What I did on my holiday

I’ve always loved the stories you get from children assigned an essay with this title!

My essay is not perhaps as sweet and entertaining, but we did get a lot done! Let’s see… We travelled 3,400km (2,100 miles) in 10 days. We got very, very hot and very, very wet. We met dozens of new friends. I caught up with a few old friends and family. I didn’t cook a thing for 10 whole days! I haven’t gone that long without picking up a knife or spoon since we were married… And most shocking of all, I entered a quilt shop twice without making a purchase!

Despite the fact that we had only 30cm² (12″) of luggage space each I did manage to pack some WWF supplies in my hexie sewing kit. Along the way, I donated the hexie kit itself to my friend Mrs R, who needed something for small hand work while she waits with her daughter for the first grandchild’s imminent arrival. A good use for it, I’m sure you’ll agree. After that, a plastic baggie did the job. Here’s my output for the 10 days… Even amongst all the fun and games, I found time to stitch.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.43.31 pm

17 new hexies for the top half of the front of WWF. Only another 25 to go…

Since I got back I’ve shopped, cooked, done laundry and done a myriad of other small chores. None of my precious plants have died, there are limes ripening on the tree and the house is in good shape. We did have a small unexpected visitor, who made an appearance in the laundry whilst the Husband was spending some quality time with the porcelain fittings in there…. A small black snake slipped quietly from the store room under the door into the laundry, past his legs and out through a small space where the toilet S-bend goes through the wall. We have taken to making lots of noise as we approach, and there’s a broom and a grabber in there now, in case he makes a reappearance! Hopefully he’ll soon find it insufficiently peaceful for winter quarters and will evacuate back out the way he came…

Now that I’m back and the worst of the mess is tidied away, I can get back to my usual pursuits. I still have a lot of work to do on WWF, but I’m still hopeful of getting it done in time for submission to the Show on 12 June. I also have to make a gift for the Dowager, whose birthday is in 8 days.  She’s requested a combination remote control and crochet tool holster to go over the arm of her sofa. It also has to integrate a pincushion and crochet cotton spool holder. And it has to go with the décor of her living room, which is burgundy, cream and pink. I have just the fabric for the job, and am very grateful for the opportunity to remove it from my fabric collection! It came as part of a layer cake and I really dislike the colours, so you can understand my relief at passing it on to someone who’ll appreciate it!

But you know the best thing of all about being home?  My lovely bed…..

26 thoughts on “What I did on my holiday

  1. tialys says:

    Wait! What? You entered a quilt shop twice without making a purchase?

    • katechiconi says:

      The first time, I was just browsing the stock, and managed to restrain myself. The second time, she didn’t have the little aeroplane-safe thread snips I needed to give Mrs R with the kit. I was fairly startled at my own restraint, I must admit!

  2. Didn’t you do well! I’m glad you’re home and dry and back at work…
    I like the sound of the sofa-arm thingy (does it have a name?) I look forward to seeing pictures.

  3. rutigt says:

    I HATE snakes and I´m so afraid of them! If I see one I never ever go to that place again……..
    Welcome home from a long journey and I hope you had a good night sleep in your own bed 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      I find that snakes leave me alone if I leave them alone! It’s polite to let them know you’re coming – they usually make themselves scarce if you’re noisy enough. It was so wonderful to sink happily into my own comfortable bed and have a great night’s sleep!

  4. The description of the Dowager’s gift is impressive. I think Inspector Gadget would be proud of such a contraption. I hope we get to see it!
    (You drove more kilometres in 10 days than my hubby drives in his car in a year!)

    • katechiconi says:

      It sounds quite impressive when you write down the numbers, doesn’t it? Speaking of kms, it looks as if next year’s rally will be in Perth! Miss Scarlett will be doing that trip on a trailer behind the car; my backside will simply not stand up to nearly 5,000kms on the bike!

      • You will be in Perth!!! Excellent!

      • katechiconi says:

        Yup. And this time, I’ll have space for proper sewing kit! I’ll be mid F2F, with 3 blocks to deliver by the end of the month, so sewing’s almost inevitable along the way. Some time around 10-15 March; they haven’t finalised the dates yet. I do hope we can meet up!

  5. You went into a quilt shop without making a purchase? twice? well, you sound like Kate but clearly you are an imposter and have just given yourself away.

  6. when did you sew this hexies ???at the back of the motor ???? you must have magic powers !!!

    • katechiconi says:

      I was allowed to get off the motorbike at the end of the day….! an hour here and there while we talked, or waited to do something, or just before I went to bed, that’s all it took.

  7. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed! Welcome back

  8. EllaDee says:

    No matter how much fun being away is, there’s no place like home and one’s own kitchen, bed and bathroom. I always find when I get back I need to cook and eat veges, there’s never enough veges on the road! What a cheeky snake, it will need to rethink winter quarters. The over the sofa arm holder sounds handy, don’t be surprised if you get orders.

    • katechiconi says:

      You’re quite right there; I couldn’t face yet another fried breakie! The fridge is full of vegetables, salad greens and fruit salad, and I definitely had more than my 5 a day yesterday! The over arm holder needs a name or better description; working on that too!

  9. mdlonnie says:

    You sweet thing for sharing your sewing kit. I too am waiting to see the armchair thingy…

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s going to happen this week, so hopefully you won’t need to wait too long! Mrs R is a dear friend with a very busy life, and it was a real pleasure to give her something she’ll find useful.

  10. anne54 says:

    I love travelling, and love being home again. The travelling is great because each day is an adventure and being home is great because each day is so familiar!
    I am another reader who was aghast when I read that you went into the fabric shop twice without buying. I hope that it was only a travelling thing. 😉

  11. It’s great to travel, it’s wonderful to get back home again (apart from the snake)!

    • katechiconi says:

      I don’t much like snakes, I admit, but they’re part of life here and you learn to just get on with it and ignore them with a little respectful distance…

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