Worldwide Friends: hexies, holidays and hands

The first side is faced.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.04.41 pm

Proud of that tidy stitching!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.05.00 pm It’s fiddly, but effective. I like the way it looks, and the way it allows the hexies to sing instead of imposing a straight edge. The two short sides will go more quickly – because they are short and because I don’t have to make and add in extra hexies to cover my mistake. The top edge will take a bit longer again.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.05.35 pm

Layout for the first short side. No stupid mistakes with the trimming this time!

I have one day left to work on it this week. On Friday, we’re heading north to Cairns for a long weekend of blissful motorbike riding, swooping around the dizzy bends of the Gillies range and over the heights of the Atherton Tableland. I’ll be posting about that, but I won’t be lugging the quilt with me! Instead, I will take some embroidery handwork, and you’ll see that in my next stitch along post on 31st May.

Next week I have to try and crack it. Starting 1st June I’m on jury service for 2 weeks, and while I may not need to serve every day, there’s no guarantee of being let off, and worse still, no guarantee that the case I’m allocated to will not run over time.

Thank you all for your sympathy for my poor toe, and the kind and helpful suggestions on how to deal with my painful arthritic hands, which are taking a punishing with all the hand stitching just now. Ella Dee has come up with Aspirin & Arnica cream, which is a topical anaesthetic and herbal rememedy, and is sending me some to try. If it works, I’ll let you all know, and where it can be ordered from if you’re in Australia.

Right, back to work.

27 thoughts on “Worldwide Friends: hexies, holidays and hands

  1. I love the look of the extra-piece-border. Given your speed of working, I’m sure you’ll manage to finish in time. Have a good time on the bike. How’s the toe going to like the ride?

    • katechiconi says:

      The second border is almost pieced. I’m starting to believe I’ll get there! The toe will be fine, it will make the trip encased in the wide steel toecap of my work boots, safe from harm. So long as I can get off periodically and put it up, I should be OK.

  2. Grannymar says:

    The quilt is looking well and daddy was right: This fault will become a fashion. Glad the toe is improving, but I had a little giggle at the idea of you swooping around the dizzy bends with that leg over your shoulder! happy biking and take care.

  3. EllaDee says:

    Australia Post tracker indicates the parcel has been delivered! I was hoping you’d get it before you set off. Take the it along and use it as hand cream.
    I love that last pic, with the floral fabric against the dark blue and the hexies.
    Happy riding 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s here, it’s here! I’ve put a dose on my hands already, and I have to say, it seems to be helping. I love the teatree smell, too. Thank you so much, it’s going to be amazing if it lets me sew without pain.
      I wondered if I was being a bit mad expending all this energy on a facing for the back of the quilt, but now it’s taking shape I’m really pleased I have. It does look nice….

  4. manicmumdays says:

    love, love, love the hexies!! They look fab! 🙂
    Safe travels over the weekend and don’t forget to wave at us on your way thru the ‘ville {North side – Bushland Beach} Most of all, have FUN!!

    • katechiconi says:

      Thanks! We’ll be passing through at about lunchtime, so I’ll wave then! It’s going to be heaps of fun, we always enjoy our long weekends up there.

  5. tialys says:

    Have a fun and pain-free long weekend. The hexies will be there when you get back!

    • katechiconi says:

      Sadly, they will. I’ve been trying to think of a way to take a whole load along to work on in the evenings, but I can’t do much without the actual quilt, and that isn’t going anywhere on the motorbike. It’s going to be a blast, and we’ll have tremendous fun – the weather forecast is on our side!

  6. Jury service? Interesting.
    Hexies – stunning. And what Tia says – they’ll be there when you get back.
    Ella’s cream – I’d like to hear more. Maybe I can get something similar in South Africa.

    • katechiconi says:

      OK, it’s made up by a compounding pharmacist, one who is qualified to make up his own drugs and potions.
      In order of appearance, the ingredients are: aspirin, arnica montana equiv. Flowers Dry, cetomacrogol, paraffin liquid, paraffin soft white, propylene glycol, chlorocresol, melaleuca oil, water.
      Melaleuca is teatree, its oil is a pleasantly scented natural antiseptic. Cetomacrogol is an emulsifying agent to let the aqueous and oil based ingredients mix. Propylene glycol is a humectant to help things stay soft and creamy, and chlorocresol is an antiseptic and preservative.
      If you can find the right kind of pharmacist, they may well be able to come up with something for you. I can tell you it does work. I got the husband to try some too, on a bad bruise, and it’s taken the pain away there, as well.

      • Great, thank you. I have some pals who would use it, too. Now to find an accommodating pharmacist – oh wait, this is Cape Town, nearly everyone’s a pharmacist…..

  7. claire93 says:

    have fun on your short road trip ^^

    • katechiconi says:

      We will! We’re old hands at this trip, everything is pretty much packed and stowed away in all the bike’s storage compartments. We just have to roust ourselves out of bed at an early hour, swallow some coffee and hit the road. Hurrah!

  8. modflowers says:

    Loving the little hexies and the wiggly-waggly randomness it brings to the edge of the quilt – your eye has to sort of meander down it instead of following a straight line, which brings a great sense of movement to the composition. Have a fabulous time away. I’m looking forward to having the mister back this evening after his being away at a conference all week.

  9. modflowers says:

    P.S. Sorry I’m so rubbish at commenting on your blog – I rarely find time to sit down with anyone’s blogs these days, which I know is a rubbish excuse but just wanted to let you know it’s nothing personal! x

  10. Looking good – hope the toe is less painful today!

    • katechiconi says:

      It is, and the enforced idleness has resulted in a really impressive number of hexies joined to make the two side facings. I wouldn’t want toe surgery every time I have a deadline, but it has certainly helped to pin me to one spot and stick my nose to the grindstone!

  11. Jury duty? I was called up and then bounced by the defendant’s lawyer. Obviously, I did not look like the type to be sympathetic to criminals! I would love to do it one day to see how the courts work. You will have to tell me all about it one day.

    • katechiconi says:

      This will be the second time I’ve done it. The first was at the Supreme Court in London, and was interesting. I have to be available for the whole two week period, even if I’m not selected on day one for a trial, and check online every night for whether I have to attend.

  12. what a job !!!!!! but it looking GOOD !

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