Happiness – creeping along

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 6.01.48 PMThere are advantages to quilting the same motif over and over again in the coloured squares of this quilt. You can use a template, and mark the design as you go along, instead of running the risk of having a fully marked design rub off. You get better at judging how many stitches and how large those stitches should be in order to form the heart shape. You get in the groove.

There are disadvantages too. It’s a shape in the round. Which means you have to turn the whole quilt around to move around the shape. Personally, I can’t stitch from left to right, and there’s no other way to do it. And finally, there’s the disadvantage of sitting with a large quilt in your lap on a day that’s too cool for air conditioning and too hot to be swathed in heaps of fabric.

So I quilt in batches. I’ve done the two squares either side of the centreline, from top to bottom. And then from side to side. I do 4 squares at a time, and then fling the thing off to cool down.

I’m 36 squares down, 64 to go. Increasingly I’m of the opinion that I’m going to want more quilting to prevent the layers going baggy. But it’ll have to be something fairly minimal, just to hold the layers together, and straightforward, so I can do it in long continuous lines without the endless quilt turning. Either straight or slightly wiggly lines on the white sashing, I think.

Any thoughts or suggestions from my stitchin’ sisters (and brothers)? It’s got to be simple – I’m still hoping for a Friday finish for the quilting!


6 thoughts on “Happiness – creeping along

  1. tialys says:

    Ooh. I don’t know. I think you will do really well to get all those hearts finished by Friday, let alone anything else. If you just want straight lines though – could you save time by doing it on the machine?

  2. Kirsten says:

    Personally, after all those hearts, I would keep it simple and follow the lines of the white sashing as you suggested.

  3. I knew that being able to sew right or left handed had its use… despite being smacked at school when I told my sewing teacher I was ambidextrous!

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