Go the Doggies! The last few yards…

The quilting’s done, and I’m tired.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 3.45.41 pmThe request was to make this quilt exactly like the earlier Sydney Swans one I made in red and white. That one was only lightly quilted in a large cross-hatch, so that’s what I’ve done here too. I’ve dealt with all the loose thread ends, I’ve taken out all the pins and I’ve trimmed off the spare backing and batting. It’s too big to hang on the design wall, and it’s a hot, blustery day so I’m not going to hang it on the washing line to take a photo –   I don’t want a repeat of the fraying that happened before! You’ll see it soon…

I have the binding made and rolled up ready for the final stage of the game. I’ve used the last pieces of the three feature prints, and it’s made just enough binding to go round. One of my nice new quilt labels is also ready and waiting to be bound in on the back.

I had a small square piece of the big chevron print left, so I made the birthday boy a mug rug for his cup of coffee or stubby cooler while he’s draped in his quilt. Oooh, gotta love matching accessories!

We went to the movies last night, and saw The Intern, which we both enjoyed very much; we’re approaching the age where it’s becoming our new reality! Tomorrow, we’re taking part in a charity motorbike ride in the morning. And then I get Sunday off, because we were originally going to be be in Cairns so I couldn’t bake till Monday. I didn’t explain the change of plans to my customers…

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be sewing on binding like a demon, and that will just leave my favourite part; hand stitching the binding down on the back :-).


26 thoughts on “Go the Doggies! The last few yards…

  1. rutigt says:

    I still haven´t finished my quilting. The threads keep bursting and my patience ran out. Think I´ll have to buy a new and better sewingneedle. Today I have to take care of all the berries and mushroom I picked yesterday 🙂

  2. Grannymar says:

    I can feel your relief of finished the major work. I too will spend some time today ‘edging’, in my case it is to finish a crochet jacket that I have been working on since my eye surgery. Our indiam summer is tailing off, so it will be ready for the cooler sharper days.

  3. EllaDee says:

    Have you been thinking about what your next project is? You’re so close the end of this one 🙂 Enjoy your ride and day off… we’re heading off in the wee small hours for a quick long weekend trip to TA.

    • katechiconi says:

      I need to do some drawings and calculations for the next big thing: the double bed quilt I promised my brother’s eldest daughter when she got married in May. I have some of the fabrics I need collected already. But in the meantime, I have the three blocks to make by the end of October for Lynn’s F2F, something scrappy for 15th October and last but not least, my tax return, aaaargh!
      Have fun at TA, hope the weather is fabulous and the traffic not too heavy.

  4. I love doing the hand sewing on the binding as well. Working on that on a tiny cheater quilt for a one year old that must be ready by Sunday. It was quick and easy. The bigger quilts are always hard to wrestle under the machine. Getting them sandwiched is even harder. Getting too old to get down on the floor.:)

  5. Félicitations – your dogged hardworking spirit has won through.
    How do you make your labels? I like to embroider mine with the title, who it’s made for, by whom, where and when. Sometimes I’ve had enough by the time a big quilt is finished and make do with a gold pen!

  6. I bet you were tired! I was quilting something far smaller on the weekend, and the weight was making my shoulders ache.

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