ScrapHappy July

It’s been a busy few days, and I missed yesterday’s deadline by just an hour or so.

As I posted yesterday,  awhile ago, Gun from Rutigt and I agreed that we’d each post a scrappy block on the 15th of the month, the aim to be not only to eat up our scraps, but also to be a regular reminder that scrap-eating had to happen regularly if we are both not to be eventually overwhelmed by our tiny treasures. The block can be any size, shape, colour or design. And here is mine. Finally…


It’s very random, not much of a colour theme happening. I just reached into a box of hexies, grabbed a handful and worked out where they would go. I concede that I’m cheating a little. The individual hexies used in this block have been sitting around a while – since before Worldwide Friends, to be exact. But they are all made from scraps, and making a block from them does use scraps up, so I think you’d have to be a bit of a purist to object!

And as you know by now, I ran out of time – it’s the time of year when I have my annual ‘has the cancer come back?’ checkup, and the amount of sitting around in waiting-rooms I’ve had to do in the last few days is phenomenal. And it’s not over yet, there’s another one next week… So, whole hours I could have spent concocting something lavish have instead been spent reading waiting-room magazines and playing sudoku on my phone. Frustrating… particularly when I realised I hadn’t brought any hand work!

Yesterday’s baking session also went totally pear-shaped. I was melting chocolate in the microwave, carefully, 30 seconds at a time, but still managed to not just burn it, but have it virtually catch alight, cracking the bowl I was using in the process and filling the kitchen with acrid smoke. That was the crowning moment, but the rest of it wasn’t exactly glorious, either.

So, I’ll see you again next month with another scrappy block. If you want to join us, let either me or Gun know, and we’ll link to your blog in ours, as shown below.

ScrapHappy July:
Gun at Rutigt
Kate at talltalesfromchiconia
Sue at From the Magpie’s Nest

28 thoughts on “ScrapHappy July

  1. Will you do more hexies next month? Or is each month to be different?

    Another thing that will light up in your microwave is hot peppers. It doesn’t take much to set them on fire!

    Have you used the new WordPress reader much yet? I get my followed posts there, including yours. I have to say, I’m not a fan. Including this comment box, which is incredibly small. Why mess with the old format? It worked fine!

    • EllaDee says:

      I commented to WP about the ‘economical size’ comment box and they said they’d look at making it bigger.

    • katechiconi says:

      I think each month will be different; I’ll let the scraps I grab dictate, and I’m not going to be too fussy about adjacencies. Unless things scream at me, I’ll leave ’em where I first placed them.
      I have used the new WordPress reader, and I’m not much of a fan so far. I’d like to be taken directly to the blog by clicking on the time link, as before, rather than some sort of bland, anonymous broadsheet. One good thing has come of it, though: on a couple of blogs I was formerly ‘comment only’ and now I can like as well, using the link at top right. Every time they fiddle about, I curse and hate it to start with, and then I get used to it. They do slip the odd useful feature in amongst the unnecessary twiddling. I generally click through to the blog to comment instead of using the teeny box.

  2. EllaDee says:

    The more I look at the scrappy block the more I see the lovely different patterns and colours. I try to avoid chocolate melting and when I do attempt it always am extremely pleased & surprised when it works out. I’m happy to cook for the G.O. and my family who are a captive audience but I think you’re quite brave and talented to bake commercially 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      I think perhaps it’s easier for me because I’m a quite instinctive cook. I’m really pleased with my latest recipe and may have to make it again and post about it. Yummy, squidgy raspberry almond slice…. And this is the first time that chocolate has fought back. Normally, it’s completely plain sailing.

  3. Do you feel your brain cells dying as you read the waiting room magazines? I know they are bad for me, but I find a guilty pleasure in reading 4-year-old gossip about people I have never heard of and horoscopes I will never believe in.
    I see a blue/green theme in your pretty scrappy block.

    • katechiconi says:

      I absolutely will not pick up gossip magazines. I’m usually stressed enough by where I am, and don’t need the extra aggro of reading about the unfeasibly vacuous, unreasonably wealthy and inexplicably famous… I have been known to read about fishing or hunting as the only alternative! You’re right about the colours, but even so, it was random, I just grabbed the nearest handful.

  4. tialys says:

    I never even realised that could happen to chocolate in the microwave – it’s never happened to me so far but now I’ll be watching like a hawk.
    Like Etsy, WP seem to like messing with things that aren’t broken. Sometimes it turns out to be an improvement but, often, not really. In the end, of course, everybody gets used to it or, at least puts up with it, then they move on to the next thing.
    I’m sorry you’re having to go through all the waiting and related stress. Here’s hoping for the best possible outcome. x

  5. What are you gong to do with the block? In fact do you have plans for all the scrappy blocks? A big scrappy quilt, perhaps, or a series of scrappy cushions?
    AS for the WordPress changes, I’ve changed my set-up so that it’s easier for readers to get through to my blog directly at a single click (admin > settings > reading then choose ‘summary’ in the ‘for each article in a feed show’ option). Since I pay WP for hosting, I’d really like them to ask me before they make such sweeping changes – sigh.
    And, good grief, flaming chocolate does not sound good.

    • katechiconi says:

      I think it’ll be a big scrappy quilt. I’ll be doing the same with my blog – what’s the point of making it look pretty if they then immediately make it look bland? I’ve had a lovely rant over on their comments section.
      And burning chocolate smells worse than burnt toast, be warned!

  6. rutigt says:

    I guess this is handstitching and I think you have done a great work!

    • katechiconi says:

      Yup, hand sewn, so I could take it with me to my Wednesday sewing group. The only trouble was, I got interrupted such a lot I didn’t make much progress… But hexies are very easy for me, it’s almost automatic now!

  7. I love your scrappy block. Scrappy anythings are usually great visual fun.
    Waiting rooms – I take my crochet with me. It’s the only thing that helps. I hope your waiting room days are soon far behind you. xx

    • katechiconi says:

      I had intended to take something with me, but in line with all the things that went wrong that day, I forgot my stitching! The next scrappy block will be different again, and the final result will be a quilt of all different scrappy blocks, different colours and sizes.

  8. thehutts says:

    Nice scrappy block. Does it have to be hexies? (my bete noir to sew).

    After the odd chocolate microwave disaster I’ve gone back to the bain marie method, which is foolproof so long as you don’t let the pan boil dry! Then I can get on happily with making whatever the chocolate is melting for,

    I have fingers toes and legs crossed for the success of your tests.

    • katechiconi says:

      No, it doesn’t need to be hexies. I was short of time and had a boxful made from scraps, so I grabbed those. Next month, I’ll make something different – eventually I hope to end up with a quilt made from all different scrap blocks. Personally, I love hexies and can turn them out like a machine, but it’s not for everyone.
      I’m going to persist with microwaving chocolate; this is the first time it’s gone wrong, and I’ll be more vigilant next time; the bain marie method is slower and generally when I’m baking I have a very full day and not much time!
      Thank you for the positive thoughts. I’m sure it will all be fine, but there’s always a niggling worry until they give you the all clear for the year.

  9. Grannymar says:

    Sorry you are having so much time hanging round ‘waiting room’s at the moment, but it is all in a good cause to keep you on the quilting side of life. I have a day like that ahead of me (pre assessment for my eye surgery) in two weeks time. It has been a long frustrating wait, since my reading time has been rather curtailed over the past few months.

    • katechiconi says:

      I know… but it always seems to happen when I’m busy and can ill afford the time, adding to my frustration. I wish you all the best and positive outcomes in your assessment day. Do let us know when it’s going to happen so the blogging community can cross its collective fingers for you!

  10. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good test results !!!

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