Home at last

So, self, what’ll it be?

Do I (a) dive headlong into all the jobs round the house which are yelping at me to get done now I’m finally home after 11 days away? Do I (b) carry on cranking out hexie flowers at a manic rate now I have access to all the other bits of fabric, 25 down, only another howevermany to go? Do I (c) start work on the Husband’s richly deserved quilt, at last?

Screen shot 2014-11-29 at 9.31.36 AM

Why is it that both my current projects are blue and red…?

Tough one. I suspect it’ll be a mixture of (a) and (b). Working on (c) requires time and concentration, and I won’t be able to give it either very much today…

Screen shot 2014-11-29 at 9.30.59 AM

Despite short water rations, the tomatoes are still doing great work!

The garden got a big drink last night. Despite the Dowager’s attentions, it’s looking a little dry and sorry. I have GOT to get an automatic irrigation system in on a timer so we can leave it alone a while without any danger of losing the lot. Oh good, another job to add to the list… I have to start moving plants around, getting my new vegie garden bed established, too.

Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 7.14.41 PM

This was what hit Brisbane but it died soon after, and we got nothing. Image courtesy of Bureau of Meteorology.

They had no rain up here at all, despite the enormous and damaging storms Brisbane went through.  The storm cell just lost all its mojo as it headed north and nothing at all happened. There was a little rain as we left Childers, three hours north of Brisbane, and then nothing other than a few minutes of rain.

Aaargh. The Husband has just reminded me that Steampunk has also been unearthed and is waiting for me. Oh, and I can expect an email any time from the café asking for another order of gluten free goodies.

It’s good to have things to do, but this is ridiculous. Never mind. It’s great to be home…


25 thoughts on “Home at last

  1. Kim says:

    Don’t you need to rest after your procedure? Your lovely new pillows await you. I’m sure it is good to be back home in spite of the distraction of projects calling for your attention.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s wonderful… I slept so well last night, after days of not being quite comfortable in strange beds. I am well known for not being able to rest and take it easy; the trick lies in moderating my usual head-on attack method! I think a little light hand sewing might be permissible…?

  2. ordinarygood says:

    Home and your own bed are both really special. A little light hand sewing sounds just the ticket. Chores will always be there! Does a list help you? And tick just one manageable thing off per day? Soak up all those glorious colours you work with!

  3. Whoa! A bit at a time. You can’t do it all at once!

    My son and Grandson flew home to London from Brisbane , on 23rd, So his 4 weeks of perfect Aussie weather could have ended in that dreadful storm.

  4. KerryCan says:

    I love the red and blue combinations here–those hexes are just gorgeous! Enjoy being home!

  5. katechiconi says:

    I’m making a whole batch of flowers with the coloured dragonfly fabric – it’s such a pretty fabric, one of my favourites in this quilt. 27 flowers so far, loads to go….

  6. rutigt says:

    Here it has finally stop raining! November gave us very little sun. Stockholm only had three hours of sun this month! I think you´d do what you like best and if that means doing both a,b and c, give every letter an hour 🙂
    Gun, Sweden

    • katechiconi says:

      I did manage to restrain myself. The housework got most of my attention, and I did handwork while we watched TV in the evening. We had 20 minutes of heavy rain, wonderful, but not enough, it’s so dry and hot here.

  7. I think you should follow doctors orders 😀 ! But I’m glad to hear you are home again and feeling so good you can handle all that work !!!

    • katechiconi says:

      The doctor told me I could do whatever my body permitted. Sometimes my body doesn’t let me know until it’s too late, but I’m learning… I do feel good, and am moving surprisingly well. A good sign, I feel sure.

  8. anne54 says:

    Welcome home! How lovely to have all that choice of things to do after the weeks of enforced idleness. Do be kind to yourself though 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      I find it impossible to settle down to a spot of stitchery if I know there is laundry to be done and dishes to be washed. But I’m trying to be moderate, and my body is being quite emphatic about it!

  9. tialys says:

    Welcome back and remember, sometimes the only one putting pressure on you to get things done is yourself.

    • katechiconi says:

      …. and I’m the worst taskmaster I know! You’re right, of course, but it’s hard to sit still when all around I see things that NEED to be done as well as things I WANT to do.

  10. EllaDee says:

    The first thing I look at when I’m home, either home -city or country- is how the plants/garden have fared, then I grab something to water the needy with! It’s so hard to not tackle everything at once.
    We had a couple of hours of light rain at TA on Monday night… but so much more is needed all along the coast. However I think for summer at least the best we can ask for is a few good but mild storms.

    • katechiconi says:

      We’re already well behind the seasonal average, and the long range forecast is that we may not get a proper Wet at all….. In the last 3 months we’ve had maybe two light showers. The cane is looking very yellow and stressed, so I hope the crop doesn’t fail next year or there’ll be a lot of hardship up here.

  11. pattisj says:

    It sounds like there’s more to do than hours to do it. 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      Isn’t that always the way, though? You do a little of what you want and a lot of what you must, and some days, if you’re lucky, you get to do a little more of the things you love.

  12. Jen Gardener says:

    Welcome home! Hope you’re well 🙂

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