Happy Easter

Living where I do, I’m often the first to offer seasonal greetings. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.01.24 pmAustralia sees the dawn before most countries, with the notable exception of New Zealand. I’m hopeful, therefore, of being the first to wish you all a Happy Easter. Whether you’re a Christian or not, it’s the time of new beginnings, if Wikipedia is to be believed:

“Ostara, or Eástre, seems therefore to have been the divinity of the radiant dawn, of upspringing light, a spectacle that brings joy and blessing…”

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.02.02 pmThe name Eástre, or Eostre, has been adopted by the Christian Church to signify the celebration of the Church’s greatest event, the Resurrection.  For others, a festival at this time signifies rebirth, renewal and a celebration of the return of the sun.  Here in the southern tropics, it marks the change of season into the relief of cooler winter weather, as well as its religious significance for me personally (Matthew 28:6).

Whatever your beliefs, I wish you a happy, peaceful and productive day, spent the way that pleases you best.

Oh, and plenty of chocolate…

25 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. knettycraft says:

    Happy Easter to you too Kate… inspite of the time zone I was first today 🙂 …. normally we go to church in Easter night but my daughter suffers from an influenza – so we stayed at home! All the best for you (and the husband).

  2. anne54 says:

    And a happy, creative time to you too, Kate

  3. Happy Easter to you too !

  4. Happy easter to you, hope you’re enjoying the lovely long weekend and (like us YAYAYAYAY) slightly cooler weather 🙂

  5. Re-birth and resurrection are comforting thoughts. Happy Easter to you,
    ViV x

  6. Nanster says:

    I love your Easter wish as I love the light and spring and all the new challenge of growing a garden. To begin anew with all the promise and energy, shedding of winter coats can bring !!
    Happy Easter to you too !


  7. Kirsten says:

    Happy Easter to you too! 🙂

  8. Happy, peaceful, productive and choclatey (is that a word?). That was my day 🙂 Happy Easter to you to!

  9. katechiconi says:

    My Easter was happy, peaceful and productive, but sadly deficient in the chocolate department due to the lactose intolerance problem… 😦

  10. tialys says:

    Hope you had a good one – despite the lack of chocolate. You’ll be pleased to know that I ate your share for you.

  11. EllaDee says:

    I’m late, I’m late… ooh wait, wrong rabbit! Happy Easter to you both also. Hope it was a good one 🙂 For us, it did rain. We did drink coffee and eat some chocolate. We did drink some wine and sit on the verandah. But when the sun came out we guerilla gardened. It was an epic battle, the garden won as usual but me made our mark. Now I need a week off to recover!

    • katechiconi says:

      I just got a brand new pair of telescopic offset loppers, and I’m as happy as Larry… They can take care of the biggest palm fronds without any problem, and those devils have been my pet hate about this garden. Now all I need is cooler weather, and I’ll be out there lopping for Australia! I will not be defeated!

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