coming along nicely!! I have my Mum here for a week so I’m only venturing into the sewing room occasionally and only because she has ‘given up’ knitting – which we normally do together when she’s here – and ‘taken up’ sewing. At 83! She’s bought herself some fat quarters so we’ll see what she can make with those – little drawstring bags maybe.
    Looking forward to see how this quilt progresses – can’t go wrong with those beautiful blues!

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s a small, fairly simple quilt, so shouldn’t take too long. Your Mum sounds like a trooper, keeping herself busy at an age when most would be contented with taking it easy. Enjoy her visit!

  3. claire93 says:

    it’s looking good ^^

  4. EllaDee says:

    It’s fantastic. The lucky corporal will be delighted 🙂

  5. Another fabulous work going on here, Kate! I got a kick of your thread with Viv – I never thought of relaxation as an art form, but I can truly embrace that!

  6. Magpie Sue says:

    Excellent progress. Carry on!

  7. Lorij says:

    Nice. I’m busy most of the time but, once in a while the I am doing it later will hit. Not often which is good. I’ve a lot of UFO’S that most gar done. So I need to get moving.
    You are moving quickly on this one.

  8. Lorij says:

    Should say must get done

  9. rutigt says:

    I do feel lazy, sitting here, reading your post and eating icecream 🙂 Not that I don´t want to work as hard as you do……..It´s because my sewingchair is occupied by a sleeping cat (that was the best excuse I could come up with) 🙂 Love your work!

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