Broken Bottles #6: Pointy (im)perfection

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 3.40.31 PMSo, that’s the central panel done.

It does look good, though I say so myself, but now my eye is drawn irresistibly to the points that don’t match up exactly. We’re talking less than an eighth of an inch here, but still, I notice. So I’m just going to get over myself and admire all the ones that do.

Now I can play at border options. I want to be sure I’m happy with what’s going to happen before I start cutting, so I’m going to fiddle around with it a bit longer. And then once the top’s done, I can buy the backing fabric, cut the binding and away we go again.

I’m having second and third thoughts about the quilting pattern. Some of you have said that you don’t see a traffic accident in the shattered glass image, which is good. But once the thought had occurred to me, I couldn’t stop seeing it. Anyway, I’m going to suspend the decision until I’m ready to go, and may find something better in the meantime.

Right, time to break out the border fabrics.


15 thoughts on “Broken Bottles #6: Pointy (im)perfection

  1. anne54 says:

    I can’t believe how close to being finished this is. It is a pattern that requires such precision, and yet you done so much in such a short time! And it looks sensational!!

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s all down to the way it’s assembled. Avis’ tutorial was invaluable, and piecing all the long strips was a pain but saved a huge amount of time. I found I got into the groove quite quickly, and once I’d worked out how to press the intersection of 8 seams flat, it went a lot faster! Glad you like it; I can’t wait to finish and send it off!

  2. I like the motion the pattern has – like a pinwheel in the wind!

  3. tialys says:

    I think the movement comes from the squares being ‘on point’ which gives the impression of pinwheels as quiltingjetgirl said. Your belle soeur (as we call sister-in-law in France – much prettier don’t you think?) will be chuffed to bits. Does she read your blog?

  4. You’ve gt it done so quickly!
    It really is amazing, although staring at it for too long might bring on motion sickness… how can it be that such a simple pattern has so much activity in it – it’s magic!

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s just stripes! But it IS important to keep widths consistent and accurate. Tomorrow I should get the second border done, and I’ll have to go fabric shopping for the backing – The Husband is looking nervous already….

      • Ah yes… I took Mr Soh to a yarn shop on Saturday, but I think he’s just about recovered by now. Actually it’s a particularly lovely yarn shop, perhaps I should write a post about it… a good excuse to go back and take some photos too

      • katechiconi says:

        Great idea for a post. And you never know, if you give them some nice free publicity on your post, you might get a lovely freebie…

  5. Those pesky and wonky jelly rolls. I really cannot see any mismatched points in the photo, so it passes the four-foot rule, and you know what a crazy stickler I am.

    • katechiconi says:

      I do, and as someone who’s basically allergic to unpicking, I’m pleased with my improving accuracy. The mismatches aren’t really that visible, and you’d need to be a proper saddo to go looking for them! Quality time with the rotary cutter is the key, I find. Square everything up before you start assembling the blocks.

  6. kittywilkin says:

    With ALL of those points meeting in the middle, it looks pretty darn awesome to me! Although I know how you feel–I would notice if they were off a tad bit, too. I’ve actually begun to embrace my seam ripper, but I’m hoping to find the balance since there is no “perfect”. This looks great!

    • katechiconi says:

      The seam ripper and I are not on good terms, so I try as much as possible to do anything rather than unpick! I’m really glad you like it, but take no credit for the design – an earlier post about this quilt has a link to a tutorial which makes it really simple and quick to make.

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