A protest has been lodged…

Today was the day I was to have cut out panels of mosquito netting for constructing the vegie cage sides and top.

Unfortunately, it’s been a windy day. The only table in Chiconia which is large enough to accommodate large pieces of mozzie netting is the one outside on the patio. After 4 or 5 attempts on the part of the netting to fly over the neighbouring fence, I gave up.

To Plan B, then. Which involved shifting all the living room furniture, lifting a couple of rugs, vacuuming the floor and then unrolling the netting there. I got a top and three side panels cut out and labelled before my knees, ankles and hips sent representations of distinct displeasure to Brain Central… Not to mention the dreadful noises I now make getting up off the floor. I hate, not getting old as such, but the accompanying wear and tear. The Husband feels that a couple of those silicone sliders you use for pushing furniture around, placed under my knees, would be the answer. I could simply kneel, and he could propel me around the floor. Yeah, right. Dream on, sunshine, it’s not happening. So, anyway, I’ve had to give that away for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be calmer weather.

This morning, all the baby vegetables got a lovely drink of worm tea. For new followers, this is the liquid produced out of the bottom of my worm farm, a stinky black fluid packed with all sorts of stuff that plants adore and we would probably find, well, eeuw. You dilute this elixir about 1:10 with water, cut with a little Seasol for the complete cocktail. Most of the babies are forging ahead nicely. A few of the lettuces are looking a bit limp and unenthusiastic. I told them to shape up or they’d be fed to the worms. Hopefully a few harsh words will do the trick. Tomorrow I need to get some more bamboo canes so I can give the tomatoes and snow peas something to cling to. And I have noticed teeny little flower buds on both capsicums.

Screen shot 2014-06-06 at 6.48.52 PMI have ordered three different kinds of seed potatoes from The Diggers Club: http://www.diggers.com.au, who specialise in heirloom seeds, GM free everything and unusual and old fashioned fruit trees. I have 6 potato bags waiting for their new inhabitants, which should arrive in about 10 days. It’s an OK time of year to plant them here, since we don’t get frosts and the soil temperature rarely goes below 15C. And tomorrow, I shall dig out my seed box and see what’s still more or less in date. I don’t have space in the raised beds any more, but I should be propagating some more things for when what’s there is over. I reckon I’m going to give some climbing beans a go – it’s just about cool enough that they may produce beans…

Enough gardening stuff. I’m off to stir the curry.

14 thoughts on “A protest has been lodged…

  1. tialys says:

    Oh please get some of those silicon sliders so the Lord of Chiconia can push you round the floor. Then I must see the photographs 😉

  2. If you do go for the silicone sliders option, please post video!

    • katechiconi says:

      I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this outbreak of schadenfreude… 😉 I’m pretty sure there’s a couple of those sliders in the hall cupboard. It was the Husband’s idea. He can make it work! Including the video!

  3. your veggies are sooo spoilt !!

  4. Kirsten says:

    Oh, go on, put the silcone sliders under your knees. It will be like ice-skating.

    One of the things that worries me the most about getting old(er) is the noises one can start to make when getting up from chairs or sitting down onto a chair. I don’t want to start making weird grunting noises.

    • katechiconi says:

      The Husband has been requested to find the sliders – even if only to give us both a laugh. I’m fairly positive that what happens will never be documented photographically… Not if he wants to live, that is. As for the getting up noises, for me, it’s already too late. Getting up from a chair is still moderately silent, but from the floor, the grunts and groans get increasingly impressive the longer I’m down there!

      • Kirsten says:

        Well I can’t say that I not disappointed that there will be no photographic evidence, but I understand your reluctance. Just make sure you protect yourself from any sharp pointy corners!

      • katechiconi says:

        STOP PRESS: Due to gentle but persistent pressure from my dear blogging friends, we dug out the sliders. I am happy to be able to inform everyone that they don’t work under knees on carpet. However, we’ve had remarkable success on the hall tiles, with the Husband performing sled dog service and me being towed along. Just saying… not suggesting you try it too!

  5. mihrank says:

    Reblogged this on mihran Kalaydjian and commented:
    A protest has been lodged…

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