The Sewing List, a review


The finished quilt. I'm really pleased with it

Happy, happy! I love this quilt so much!Isfahan, complete with scrappy binding

Visualise this with a wide brimmed pink hat and pink pants...Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 12.56.05 PMScreen shot 2014-05-30 at 4.31.33 PM

The nightie, posing artfully in front of my fabric cupboard

The blue one. I can't decide which one I prefer.

Three 'flying quilts' for my nephew's triplet baby daughters. Left is Komeet (Comet), centre is Vlucht (Flight) and right is Wervelwind (Whirlwind)Outside, and my favourite button finally finds a home

 Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 10.49.16 PMScreen shot 2014-06-06 at 11.03.47 PM

Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 10.07.59 PMThe finished Survival Kit.  It holds quite a lot for such a small bag.  The side pockets have Velcro dots to hold them  closed, or they gape a bit when empty.


I haven’t done too badly, but it’s still just as well that the To Do list isn’t meant to be completed this year! It’s more of a rolling record or reminder of what I have worked on and still want to do. I looked at it last in March, 3 months after I started work, and another review a further 3 months later seemed timely.


Tree of Life Quilt: Done
Isfahan Quilt: Done
Happiness Quilt: Done
Nighties: Done
Survival Kit: Done
Sewing Kit: Done
Wervelwind, Komeet and Vlucht Quilts: Done
CD Box: Done
Holiday Top: Done
Broken Bottles Quilt: Done
Teacosy: Done
Egg Cosies: Done

That’s seven quilts so far this year! OK, three of them are baby quilts, but even so, that’s going it a bit, even for me… This blogging business sure does keep me on track.


Wedding Sampler: Halfway done
Woolly Thing: More than half done
Amistad Quilt: Started, waiting for blocks and fabric to do layout

Still to go:

Quilts for 4 grownup nieces: Blue Again, Bookworm, Molasses, Bubbles
Hatbox Quilt
Big Pink Print Quilt
Nat’s Quilt
Fluffy Thing
Jersey dress
Wide leg pants
Cushion covers
Posh nightie
Fabric baskets
Steampunk Quilt (Jule’s Wheels)
Winter Quilt
Irish Chain Quilt
Bulldogs Quilt for Carolyn’s husband

Right, back to the grindstone.


13 thoughts on “The Sewing List, a review

  1. tialys says:

    That’s it – rub my nose in it!! 😉
    You must be jet propelled – seven quilts in six months is amazing (to me anyway).
    From your ‘to do’ list – is the Hatbox Quilt a Kaffe Fasset pattern? I have a book with one in that I’ve always fancied doing.
    Also, I can’t wait to see what the ‘Bulldog Quilt’ is.
    Off to do a bit of piecing on my first (possibly only) quilt of the year…….

    • katechiconi says:

      I didn’t mean to! And I’ve actually startled myself as well. It wasn’t until I was going down the list putting a tick next to things that the light went on. To be fair, the baby quilts were super quick, and Broken Bottles just came together like a dream.
      Yes, the Hatbox Quilt is the Kaffe Fassett one. I’ve been collecting large scale floral type prints for a while, but I’m not really there yet. I want a vintage look, but find myself irresistibly drawn to brighter modern prints, so it’s hard to get it right.
      And the Bulldogs Quilt is a blue and white quilt for a rugby team supporter. I made one for a friend’s husband, for a different team. His sister saw it and wanted her own. I made one for my friend for her team. Now the sister’s husband wants his own, for his team. Good job they’re really simple except for an applique logo in the middle!

  2. Jen Gardener says:

    Wow, you’re a machine Kate!

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s by accident, rather than design. I had deadlines for 5 of them, then my conscience smote me for a sixth, and the seventh was an act of rebellion – I wanted one of my own! Also, I don’t permit myself to have more than one quilt on the go at any time. I refuse to turn into the kind of person who has six UFOs sitting in the cupboard because I just couldn’t get round to finishing them. It tends to make you a good finisher, just so you can get on with the next one! But as you can see, it’s not getting in the way of my gardening activities, so there is some balance in my life…

  3. Jule says:

    Impressive! I think it really helps to have a list of your UFOs and keep blogging about your progress. Looking forward to the ‘Steampunk’ quilt. 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      I agree, otherwise so many projects would die at the idea stage for lack of commitment. For Steampunk, I’m planning black, bronze, copper, gold, silver, brocade prints, verdigris green, rust red and gold. It’s going to look like a mad Victorian designer’s concept for a piece of highly decorated complex geared machinery. Poor Husband. It means more fabric shopping, of course, and I’ll probably have to venture further afield than the local quilt shops…

  4. NikkiM says:

    Well done! You on a roll at this rate your in progress and to do list will be done by the end of the year!

  5. Oh, I do like a good list!

  6. they all look stunning ! how many hours are there in your day ? surely you must have more than 24 !!!!

    • katechiconi says:

      I think it’s just the usual quantity, but once I’m started on a project, I work quite fast, I have my little sewing room set up to make things easy, and the discipline of trying to post every day with some progress on some project or other, whether it’s sewing or the garden, means that I don’t put things down and forget about them for a week or two!

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