Worldwide Friends: FFF!

Or, Finished the Flowers for the Front!

That’s 294 hexies made and assembled into flowers, plus another 42 for fillers, since 7th March. With 10 days off in the middle for motorbikery (although, as we know, I did manage to make a few in the in-between times I wasn’t actually on the bike), and a day out to make the Dowager’s birthday gift (for which I now have two more orders, as predicted…).

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.56.23 am Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.57.09 amYou can see from the second picture where the new strip starts – everything above the red arrow is new. Now they all need stitching together. Give me a few days… I need to let my fingers heal a bit. They’ve got holes worn in them from the needle. Did I mention before that I loathe wearing a thimble except when I absolutely have to, for hand quilting?

Now that the front is in the home straight, I can start thinking about the back. I’d better go and press all the fabrics I’ve assembled so I can audition them. Once the front is stitched together I can measure it and then take it down while I lay out the back on the design wall.

I still have to do the calligraphy for the haiku before I can piece that section – imagine stitching the panels in and then making a mistake in the lettering! And I need to inscribe the names of all the contributors on the front in small gold lettering, scattered here and there. I think it’s going to look rather pretty. It seems there’s a day or two with gold resist ink and a small paintbrush in my future!

There’s only one thing bothering me right now.  The front is landscape in format, wider than it’s tall. The back of my mind (the part that demands symmetry, order and regularity at all costs)  is telling me it needs another row or two at the bottom to square it up a bit.  The front of my mind is screaming “nooooooo!”. I’ve had enough of little blue hexies for a little while…

It’s not even remotely square, but then it’s not going on a bed, so does that matter? Does every single one of my quilts have to be square or should I get over that particular obsession? What are your thoughts on the subject, please? I don’t promise to act on them, but I would like to know what you all think!

36 thoughts on “Worldwide Friends: FFF!

  1. Grannymar says:

    As my father used to say: Every fault is a fashion, so just do it the shape you want and never mind convention! I like needle crafts, but would eat that before I started. We done you, from a fellow thimble hater!

    • katechiconi says:

      If I had all the time in the world, I’d probably buckle and do the two extra lines my hindbrain thinks it needs. But I don’t. And I won’t. And it’s fine as it is!

  2. claire93 says:

    Why does it have to be square? Rectangular is good too ^^

  3. knettycraft says:

    It already looks rather pretty :-)… it is great!!!!! I think a square is wonderful (I have to admit I can’t understand really why it should be a sqare??? – A rectangle is symmetric too…) What did you plan for the quilt’s back… can’t wait to see it. Do you need still fabric for the back side? Oho… it is really exciting!!! 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      I realised a while ago that all my quilts are either square, or taller than they are wide. This seems to be the format that appeals most to my eye. This quilt is wider than it is tall, and my eye finds it different and wants to ‘fix’ it! I don’t think I need more fabric for the back, except perhaps some dark reds, if you feel like sending more? I don’t have a complete idea for the back yet, but several things are swirling around in my imagination!

      • knettycraft says:

        I’m on vacation this & next week… so I’ll look for red fabric this week… or next week when we’ll go for a short trip to Brugge in Belgium.

  4. nettyg says:

    Aaah, so you would be stretching yourself by ‘allowing’ wider then tall ? Perhaps look at it for the time it takes your fingers to heal and then decide. Despite your obvious reluctance to make any more blue hexies, if it keeps screaming at you, you might decide to go the extra bit and make some more. Or find a way to love the new format, and retrain your brain, maybe do little sketches or doodles or make a collage from magazine pictures, or junk mail, in landscape, until that looks as good as the other. I think it looks good too as it is, but you have to live with it, if you have quilt remorse then all your work is undone 🙂 And I’m glad there’s time before you start on the back, I completely forgot the little baggie of reds you chose…..they will be in the mail tomorrow.

  5. Nanette says:

    That’s me above……..since I registered for Celi’s talk, WordPress automatically logs me in with that account and I forget to check and change it.

    • katechiconi says:

      I sort of worked out it was you from the reference to the reds, but wondered about the name change! I greatly fear I’ll going to feel compelled to make at least one more row for the bottom. But I’ll hold it down at one row…

      • Nanette says:

        There was already a “nanette” registered at WP…..who woulda thought ?:) Perhaps change your wording from “I greatly fear” and “compelled” to something positive or that extra row or two will be a chore and will reflect that. As simple as ‘On reflection, I’ve decided I’ll be really happy to….etc.”. Your words of course 🙂

      • katechiconi says:

        I’ve been upstairs and spent some quality time looking at it. I’m not letting it nag me any more, but a possible solution has presented itself, which I’m digesting internally: a single row of red hexie flowers with dark blue centres, top and bottom. That will satisfy my need for squareness, order, visual punctuation and symmetry, all at the same time. Plus it has the benefit of being, just for a change, not blue! So I will either live with it as it is, or add the red line top and bottom… Watch this space!

  6. EllaDee says:

    It’s gorgeous. I love the way my eyes wander around the pattern taking it and the colours in… like a kaleidoscope when I was a kid 🙂

  7. katechiconi says:

    It’s even better in real life; you don’t get the textural aspect at all in a photo. Part of the challenge has been to ensure an even(ish) distribution of colour and texture and pattern across the whole quilt. Many of the pieces have been pinned, unpinned and repinned several times!

  8. tialys says:

    I just copied the photo and put it in a photo editor and rotated it 90 degrees anticlockwise and it looked good but, although the rabbits and moon look fine, I’m not so sure about the text. I guess if it were that simple you would already have done it!

    However, I would say that, if it’s not going on a bed, it is absolutely fine being in landscape format. In fact, for a wall (or, dare I say, across the back of a sofa) t’s probably better.

    • katechiconi says:

      It was almost the first thing I considered, but as you say, the text is all wrong that way. It may very well end up as a wall hanging, in which case this format isn’t a problem. Also, close up the asymmetry is less obvious. While I’m thinking about it, I shall just carry on steadily stitching all the separate sections together….

  9. I like this format: it feels like it is as wide as a person stretching their arms out for a hug.

  10. Def not square The Golden Rectangle is supposed to be the most pleasing shape to the eye, with the longer side in the ratio of 1.618 to the shorter side at 1. This prportion is the guiding light for all classical architecture. It’s perfect to me as it is!
    Jock has more ways of describing it, but this is the simplest for me. (try googling Golden Rectangle!)

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m very familiar with the Golden Section but not the Golden rectangle… Mine is not sufficiently wide to comply with the correct proportions, sadly. But I’m becoming more and more unwilling to do anything else to the front, so perhaps it will go through in its current form!

  11. PS From an artistic pov, RED draws the eye, – do you want the viewer to be drawn to top and bottom and away from the glorious middle?

  12. rutigt says:

    Stop right there 🙂 I think the quilt is beautiful this far. Don´t overdo it. Where are the rules that tells us how a quilt should look like? As long as it makes you happy, it´s alright!
    Very god work!!!
    Hugs Gun

  13. Magpie Sue says:

    Now that I’ve seen the photo I think you need to stop right where you are! It looks lovely in a landscape format. Where you feel compelled to go to a square, I often feel compelled to make my squares into rectangles (finished quilts that is). For the record, I can’t bear to use a thimble either unless I’m forced into it to keep the needle from going into my finger instead of through the fabric!

    • katechiconi says:

      You are one of a long list of voices raised in favour of the rectangle! I’ll be leaving it the way it is. Sometimes you have to fight the inner voices, just because they’re wrong! My middle finger has a well developed callus on the tip, but after a long day of stitching, even that gets punctured and I end up with needle eye in finger tip. Just wait till I start hand quilting. Then I’ll REALLY get calluses!

  14. If you were thinking about it as a throw for a sofa rather than a quilt for a bed, you would probably be happy with the current shape… but do what feels right for you (and your poor fingers!!).
    I’m sure it will be beautiful whatever you decide 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      I have no plans for it at all… It just grew from the enthusiasm of others, accreting fabrics and ideas as it went. This is the shape that has evolved, and having slept on it, this is the shape it will proceed with. I have no idea what’s going to be done with it later. Perhaps it will be a sofa throw, perhaps it will be a wall hanging. TIme will tell.

  15. Do they have to be square ??? t is lovely !

  16. katechiconi says:

    True, and therefore I have decided to leave it as it is!

  17. I am a neat freak and I could live with not-quite square. It is up to you.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s not just an off-square, it’s distinctly rectangular, which isn’t as bad. If it was just one row out or something hideous, I’d have fixed it automatically. I think it’s habit more than anything…

  18. Kirsten says:

    I don’t think it needs to be a square, it looks pretty balanced as it is.

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