The Bookcase Quilt: the sound of an owl

What sound does an owl make? WOO HOO! Much like myself!  

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.45.32 pm

Pinned wonkily to my design wall, but you get the idea…

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.45.54 pm Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.46.12 pmI have finished all nine blocks for the front of the quilt. And speaking of owls, the owl bookends are prominently featured – I spent some quality time fiddling with the image in PicMonkey’s editing suite, and managed to boost the greyscale and contrast enough to make them work. I find the contrast between the realism of the photo transfers and the simplification of the book spines a little odd visually, but not enough to try anything more complicated!

The final block is a straightforward, simple one with no extra bits. I’ve rearranged the order of the blocks to satisfy my sense of symmetry a little more, and I’m much happier with this new arrangement.

Tomorrow I will press the backing fabric and cut from it the nine 20″ squares I need, and the same again from my batting roll. If I have time, I will sandwich and pin the nine sections together.

Time for a cup of tea and a bickie, I think…


64 thoughts on “The Bookcase Quilt: the sound of an owl

  1. thats another smasher !!!

  2. claire93 says:

    wow those owls are brilliant!
    this quilt is going to be awesome Kate!

  3. knettycraft says:

    I love how all your blocks turned out…. your niece will be so glad to receive it and I am sure she will love all the personal details you added.

  4. tialys says:

    Woohoo indeed! I know what you mean about the owls but I think, once you’ve done the quilting, they will blend in much more and the contrast won’t be so obvious.

  5. You deserve your tea and bikkies! Those owls are superb.

  6. EllaDee says:

    The owls came up well 🙂 Unsurprising though… I like the distinction between the created books of the quilt and the recreated owls and family pic.

    • katechiconi says:

      I fiddled around for a good half hour getting them to a point where you could see the details, but they weren’t too dark. I’m pretty sure she’s going to love it, and I shall find out on Monday!

  7. It really does look like a book case – brilliant!

  8. Conor Bofin says:

    Beautiful stuff Kate. Really excellent.

  9. I love the owl bookends. Are they appliqued on? I’m just trying to figure out how you did it? Your niece is a going to be thrilled with it. There is no way that looks easy to do. Just impressive. I have so much to learn. ;(

    • katechiconi says:

      OK, you get a digital image, reverse the image on your computer, buy some tranfer printing paper, print the reversed image out on that, iron it onto white fabric, cut it out, apply it to the background with glue stick, and then zigzag around the outside. I do wish I could just come round and show you! Why don’t you start with just one block and make a pillow from it, for practice?

      • What a wonderful idea, Kate!!! I wondered if you put it on transfer paper and appliqued it on. I have a neighbor that is good at applique that can help walk me through it. The method was what I was curious about. Do wish you lived close too. 😦 I am so anxious to get back to sewing and seeing what I sew. 🙂 I have transfer paper here. ;)))

  10. Kate, It looks wonderful! Friends have been posting bookcase quilts to my timeline on FB, so I think one will be in the near future for me, too. I’ll let you know when I get started. I really like how yours came out, and I will try not to copy ( too much!)………..

  11. From concept to (almost) finished so quickly! And so beautifully! I know you must be proud, and you should be!

    • katechiconi says:

      It came together as if it wanted to. Very few hiccups or hitches. I’m very pleased with how it looks, its new owner loves it, and I’m hoping this run of good fortune continues through the quilting and assembly.

  12. Grannymar says:

    That looks terrific, Kate. I wish I had an aunt to make a wonderful gift like that for me.

  13. irmi says:

    That’s so great your book project, Kate! I love it. The owls have come out very well. What special art that quilting is! Splendid. You’ve already got so much skill and knowledge in that matter. You’re an artist. And so assiduous. Happy continuing…
    I restarted crocheting this year. It’s very satisfying and relaxing and even kind of ruminant to me. I’m making the tiny things with hook no. 1,25 to 1,5. Love it.

    PS – To the Transfer paper: You do need a laser printer, don’t you? With an ink jet one it would not work, would it?

    • katechiconi says:

      Thank you Irmi, that’s so kind of you! Yes, you need a colour laser printer, but it can be a very cheap one.

    • katechiconi says:

      The Husband has just told me I’m wrong, and that it’s a colour inkjet printer… Sorry to mislead you! It cost only about AU$60, but makes pretty good colour copies.

      • irmi says:

        Ok, that means a very normal colour inkjet printer does do it. That’s good to know, because I’ve read it otherwise somewhere…. I’ve got the printer, but the transfer paper is missing yet.

      • katechiconi says:

        You can buy that very easily in an office supplies shop. There are a few different brands: I like the Epson variety better than HP, and the instructions come in lots of languages. The main thing to remember is that you have to reverse the image before you print it, especially if there are words, etc.

      • irmi says:

        Thank you very much, Kate! I wish you a nice upcoming day, mine has ended, it’s past midnight and I should go to bed now…. – Have a good time with your niece!

  14. Kate D. says:

    This is awesome! The owl bookends look great, and I love the tea mug beneath them. Needlecrafts, tea, and books — sounds like heaven to me.

  15. I just keep looking for more little details that you keep adding to this quilt. The owls are superb! I’m not surprised your niece is ecstatic about it. Amazing work as usual 🙂

  16. Superb! The owls are perfect, and deserving of their prominent placement. What a lucky niece you have. She will be over the moon for the real thing.

    • katechiconi says:

      I simply had to celebrate the fact that she’s coming so far to visit me; we’re so far off the beaten track for most visitors to Australia, and besides, I’d always wanted to make a bookcase quilt!

  17. I ❤ the owls, they don't look out of place at all 🙂

  18. Magpie Sue says:

    You did it! Congratulations, they look darn good. Niece is going to be so surprised and delighted!

  19. Hi Kate, Wow, I have always wanted to do a book case quilt. Especially for my sister, this one is really fanciful and creative with those owl bookends, cool trick you did there with the transfers well done, can’t wait to see it quilted. And have another cup of tea and cookie, you deserve it after that new creation.

    All the best and greetings from Switzerland,

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s been amazingly good fun, from picking the fabrics, to deciding the layout, to thinking up and working how to do the trinkets on the shelves. She’s arrived today, and loves what she sees so far, so I just have to get a wiggle on and finish it before she goes back to Sydney in a week!

  20. Lorij says:

    Hi Kate, the owls look very nice. I take it that you are machine quilting the quilt? There’s no way your niece could be anything but thrilled. It’s just beautiful! I think you should have a slice of cake and tea. You should be really pleased with you 😄. Going back to sleep now. It’s 1:38 am here in California, USA.

  21. katechiconi says:

    Yes, I’m machine quilting it, all straight lines. I could hardly get it done before she leaves otherwise, but it will stand up well to the very varied life she’s going to give it! Sleep well, sweet dreams!

  22. Kirsten says:

    Well, that’s my previous comment mooted . . . !!

  23. katechiconi says:

    Not completely… I’ll work into them with stitching, if time allows.

  24. rutigt says:

    YES………you managed to fix the owls!!!!!! I´m impressed 🙂

  25. […] and random. The observant among you will notice that the fabrics are all ones which featured in the Bookcase Quilt, and the block has eaten up all the very small pieces nicely! Twice happy! There are lots of long […]

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