All things bright and beautiful

Today has been one of those mornings that make you smile for the rest of the day.

At 7am, it’s already humid and hot, at 27ºC/80ºF. Rain is forecast, and the temperature is due to rise to 30ºC/86ºF. I have a big pile of dishes, pots and pans to deal with after last night’s family dinner for the Dowager’s birthday. But despite this, I’m feeling absurdly cheerful.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 7.35.51 amI have got into the habit of throwing bread scraps onto the lawn in front of the covered patio. The Plumed Whistling Ducks (Dendrocygna cytoni) have been regular visitors, but today I have rainbows on the lawn too. Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus), that is. Also making an appearance this morning is an Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca), and in the distance, a Black Butcher Bird (Cracticus quoyi). Out of shot is a Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles). I do wish I could have got a bit closer, but they’d have all disappeared.

The ducks have got into the habit of loitering around out there, knowing stale bread is on the menu most mornings. The rest of the gang are impromptu visitors and it’s unusual to see them all together so I couldn’t pass up the chance to get a photo. Just one of those moments of brightness that life tosses at you from time to time. I must get around to organising some more bird feeders, with foods suitable to all these creatures. Lorikeets really shouldn’t be eating bread, they’re seed and fruit eaters, and the Butcher Bird is a meat eater.

I hope your day has its own share of rainbows…

29 thoughts on “All things bright and beautiful

  1. I think I’d be smiling too – hope the day continues in such a good way!

  2. knettycraft says:

    Wonderful birds in a garden… sunshine… wow, that sound’s great to me… here spring is slowly arriving, the migratory birds are returning – but today only 11°C, rainy and stormy… perhaps you can send a little sun and few degrees over to Europe??? 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      And in exchange, we’d love a little of your cooler weather! But I don’t think the lorikeets will want to come along, they’re strictly warmer weather birds!

  3. Lucky, lucky Kate – what a wonderful selection of birds you have there in Oz. It took about 18 months after moving here for us to get any birds at all, despite greaseballs in the apple trees and crumbs every day. Now we get a few but nothing like as exotic as yours.
    It’s now blowing a gale from the West, so it’s a bit warmer than it has been of late (about 8C.

    • katechiconi says:

      It has taken us about 4 months for anything to happen, but the ducks have learned now, and the others have followed their lead. Now that we have regular visitors, I will arrange for more suitable foods, placed in different locations to suit the different types of feeders.
      We got our rain, thank goodness!

      • missmissykissy says:

        So glad you got the rain! And you’d be v welcome to some of ours… Often takes a while for the birds to arrive. I always wonder how they know!

  4. tialys says:

    I was going to say, bread isn’t the greatest thing to give birds – who knew when we were kids and throwing bread in for the ducks? – however, perhaps gluten free bread is better for them 😉

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s mostly seed based, so hopefully not too dangerous. I tried them with greens, since this particular breed is a meadow grazer, but they turned their beaks up at it… The lorikeets will occasionally eat fruit scraps but prefer the bread too – they are seed eaters, and I will give them a seed tray up high to keep the ducks off.

  5. missmissykissy says:

    Thanks for sharing your brightness and cheerfulness this morning Kate. Your birds look very exotic compared to those I get in the garden. Hoping for continuing brighness and rain for you today. I’m hoping the slittery rain will be blown away today.

    • katechiconi says:

      We had a lovely couple of showers, thank you! The dust has been washed off the big taro and monstera leaves, and the fruit trees have been nicely freshened up.

  6. to have these in your garden !!!!! and those lorikeets !!! I’m green of envy !

  7. rutigt says:

    Rainbow Lorikeet, what a beautiful bird! The weather in Sweden is cold and rainy. There´s a hard, chilly wind blowing and you just want to sit inside under a warm quilt 🙂

  8. Those birds would probably also like chopped up boiled eggs, we have a family of dikkops living in our communal garden and my neighbour regularly gives them egg. They wolf it down.

  9. Magpie Sue says:

    Oh lucky you! What a treat to be visited by so many species at one time! I’ve been throwing my canary’s uneaten seeds into the back yard every morning and have some house sparrows and chickadees to show for it. If it weren’t so risky for me to be outside at times I would make a more concerted effort to attract other species.

    • katechiconi says:

      There have been morning with far more species, but as I generally go out in the cool of the morning to feed them, in bare feet and my nightie, I don’t have the camera with me to capture the full range! I can hear the ducks announcing they’re hungry from quite a distance – they’re called Whistling Ducks for a reason!

  10. Kirsten says:

    Birds in the garden, no matter what kind, are one of life’s little pleasures. It reminds me that there are lots of different creatures on this planet and we should appreciate them all and stop concreting over everything!

  11. EllaDee says:

    It’s always wonderful when the feathered freeloaders are around. We never get ducks so I’m a bit envious… I love ducks. We chuck all manner of scraps over the back fence and have water and seed plant pot bases around the yard. I love to see the birds having a drink or bath.

    • katechiconi says:

      These ducks are very endearing indeed. They’re small, slender and sweetly vocal, with clicks and whistles instead of that self-satisfied noisy quacking. The lorikeets, of course, are ear-splitting, but the butcher birds are wonderful, everything tootled out in a minor key…

  12. pattisj says:

    I love those colorful birds!

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