Broken Bottles #7: Turning the Corner

Screen shot 2014-05-13 at 4.41.06 PM

Screen shot 2014-05-13 at 4.40.43 PMThe first border is on. I had some pale green strips left over, and have pieced together the first border from those. It’s not elegant, but it is in keeping. I just didn’t have enough to do beautiful broad mitred corners with these fabrics, so I’m saving that for the white border, which I’ll do next. I didn’t much enjoy this bit, trying to squeeze something out of insufficient fabric. There’s no margin for safety, and I can’t just go and get some more, the fabrics came from the UK. But however inelegant, it’s done. I think the white border will be twice as wide, and then the narrow dark green binding, once it’s quilted.

Screen shot 2014-05-13 at 4.48.14 PMMy sister sent me a photo she took of the forest floor in the rainforest in northern NSW a couple of years ago. She says it reminds her of Broken Bottles. I can see what she means, but perhaps her bottles are brown rather than green! I’d love a print based on this colour scheme and layout, perhaps with a little more contrast and some flashes of gold and orange, too. Which is weird, because normally I’m not much of a brown person…

I spent the morning on non-quilty activities. The second vegie garden pod is ready for its filling. We have one more to go, and perhaps a 4th if I can summon enough energy. I’ve stripped a load of turf, laid weedmatting and bark chips, we’ve decapitated another IBC and erected the frame over it. I must go and dig out my seed catalogue to think about what I want to grow. It’s too late to sow now, I’ll have to buy seedlings, but I’ll get ideas for later. Meanwhile, my back is yelling at me and I feel a cup of tea and a piece of gingerbread coming on…

Sorry, not a very exciting post today, but the progress is mostly invisible!

4 thoughts on “Broken Bottles #7: Turning the Corner

  1. tialys says:

    Lordy! I can’t keep up with your posts – you work far too fast. I have about three projects to blog about but haven’t got round to it yet, you put me to shame.

    • katechiconi says:

      Having started doing blow-by-blow reporting on Broken Bottles, I feel I should document every stage. Normally, I wouldn’t bother. And today’s relatively minor progress was the small border, which took an unconscionable amount of time! Much ado about nothing, you might say…

  2. Progress is progress… even if it’s not particularly photogenic or exciting to write about. Your border is more interesting than me making yet another pair of slippers!
    On the subject of gifts, though, my sister has asked for a crochet cushion cover and I’m going to make one with waves in gray/purple (her choice of colours)… I’ve got the yarn but have other things to finish first. I’m really looking forward to this particular project as it will give me a chance to try out a pattern I’ve been hankering after doing for ages.
    I’m away for a few days from tomorrow, but I perhaps we can chat next week?

    • katechiconi says:

      That would be great! Speaking of yarn, I’m having to exercise a lot of discipline not to sneak off and start knitting Fluffy Thing, so the sooner I finish the better!

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