Words under Pressure #19

Two posts in one day? Well, sometimes you just have too much to say. And Words under Pressure need to be let out…

There’s nothing like taking up a new(ish) and dangerous sport when you’re old enough to know better…

I do get a few stares of disbelief when I talk about careering around the country on the back of a large and powerful motorbike. At 54 I suppose it’s not really surprising, but I’ve had a love affair with motorbikes for much of my life and now I have the Husband to share it with. We have no children or other dependents, we’re reasonably careful and law-abiding, and we do want to have some serious fun before we’re too old and decrepit. And boy, do we have fun….


I voyage for delight,
Venturing into the unknown
For the joy of discovery,
And soul’s refreshment.

Into the strange
I plunge, delirious, laughing.
Thoughts riotous,
My heart expanding.

I have broken out
Of my scribed circle,
The slow, sick spiral
Down into dullness.

See me fly!
I have seized the slipstream
And travel on the high winds
That circle the earth.

Envy me, earthbound.
I have launched myself at
The far places of the world.
I stride on clouds.

Are we having fun yet? Are we ever!

18 thoughts on “Words under Pressure #19

  1. 54 doesn’t seem too old to me to have some serious fun. I am going to be 54 this year, and think it’s time I started pushing the boat out a bit….was thinking paragliding 🙂

  2. tialys says:

    Great stuff! It’s easier to get more of a scaredy cat as you get older. I don’t like flying any more – although that started just after I had my children – but I’ll drive anywhere which I notice a lot of people start getting nervous about and they stop driving on motorways or places they don’t know well. I will fly if I have to but we can drive to a lot of different parts of Europe from here so it doesn’t mean I can’t still go ‘abroad’ for my holidays. Tuscany is my on my list for this year.

    • katechiconi says:

      I’ve found I’m braver as I get older, and am willing to venture more, it’s just the body that lets me down! Perhaps it’s that I think I have less to lose, and the years ahead are just a bonus…

  3. You go girl. You are young enough to be my daughter (who climbs mountains). so store up the memories for when the body gets too decrepit for the physical things. You and I are lucky: we have an absorbing pastime for when sitting is the more attractive pastime!

    • katechiconi says:

      I really do think it’s the imminence of the decrepitude which is spurring me on. I can so easily see a time when I simply won’t be able to clamber onto the bike and just take off. Against that day, as you say, I’m developing skills of the hands and mind to keep my brain amused when the body won’t co-operate.

  4. EllaDee says:

    You’re never too old or too young to enjoy traveling on a motorbike… I have been a pillion since I was in kindergarten behind my Dad, and now behind the G.O. When I was in my teens I rode a trail bike for a short while before swapping it for a horse, of course!
    The G.O. has been riding forever, we wear reasonable gear and I offer up a little protection prayer as we set out, but beyond that we simply enjoy the freedom & fun you have so eloquently expressed.
    I’m looking forward to riding one day with you, and well into our dotage 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s a date! Even if we’re all passing round the Emulgel or Tiger Balm…! The Husband think we should invent a sort of collapsible mounting block for me, but for now, I can still manage!

  5. claire93 says:

    I don’t think you’re too old ^^ My ex-BIL, who is 60 is a biker. He toured Turkey (driving all the way down from Calais and back) with friends on their Triumphs last summer and I think they’ve got somewhere else planned this year!

    • katechiconi says:

      Funny, isn’t it, that no-one bats an eyelid when a man does it, but a woman my age is supposed to “know better by now”. Perhaps I should stay home and attend to my knitting, or something…

      • claire93 says:

        no! don’t listen to what other people say, get on that bike and enjoy yourself ^^

  6. Carole says:

    54 isn’t old at all. I should know 😉

    Have adventures while you can is my new motto. I’ve got a bucket list as long as my arm and I’m having a blast working my way through it. A couple of years ago I told my fear of heights what it could do and had a brilliant time going in cable cars and over scary bridges.

    • katechiconi says:

      I’d do the same if it didn’t scare me into rigid immobility with a strong desire to vomit! There’s plenty of other fun stuff to do that doesn’t involve heights, so I’ll content myself with that.

  7. age is not important !!!! just do what you love to do !

  8. Wonderful poem. Hard to imagine your regular life, which sounds so enchanting to me, is a “scribed circle” but oh, what bliss to “stride on clouds!”

  9. katechiconi says:

    There is a certain circularity to everyday routine, don’t you find? The same tasks come round and around, you do the same thing on the same day, tropics or not. By contrast, the sense of freedom on the back of a great big motorbike is remarkable, particularly since I have given over all responsibility for its handling and guidance to the Husband!

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