Friday Finish: Jumble baby quilt top

Just squeaked in by the skin of my teeth!

Screen shot 2014-07-18 at 7.55.00 PM

This one has been a true scrappy quilt. The fabric’s all scraps. The time I was able to give it was all scraps of an hour here, half an hour there. It’s been the result of a virtual dumpster dive into my scrap storage, which wasted a lot of time when I had to put stuff away again. Because it wasn’t considered but thrown together with what I had, I’m not much in love with it, but I do feel it’s quite a fun, jolly quilt for a baby. I twiddled around endlessly with the layout of the blocks before deciding on this version as the best of a bad job. The colours are a little fresher than they look in this photo; I missed the last of the light and this was shot inside, which I don’t like doing as it messes with the colour.

Now I have to go and get some backing, because I’m pretty sure I won’t feel like piecing the back as well, and I don’t want to use yardage. But you never know.  I have batting and enough fabric for a binding. Maybe I’ll go fully scrappy instead of cheating with a whole cloth back.

But at least at this rate she’ll have it before Baby Gnu Too arrives…

12 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Jumble baby quilt top

  1. tialys says:

    It’s very cheerful and, of course, patchwork quilts were originally meant to be made using scraps weren’t they? If you’re not overly in love with it, I’d get it done as simply and quickly as possible so you can pass it on to the expectant mother and move on 🙂

  2. I think it’s quite fun and fresh. I hope you enjoy it more as you quilt and finish it.

  3. The baby will love all the bright colours. I’ve just finished a similar baby playmat. all squares leftover from charm packs, and I found a hardly worn pareo in the bathroom cupboard which made a lovely fine backing fabric. It took the hand quilting like a duck to water.

  4. well done !!! it’s beautiful !!

  5. Kaja says:

    I guess we can’t love everything we make. It is bright and cheerful and ready on time – sometimes that’s enough.

  6. Funnily enough, this is much more my kind of quilt than the more “considered” ones, as you put it. This to me is what happy patchwork is really all about – putting together colours and patterns that do not “officially” work well together, but then finding that the whole is greater than the parts, and it all comes together.

    • katechiconi says:

      I think I started at a mental disadvantage with a big time-pressure. I also didn’t have as much of particular fabrics as I’d have liked. Plus I had to make it completely different from the previous one I made for her, and it had to work for a girl or a boy. But I like it well enough now. It’s just not a favourite.

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