Steampunk Genesis

Here’s how it all began:

The finished top. See more at


Image copyright 2014, Jule Bandholz, The UFO Garage & Fabric Depot. Not to be pinned, reposted or copied without the owner’s permission.

Work in progress, step by step

And here’s where it all began, at the beginning of January this year

I cannot express how much I admire this work and the incredible speed at which Jule has produced the piece. She still has to back and bind it, and I’m not sure if or how much she’s planning to quilt it, but whatever she does, I’m going to love it. And I owe her a great debt for her help with the pattern and the inspiration she’s given me.

Now, I’d better get cracking with the templates!


15 thoughts on “Steampunk Genesis

  1. wombatquilts says:

    Amazing…. I can not wait to see your version…

  2. Jule says:

    I’m planning to do just enough quilting to hold it together. This was so much fun, I’d love to try other colour options if I only had the time. 🙂 Thanks for linking to my blog.

    • katechiconi says:

      That was the least I could do! I’m thinking hand-quilting in metallic thread for mine. I wonder if you can buy hand quilting thread in ‘tarnished silver’… I can’t get the swirly engraved lines you see on old clocks and watches out of my mind. This quilt is becoming disturbingly opinionated about what it wants!

  3. tialys says:

    Beautiful. I would be scared to quilt such a complex design but I see Jule says she is only going to lightly quilt it which I think would be all it needs.

  4. katechiconi says:

    If it’s not going to be on a bed and kicked and pulled around a lot, it only needs to be stabilised. Something purely decorative and elaborate, but not loads of it.

  5. That should keep you busy for a day or two!

    • katechiconi says:

      You think…? Actually, I’m sure it’s going to be quite a while. The instructions, quantities and fabric descriptions are all in German. Jule’s been fantastically helpful, but I have to sit down and draw myself a chart of how many bits of which shapes are needed for each wheel.

  6. rutigt says:

    So glad to see you are also gonna sew the Mother Earth quilt. I love it and now I´m working on wheel 7!
    Gun, Sweden

    • katechiconi says:

      I’m trying to work out the best place to start. Jule started with wheel 7, but I want to start with one of the big ones. Any suggestions?

      • rutigt says:

        I´m one of those who does things in the right order. I started with wheel number one 🙂 I do know a friend who sew here quilt from the top and down, Wheel 1, Wheel 5 and so on. Unfortunately, she doesn´t have a blog.

      • katechiconi says:

        OK, so there’s no rule about what to do first. I shall start with No. 8. Thank you!

  7. OMG !!!!!she must have the patience of an angel !!

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