Turkish Un-delight…

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 7.08.13 PMI had a total X@#?*&!! moment this evening.

We’re on the road south, and in our motel room this evening, I logged into WordPress to read the latest posts and look at the comments.

And my blog was in freakin’ Turkish. I am not joking. The Husband checked. He got Turkish too. Not the bits I typed in, or the photo captions, but all the admin stuff, the dates, the Like and Comment buttons. Everything in Turkish. Yes, I’m sure it was Turkish, I know what the language looks like… And it wasn’t just the bits you see, but all the dashboard stuff too. Very scary, particularly given the impossibility of speaking to a human being at WordPress Central….

I went to my default solution. Logoff, quit, shut down, restart, log on again. And it was back to English. My pulse has finally settled down, but it was a bad 20 minutes.

Anyone else out there having a spot of Turkish Un-delight this evening….?


16 thoughts on “Turkish Un-delight…

  1. Lucy Mustoe says:

    Ha ha.I always thought you looked a bit Turkish and the way you struggle with English punctuation & grammar… Your secret’s out now. Next you’ll be belly dancing… Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 09:20:37 +0000 To: lucy26@live.co.uk

  2. EllaDee says:

    I just had a blogger, roughseasinthemed comment that my comments section came up in an eastern European language… but it was fine on my end, and on hers after she logged off and on, and commented on one of her own posts… gremlins about I think…

    • katechiconi says:

      Turkish and Hungarian look quite similar, so it may have been the same thing. I personally think that WP are playing silly buggers again. I wish they’d leave things alone….

  3. tialys says:

    You might find you have a few new followers now and that you are being talked about down in the souk.

    • katechiconi says:

      I’ve only ever had 7 views from Turkey, so perhaps things are going to change and I now have a sudden large fan base there from the 20 minutes that it went weird. Or not… Whatever, I’m glad it’s back to normal.

  4. Same for me – definitely Turkish for a while there. Logged off, logged back on and couldn’t see any admin stuff at all! Gave up and did some work for a bit and when I came back all was well… I wouldn’t have minded if it had been Welsh… or French… but Turkish?!?

  5. rutigt says:

    Nej, no Turkish, but everything is sooooo slooooow 🙂 I almost finished knitting a sock LOL
    Gun, Sweden

  6. Nope, but I have changed my iPhone settings to think I am Spanish to help me practise for my language classes. It is hilarious when I use the maps app to get directions.

  7. katechiconi says:

    Now that’s just masochistic…

  8. dayphoto says:

    I have linked to you today! And I’ve used your beautiful photos you sent me!


  9. Nanette says:

    Not Turkish on my blog….I don’t think, as I haven’t looked for a couple of days…..but a message from Facebook(for the page I don’t use) in something that looked liked Russian, but perhaps was Turkish. It was smartly deleted.
    Ooh, bellydancing……..maybe you can earn your cuppa and scone on Friday by giving a demo? ….:)

  10. Kirsten says:

    I missed out on all this. Just as well really, I don’t like Turkish delight . . .

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